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Posted in: TNA
More on TNA Working with Dreamer, Injuries from House of Hardcore, Post-Show Reactions
By Marc Middleton
Nov 10, 2013 - 1:54:46 AM

- As noted, Bully Ray crashed Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore 3 event last night and challenged him to an Old School Street Fight at a December 30th TNA One Night Only "Old School" pay-per-view taping in the same building, the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The angle was put together as a way to cross promote TNA's pay-per-view taping with the idea that TNA will promote Dreamer's House of Hardcore and help raise it's profile by acknowledging it while TNA gets the chance to promote their pay-per-view locally with an outside the box idea. Dreamer has not signed a deal with TNA but will be working the pay-per-view taping against Ray. The angle is just an example of TNA trying more unique and creative ways to promote their events heading into 2014.

This will be TNA's first pay-per-view in New York State. Tickets go on sale next Friday at 10am.

- Speaking of House of Hardcore 3, Terry Funk worked the main event with an abdominal tear. Sean Waltman needed 10 stitches after taking a ladder shot from Funk and Beulah McGillicutty may have suffered a concussion for her involvement in the main event.

- Here are some post-show comments from some of the House of Hardcore 3 talents:

Matt Hardy: "Special night at @HouseofHardcore. The roster was extraordinary, the booking was brilliant, & it was the best locker room u'll find in 2013."

Lance Storm: "Had an amazing night tonight at House of Hardcore 3. So many great people. Not a dry eye in the house for @RealTerryFunk #Respect"

Sean Waltman: "Thank you @THETOMMYDREAMER @LanceStorm @PJPOLACO & especially @RealTerryFunk. It was one if the biggest honors of my career.Worth 10stitches"

MVP: "Tonight, if you were in attendance at House of Hardcore III, you know that you witnessed something special. Thank you @THETOMMYDREAMER"

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Partial source: PWInsider

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