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Rick Steiner Q&A: If He'd Ever Return To TV, Best Friend In Wrestling & More
By Michael Bluth
May 13, 2013 - 3:47:00 PM

Former WCW wrestler Rick Steiner took part in a Q&A Sunday night on Twitter. Here are some highlights:

- Does he miss wrestling on TV?

Steiner: Honestly, not at all.

- Would he ever come back to television either by himself or maybe with Scott Steiner?

Steiner: Nope sorry never.

- Who was his best friend in the business?

Steiner: Boss man. We were neighbors.

- Has he ever thought about starting his own wrestling school?

Steiner: I have no interest.

- Has he ever thought of writing a book?

Steiner: No! No one would read it lol

- Question: Any stories of Tom Billington?

Steiner: Piece of sh*t!

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