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Posted in: News
ROH Star Makes Anti-Gay Marriage Tweets, Khali Tweets Picture Wearing Mysterio Mask
By Michael Bluth
May 8, 2013 - 5:12:50 PM

- Ring of Honor wrestler Jay Briscoe tweeted the following on Wednesday in response to the state of Delaware legalizing same-sex marriages:

"The Delaware Senate passed a bill yesterday that allows same sex couples to get married. If that makes you happy, then congratulations!!!!!!"

"... try and teach my kids that there's nothing wrong with that and I'll f*cking shoot you"

His tweet wasn't censored. It was reported earlier today that WWE is interested in signing the Briscoe Brothers, but this certainly won't help their chances.

- On a lighter note, the Great Khali tweeted a picture of himself wearing a Rey Mysterio mask earlier today:

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