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Posted in: News
LOP Radio - The Doc Says..."WWE Raw's Modern Peak Was A Tease, Expectations Should Shift Now"
By The Doc
Jan 11, 2017 - 8:49:25 AM

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Since the Attitude Era, what has been your favorite stretch run of one year or longer for WWE Monday Night Raw?

This week, The Doc is joined by Maverick from LOP Radio's Right Side of the Pond to discuss what they consider to be the post-Attitude Era's television peak on Monday Night Raw and how it may have teased the audience into thinking that WWE was more capable of producing the kind of program it once did when Austin, Rock, Foley, etc. were ruling the roost. They will assess the current state of affairs on WWE TV, compare it to the peak period, and determine whether or not a shift in expectations is in order as the manner in which wrestling fans consume WWE content evolves.

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