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Posted in: Indy
WSU Queen and King 2014 Results
By Nick Magee (@pwsmarktalk)
May 10, 2014 - 7:49:00 PM

Credit Ringbelles (http://ringbellesonline.com/2014/05/10/wsu-queen-king-of-the-ring-2014-live-coverage/)

1. Uncensored Opportunity: Angie Skye pinned Angelus Layne with the Hard Goodbye (Unprettier)
2. QueenAndKing First Round: Shanna & Chris Dickinson beat Sassy Stephie & DJ Hyde when Shanna pinned Stephie following a Dragon Suplex.
3. QueenAndKing First Round: Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan beat Shelly Martinez & JT Dunn following a reverse rana from LeRae on Dunn.
4. “Mutiny” Rematch: Jenny Rose pinned Hania with a sit-out Pedigree.
- Post match, Jenny Rose challenged “any joshi legend” to take her on at WSU’s July show. In addition, Rick Cataldo and Niya (who had been sitting ringside with tickets) attacked Hania, resulting in Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak challenging Cataldo & Niya to get involved in the tournament… resulting in
5. QueenAndKing First Round: Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak beat Niya & Rick Cataldo when Kimber made Cataldo tap out to a cross armbreaker.
6. QueenAndKing First Round: Mickie Knuckles & Matt Tremont vs Jewells Malone & Danny Havoc ended in a double countout. WSU Management restarted the match with no countout/no DQ.
6a. QueenAndKing First Round: Mickie Knuckles & Matt Tremont beat Jewells Malone & Danny Havoc when Knuckles pinned Malone following a combination pump-handle slam into Tremont’s knees.
7. NWA World Women’s Title: Barbi Hayden (c) pinned Nevaeh with feet on the ropes following a top-rope draping Hayden Halo DDT.
8. QueenAndKing Semi Final: Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan beat Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak when LeRae pinned Kimber following a second rope swinging neckbreaker.
9. QueenAndKing Semi Final: Matt Tremont & Mickie Knuckles beat Shanna & Chris Dickinson when Tremont pinned Dickinson with a Frog Splash.
10. WSU World Title – 2/3 Falls: LuFisto beat Athena 2 falls to 1 – NEW CHAMPION!
- Athena won the first fall with the O-Face. LuFisto won the second fall via Trailer Hitch submission. LuFisto won the third fall with a Burning Hammer.
11. QueenAndKing Final: Matt Tremont & Mickie Knuckles beat Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan when Tremont and Knuckles both piled on LeRae after Tremont hit a sit-out powerbomb on her.

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