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IPW:UK Owner Discusses Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, Future Stars & More
By Daniel Pena
Oct 4, 2012 - 1:14:47 PM

Daniel Edler is a British wrestling promoter and owner of IPW:UK, based out of Kent in England. Coming up on November 17th is one of the biggest shows of his 8 years promoting events – it’s IPW:UK’s “8th Anniversary Show”. He takes the time out to speak exclusively with PWMania.com on why it’s going to be such an important event, working with Daniel Bryan, IPW:UK alumni in WWE and more. Here are some highlights.

Q: Having been involved in promoting British wrestling for the past 8 years, who have been some of the biggest names you’ve worked with?

A: Current WWE star Daniel Bryan did a few shows for us before being signed by the WWE a few years back and Antonio Cesaro is a former IPW:UK tag team champion. Being taken around a cemetery before one of our shows by Vampiro (filming his documentary) was a pretty once-in-a-lifetime situation (thankfully…!).

Evan Bourne, Harry ‘DH’ Smith and Samoa Joe all appeared for us in our early years and were tremendous, but having Ultimo Dragon on our shows was one of the most special moments in our 8 year history.

Q: What are some of your major successes during the past 8 years?

A: Number 1 would probably have to be having a 12-week TV run on the now defunct Wrestling Channel on Sky TV a few years ago. It was great to see our shows, which were selling out and getting rave reviews, on TV. As anybody who ever meets me will know, I play a lot of poker with my spare time, and every Friday night at 11pm I’d generally be in a casino playing – having my wrestling product on the TV in the background was a surreal feeling.

Another one would be promoting the first ever PWG European Vacation (England) in 2006. The building sold out in advance and we probably had too many people in there. It was an absolutely amazing show with some amazing matches – I pop the DVD on every 6-9 months just to watch it through again.

Edler also spoke on IPW:UK's recent big changes, future stars and much more. You can read the complete interview at this link.

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