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Posted in: TNA
More TNA Office Departures Yesterday, Win a Date with Bro-Mans, British Bootcamp 2 Update
By Marc Middleton
Aug 23, 2014 - 10:31:48 AM

- TNA is giving a lucky lady the chance to win a date with BroMans. Below is a promo for the contest:

- There were around 3-5 people released from different departments at TNA's offices in Nashville on Friday. The releases came in TNA's PR, live event and graphics departments. The most notable departure is Jason James, who had replaced Don West as the guy who hyped merchandise deals online and at live events.

- TNA finished shooting the UK half of British Bootcamp 2 last weekend and asked fans to keep spoilers off social media. The rest of the season will be filmed in the United States next month.

Possible Spoiler on Plans for The Hardys, Amazing New Velvet Sky, More

Source: PWInsider

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