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Posted in: Indy
Full Results!!! EVOLVE 62 @wwnlive @bookitgabe
By Nick Magee (@nickolasmagee)
Jun 11, 2016 - 10:12:30 PM

Credit: PWPonderings

1. Fred Yehi submitted Anthony Nese to a Koji Clutch.

Nese gets on the microphone after the match. He says he’s been in a rut for over a year. When he came into EVOLVE and started the Premier Athlete Brand, he wanted to surround himself with the best athletes. Instead it turned into him and one other guy acting like jackasses for awhile. He saysthe Premier Athlete Brand is dead and he has no association with those in the group any longer. Instead, he wants to try and get out the rut and try to join the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. He will be in the Flash Point match tomorrow looking to take an opportunity.

2. In a rematch from EVOLVE 59, Ethan Page pinned Darby Allin with a Package Piledriver.

Allin took a nasty press slam to the floor when he landed on his shoulder but kept fighting, despite being in great pain and officials insisting he call it quits. Fans gave him a standing ovation and chanted his name after the match, admiring his perseverance.

3. Matthew Riddle submits Cedric Alexander to a leg and neck stretch, giving Alexander a loss in his EVOLVE debut.

4. EVOLVE Tag Team Championship: Catch Point (Drew Gulak & “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams) retain the titles against The Bravado Bros. (Harlem & Lancelot Bravado) when Williams pinned Lancelot with a DDT off of the middle turnbuckle.

Drew Gulak then got on the microphone to remind Timothy Thatcher that he is still in possession of Thatcher’s EVOLVE Championship. Gulak antagonizes Thatcher, stating he owes everybody in Catch Point title matches. Thatcher comes out to new music stating he will give Catch Point their opportunities in due time. Right now however, he has a tough challenger and demands Catch Point leave. This led to…

5. EVOLVE Championship: Timothy Thatcher retained the EVOLVE Championship, submitting Chris Hero to a cross armbreaker while kicking him in the head.

Matt Riddle, Drew Gulak, “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams and Stokely Hathaway (with EVOLVE Championship in hand) came out after the match. Williams challenges Thatcher to a tile match tomorrow night. Gulak says Catch Point will do what Hero could not do and take the title from Thatcher. Stokely says TJP is the uncrowned EVOLVE Champion and that Williams is not worthy. He says Thatcher needs to defend the title against the Dream Team. Stokely had the referee put the EVOLVE title around his waist. Thatcher accepted Williams’ challenge. He says everybody who has disrespected the title by laying their fingers on it will be hurt. This causes Stokely to immediately ditch the title. Matt Riddle calls Thatcher trash, says he could never beat him, and states he will be the one to defeat Thatcher. Riddle takes the title belt with him as Catch Point head to the back.

6. Non-Sanctioned Street Fight: Drew Galloway & Ethan Carter III defeated Johnny Gargano & TJP when Galloway gave TJP a tombstone and EC3 gave TJP the One Percenter (Headlock Driver).

The four men brawled all over the building and outside into the streets. In the ring, Galloway and EC3 put TJP through a table. Drew Gulak came out to check on him. Hero, taking umbrage with what Gulak said in the promo after the Thatcher title match, came out and gave Gulak a piledriver! He then gave Gargano a piledriver, leaving the hurt TJP alone to take the two finishers from Galloway and EC3.

Galloway stated that Cody Rhodes, who shared their philosophies of being above the WWE and being self-made men, would face Johnny Gargano at EVOLVE in Joppa, MD on August 19th.

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