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Posted in: TNA
Speculation on Another Veteran Knockout Distancing Herself from TNA
By Marc Middleton
Aug 23, 2014 - 5:04:59 PM

- With the future of TNA uncertain, it appears Velvet Sky has begun distancing herself from the promotion.

Earlier this week, Velvet removed a mention of her affiliation with TNA from her Twitter bio. Since returning to TNA in late 2012 following a sabbatical, she branded herself as "Pro wrassler chick 4 @ImpactWrestling." She now only describes herself as a "Pro wrassler chick."

It was the only change to her bio as the Impact Wrestling mention wasn't removed in place of a new description. Her bio now reads like this, with no mention of TNA: "Pro wrassler chick...I kick people 4 a living. Hardcore gamer w/NO FACEBOOK! Catwoman wannabe..Check out my apparel at RatedV.net."

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