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Posted in: Indy
IWA Mid South "No Rest for the Wicked" Results
By Nick Magee (@pwsmarktalk)
May 23, 2014 - 9:51:10 AM

Mitch Page won the Reverse Battle Royal

Alex Castle and Frank Wyatt defeat The Viking War Party (American Viking and Jake Parnell)

Jo Jo Bravo defeats Cash Flo

Angelus Layne defeats Randi West, Heidi Lovelace and Thunderkitty. She chooses to wrestle Lufisto at QOTDM WITH Jordynne Grace

Ian Rotten defeats Joseph Schwartz in a Taipei Barbed Wire Bat Death Match. John Wayne Murdoch has a broken hand and couldn’t perform

Shane Mercer defeats Michael Elgin to advance in the title tourney

White America (Tripp Cassidy and Josh Crane) defeat The Hooligans

Kongo Kong defeats BJ Whitmer to advance in the title tourney

Hy Zaya defeats Reed Bentley to advance in the title tourney


Mitch Page vs Derek Neal first blood- next Thursday

Matt Tremont vs Sabu- June 29th

IWA will continue to run weekly Thursday night shows

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