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Posted in: Indy
Marti Belle Discussing Early Career and WSU Wrestling
By Nick Magee (@pwsmarktalk)
Apr 13, 2014 - 8:16:17 AM

Marti Belle arguably one of the best female wrestlers in the United States, competing for various independent wrestling promotions such as WUW, WSU, Shine, Shimmer Women Athletes, and NYWC. Many Indy Wrestling fans famously recognize Marti Belle from competing in Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) as former WSU World Tag Team Champion with Tina San Antonio, but Marti Belle truly made her mark defeating Jessicka Havoc in June 2012 to become WSU Spirit Champion.

Marti Belle defended her WSU Spirit Championship against all comers, and became the longest reigning WSU Spirit Champion in WSU History. Marti Belle is not only a tremendous wrestler but also has a detail acting and modeling background as well. “Marti Belle always had a passion for the arts, at the young age of 9 years old, Marti Belle begin acting; as she approached her teenage years she began dance and modeling. Marti Belle attended and graduated from the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York City, New York. Marti Belle started concentrating on film, television, and stage while taking some more dance, stage combat and musical theater classes”( Credit: www.modelmayhem.com).

Pro Wrestling Smark Talk several weeks ago had the honor of conducting a short interview with multi-talented Marti Belle discussing her early career, WSU Wrestling and finally discuss the controversy surrounding her WSU Spirit Championship lost against Ezavel Suena aka Niya Barela.

1). Marti, what inspired you to get involved in the wrestling Industry and where did you go to receive your training to become a professional wrestling?

Marti Belle: “I watched wrestling a lot as a child and I have always been into sports; I played varsity volleyball & varsity softball. I was also a dancer and went to school for acting, it was just the right transition. I began my wrestling training with the WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, NY.”

2). Marti was it tough for a woman like yourself to break through and become accepted during your professional wrestling training in Brooklyn?

Marti Belle: “No, I think everyone saw how hard I was willing to work and how I always got up no matter what they threw at me.”

3). Describe the first time you competed in actual professional wrestling match?

Mari Belle: “It was a mess! It was such a surreal moment finally doing something I loved so much and the adrenaline was pumping like crazy. I don’t think footage exists but if it did, I’m sure I could tear it apart with all the things I did wrong.”

4). Marti was it difficult transitioning from modeling/dancing/acting to professional wrestling?

Marti Belle: “Not really, I was accustomed to being in the spotlight as well as used to having to fight for a spot, it was difficult on my body but a lot of the other aspects are very similar.”

5). Marti, how did you come about receiving an opportunity competing for WSU Wrestling?

Marti Belle: “One of the people I trained with, Rick Cataldo worked for WSU and asked Tina San Antonio and myself if we’d want to team up since WSU was in need of tag teams, we jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history. “

6). Marti, you defeated Jessicka Havok to become WSU Spirit Champion, which began your amazing long title reign, describe your most memorable feud and match during your WSU Spirit Championship Reign?

Marti Belle: “The only real feud I had was with Ezavel Sueña and my favorite match was our last one where I lost the title, it was hard fought and hard hitting.”

7). Marti, I have to ask you about what took place at WSU Mutiny between yourself and Ezavel Suena aka Niya Barela, did you feel betrayed by Niya Barela occupying different identify and misleading the entire WSU Locker Room?

Marti Belle: “Of course I did, I always thought of Niya as a good friend, and thought she could have gone about things differently.”

8). According to WSU Wrestling History, Niya Barela should not be part of the company, do you think Niya Barela should return the WSU Spirit Championship to you; also have WSU Management approach you about this situation after WSU Mutiny.

Marti Belle: “No, I think I need to beat her and get it back, I don’t like things to be handed to me, I work hard for everything I gain.”

9). Marti, Niya Barela during a recent interview with PW Smark Talk's Smark Chat several weeks ago stated she always respected you and you always been courteous towards her. Marti do you have anything to say to Niya Barela the new WSU Spirit Champion?

Marti Belle: “Just to watch her back, I had a lot of respect for her as well and that all changed when she did what she did.”

10). Marti any upcoming Indy Wrestling Dates?

Marti Belle: “These dates change so often that the best way to keep up is to go to my Facebook fan page.”

11). How can fans reach you via social media?

Marti Belle: “You can find me at twitter.com/martibelle or facebook.com/martibelleFP.”

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