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Posted in: Indy
IWA Mid South Queen of the Deathmatches Results
By Nick Magee (@pwsmarktalk)
Jun 28, 2014 - 6:09:52 PM

We have results courtesy of Alex Castle, in attendance.

Credit: http://ringbellesonline.com/2014/06/28/iwa-mid-south-queen-of-the-death-matches-2014-live-coverage/

1. Non Tournament: LuFisto pins Jordynne Grace following a Cradle DDT
2. Quarter Final – TLC*: Heidi Lovelace pinned Hudson Envy following a powerbomb off a ladder onto a pile of tacks.
3. Quarter Final – Your Ass Is Glass Deathmatch**: Randi West pinned Mistress Burgandi following a frogsplash off the top rope onto Burgandi through a pane of glass held up by two chairs.
4. Quarter Final – Hardcore Bondage Deathmatch***: Thunderkitty beat Jewells Malone via barbed-wire assisted choke.
5. Quarter Final – Barefoot Four Corners of Pain****: Ludark Shaitan pinned Kiki Rose
6. Semi Final – Homerun Derby*****: Randi West pinned Thunderkitty following a facebuster on a chair
7. Semi Final – Fans Bring The Weapons: Ludark Shaitan pinned Heidi Lovelace after a slam off the top onto Christmas ornaments.
8. Final – House of Glass Deathmatch: Randi West beat Ludark Shaitan to win the 2014 Queen of the Death Matches title.

* Tacks, Ladders & Canes
** Panes of Glass, Bundles of Tubes, Pits of Glass
*** Barbed Wire Dog Collar/Cat of Nine Tails on a Pole
**** Tacks, Tubes, Mousetraps, Rubbing Alcohol
***** Thumbtack/Toothpick Bat

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