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Posted in: News
Perfect 10 Wrestling w/Imp & Burn LIVE at 8ET - BRAAAAAAUUUUUUN!! And WTF SDLive?
By theImplications
Apr 20, 2017 - 7:20:24 PM

The LordsofPain Column Forums' very own TheImplications a.k.a. Matt Maher (WWE Awards! in the CF) and Burn1nMyLight a.k.a. Burn joke & moan over the last week of WWE!

Jinder Mahal? Really? I mean, at least that fits the 'Land of Opportunity' moniker. What will our hero Braun Strowman destroy next for our sins? And WWE Payback... why didn't they wait until after the Shake Up to book those title matches?

Go back to your home planet Poochie!

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Burn explicitly says, "Don't follow me, read my columns on LordsofPain instead."

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