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Posted in: Indy
The Successfulness of The Dragon Gate USA Seminar/Tryouts
By Nick Magee (@pwsmarktalk)
Nov 15, 2013 - 8:00:00 PM

On Saturday November 16th, 2013 Drgaon USA will hold Seminar/Tryouts in Queens, New York. The Seminar/Tryouts are available to any wrestler who have completed a training course. The special guest head trainers for the one day Seminar/Tryout are veterans Masaaki Mcchizuki and Genki Horiguchi. The Dragon Gate USA Seminar/Tryouts is tremendous opportunity for wrestlers to receive immediate feedback from head trainers and Dragon Gate USA officials. This a great opportunity to be discover, fine tune your skills and lean from the most influential wrestlers in Dragon Gate and all of Japan. A good showing at the Seminar/Tryouts could lead to booking opportunities in Japan, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, Shine and FIP.

The Dragon Gate USA Seminar/Tryouts helped discover and produce many great superstars such Uhaa Nation, AR Fox, Derek Ryze and Samuray Del Sol. Pro Wrestling Smark Talk conducted a recent interview with Dragon Gate USA COO Sal Hamaoui. During the interview Sal Hamaoui mention the discovery of current Dragon Gate USA Superstar Uhaa Nation. “Uhaa Nation graduate from Mr. Hughes Wrestling Academy. I remember Uhaa Nation and AR Fox came to Dragon Gate USA Seminar/Tryout and immediately we was very impressed and signed him to a deal. Unfortunately, Uhaa Nation last year torn his ACL, out of action for a whole year. Uhaa Nation made his return at FIP Event did not lose a step, and currently in Japan making a big name for himself.”

The track record of Dragon Gate USA Seminar/Tryouts according to Dragon Gate USA Vice President Gabe Sapolsky “Many wrestlers has gotten on Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, and other sister promotions through these Seminar/Tryouts. Recently, Evolve Champion AR Fox discuss his experience at the Dragon Gate USA Seminar/Tryouts with Pro Wrestling Smark Talk.

1). Describe your experience participating in the Dragon Gate USA Seminar and Tryout?

AR Fox: “My experience at the Dragon Gate USA Seminar/Tryouts was great. It was an opportunity to see how good my condition was, receive some feedback on my skills, and also experience a lot of pure good wrestling right down to the smallest detail”.

2). What were the expectation of the trainers during the Seminar/Tryout Camp?

AR Fox: “I wasn't sure what to expect I went with an open mind. I wasn't expecting to get as much actual hands on training with the Dragon Gate USA guys. It was an honor to be in the ring with them, let alone wrestle them. It’s was a tremendous experience overall”.

Dragon Gate USA offer a pay-as-you-go option for wrestlers who want to continue their training with Dragon Gate USA. According to www.dgusa.tv once you participate in a Seminar/Tryouts you can take part in future Seminar/Tryouts as you want for half the price. Email Dragon Gate USA if you want to inquire about this option: help@dgusa.tv. If you want to participate for the November 16th, 2013 Seminar Tryout please go to www.dgusa.tv and fill out the online application.

Special Note: If you want to read more articles from Pro Wrestling Smark Talk please go to our blog page www.prowrestlingsmarktalk.blogspot.com. Pro Wrestling Smark Talk currently has six feature articles posted: The Santino Bros Wrestling School, Dragon Gate USA COO Sal Hamaoui, CZW Wrestling Academy (DJ Hyde/Shane Strickland), Cedric Alexander of C & C Wrestle Factory Interview, Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 2 Preview, and The First Lady of PWG Candice LeRae. Pro Wrestling Smark Talk can be reach via social media: www.facebook.com/prowrestlingsmarktalk and www.twitter.com/pwsmarktalk.

The Heel Turn Podcast on December 9th, 2013 will preview Ring of Honor’s Final Battle 2013 with one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagons Bobby Fish and C & C Wrestle Factory Cedric Alexander; also preview Combat Zone Wrestling’s Cage by Death XV with Shane Strickland. Please go to www.theheelturnpodcast.blogspot.com, www.facebook.com/theheelturnpodcast, and www.twitter.com/heelturnpodcast for more information.

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