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LOP Radio - The Doc Says..."WrestleMania Hot Takes, Cena Odd Man Out, Wyatt-Orton Potential"
By The Doc
Feb 15, 2017 - 7:43:06 AM

QUESTION OF THE DAY: If you had the power to book this year's WrestleMania main-event, what would you choose?

This week, The Doc is joined by award-winning columnist, Dave Fenichel, to discuss WWE's most recent pay-per-view offering, Elimination Chamber. Was the titular match what we expected it to be, both in terms of its execution, quality, and outcome? Or were we sent careening down the Road to WrestleMania with apathy at the forefront of our minds? Doc and Dave will make like DX and break it down. Also, was the Smackdown roster able to sustain a full PPV when the core of their roster was mostly involved in the same match in the main-event?

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