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Posted in: TNA
Eric Bischoff Reportedly Being Paid to Sit at Home, Update on His TNA Status
By Marc Middleton
Oct 29, 2013 - 1:09:43 PM

- Dave Meltzer noted on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that Eric Bischoff will be paid to sit at home for the remainder of his TNA contract, which expires early 2014. Meltzer also mentioned Bischoff is out of power and "gone."

"He wasn't at the PPV, wasn't at the last TV, he won't be around. A lot of people are really happy on that one, Eric was not very well liked there. Eric got exposed... Eric was very lucky that he had some very smart people propping him up in the WCW days and those people aren't there now, and he got exposed on this run real bad."

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