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Posted in: Indy
Full Results!!! Chikara's Tightrope @chikarapro
By Nick Magee (@nickolasmagee)
Jun 12, 2016 - 5:46:43 PM

Credit: PWPonderings/Chikara 101

Four Corner Tag Team Elimination
The Osirian Portal (Ophidian & Amasis) def Princess Kimberlee & Heidi Lovelace / United Nations (Proleteriat Boar of Moldova & Prakash Sabar) / Artic Rescue Ant & Pinkie Sanchez

Match starts with a dance off between Ophidian and Prakash.

Hammermeier comes out to yell at Pinkie and tell him he will always be a loser.

First elimination comes after a miscue when Kimber accidentally kicks Heidi, allowing Prakash to hit an X-Factor on her for the 3 count. After Kimber tried to apologize, but Heidi went to punch her and stopped at the last second.

Second elimination comes as Pinkie Sanchez and Artic hit a neckbreaker/double stomp combo on Prakash allowing Pinkie to grab the pin.

Final elimination comes after Portal hit the Assisted Egyptian Destroyer.

After the match Portal go to the interview spot conducted by Brendan O’Donnell. They send a message to NRG and say the belts are coming home to the Portal.

Jigsaw def Oleg the Usurper after sunset flip rollup.

Jigsaw hits interview after his bout as well talking about his defeat of Oleg and getting his 1st point towards the new road of contention.

Icarus def Missile Assault Man following an unseen lowblow and a blu-ray.

After the match Artic Rescue comes out to try and comfort Missile on his loss, but Missile took no consoling and walked away.

JAKA def Eddie Kingston by DQ due to referee reversal due to excessive violence.

After three backfists Jaka finally goes down for a three count. Eddie then continues to beat on JAKA which the ref yells for Kingston to stop.

Kingston called out Jakob and said he’d keep pounding Jaka till Jakob got in the ring. Jakob refused so the beat down continued. Dasher Hatfield and Officer Warren Barksdale ran out to assist referee Troy Nelson with Kingston. During the insanity, Jakob hit the ring and knocked every out with Worldstar punches. He then handcuffed Kingston and gave him another world star punch and put on a crown. Kingston dared him to hit him again and Hammermeier bliged and once again proclaimed himself The War King of Chikara. In the aftermath, once awake again Kingston slowly laughed it all off to the back.

Sometime between this match and the next, a tall, broad man in a black suit and sunglasses with a thick beard appeared around the arena, touching what seemed like an earpiece. He was situated in a way that fans in attendance could not help notice him and suspect he was a Condor agent.

Hallowicked and The Batiri (Kodama & Obariyon) def Fire and NRG (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell) after a Never Wake Up by Wicked on Race.

Kobald came to the ring to confront The Baitiri hoping to break the thrall of Nazmaldun. Mantis appeared, now known as Master, he hypnotized Kobald and said “Take Me Home”. Kobald later took to the crystal ball (AKA Twittah) to announce/confirm he is now a full fledged member of the Nazmaldun crew.

“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti def Juan Francisco de Coronado with an Avalance Powerslam.
Special referee: Dasher Hatfield

In a brutal match, Mark refused to take adventage of the no DQ and kept it clean while Juan hit him with everything possible, including a chairshot, exposed turnbuckle, wrapping Mark in the ring mat.

In the end though, Mark prevailed and kept it clean.

Touchdown went into to hug Dasher after the hand raise for Victory but Dasher refused him.

There was no encore match as half the crowd chanted for one, while the rest chanted “It’s too hot!”. Seems noise issues with the AC meant they couldn’t keep it on during certain matches. So something the Wrestle Factory will still need to work on.

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