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Posted in: Indy
Updated Participants PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2016 @officialpwg
By Nick Magee (@nickolasmagee)
Jul 1, 2016 - 7:45:51 PM


Credit PWPonderings

The 2016 Battle of Los Angeles takes place on September 2nd/3rd/4th
There will be 24 participants

Cody Rhodes is the first entrant

Kamaitachi is the second entrant

Jeff Cobb is the third entrant

Mark Haskins is the fourth entrant

Dalton Castle is the fifth entrant

Pete Dunne is the sixth entrant

Sami Callihan is the seventh entrant

Tommy End is the eighth entrant

Trevor Lee is the ninth entrant

Adam Cole is the tenth entrant

John Hennigan is the eleventh entrant

Jack Gallagher is the twelfth entrant

Chris Hero is the thirteenth entrant

Mark Andrews is the fourteenth entrant

Ricochet is the fifteenth entrant

Matthew Riddle is the sixteenth entrant

Marty Scurll is the seventeenth entrant

Matt Sydal is the eighteenth entrant

Kyle O’Reilly is the nineteenth entrant

Fénix is the twentieth entrant

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