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Posted in: TNA
MVP & Samoa Joe Positioning Themselves as Leaders In TNA, James Storm Talks Backstage
By Marc Middleton
Feb 13, 2014 - 10:19:05 AM

- James Storm recently spoke with ItemOnline.com and talked about the current group of guys in TNA:

“TNA is the best group going. Everybody’s trying to make each other better. Sometimes, it’s tough brotherly love and some guys want to hear it and some guys don’t, but we’re all trying to put on a good show."

- On a related note, there was said to be a lot of bonding among the wrestlers on the recent TNA UK tour. Regarding the speech that Samoa Joe gave on a bus trip that we covered last week, it's said that Joe basically told the talent that they were all in a fight and everyone needed to band together to make a difference in turning things around. Nobody from creative was present, just the wrestlers.

Joe and MVP are positioning themselves as the locker room leaders with so many of the veterans no longer being there. They want the company to bring in new talent that can go and are trying to motivate those that are already there. They basically said that nobody buys anything regarding Jeff Jarrett's new promotion until they see something concrete, since there are people in TNA who are loyal to Jarrett or just wanting out of TNA and seeing Jarrett as their life preserver. They added that TNA is safe because people have said it was going out of business for 11 years and it’s still there.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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