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Posted in: Indy
Full Results!!! Chikara UK Tour Nights 1 and 2: Chkara vs Fight Club Pro @chikarapro @fightclubpro
By Nick Magee (@nickolasmagee)
May 21, 2016 - 11:01:11 PM

Credit: IAMCHIKARA Facebook Group/Michael Langen

Night 1 Results:

Match 1:
Dragon Pro Wrestling
All Wales Heavyweight Championship
Big Grizzly (c) vs. Matt Hogan vs. Danny Jones vs. Panda Cub
Winner: Big Grizzly with a sitout powerbomb on Matt Hogan to retain

Match 2:
Travis Banks vs. Frightmare vs. Chris Brookes vs. Officer Warren Barksdale
Barksdale gave out a lot of tickets it seems.
Winner: Chris Brookes with a roll up on Travis Michael Banks

Match 3:
The Batiri (Kodama & Obariyon) vs. Dan Moloney & Wild Boar
Winners: The Batiri after what sounds like a modified version of Kneecolpsy on Wild Boar (not to be confused with Proletariat Boar)

Match 4:
Pete Dunne vs. Eddie Kingston
Winner: Pete Dunne with what reads like an Impaler DDT based on what Mike wrote.

Match 5:
Ophdian vs. Mike Bird vs. Heidi Lovelace vs. TAFKACT (most recently known as Stewie Scrivens)
It seems for this match the Kentucky Gentleman changed his name AGAIN to "Bareback" Benny Fink.
Lots of crazy action inside and outside the ring on this one.
Winner: Ophidian after what Mike described as A Gory Special set up into a handstand backslide with a bridge on Heidi.

Match 6:
Mustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant)
This reads like another amazing encounter that needs to be seen.
Winners: Mustache Mountain after Seven delivers a piledriver on Fire Ant followed by a piledriver by Bate.

Because of the Metric system
Princess Kimberlee (c) vs. Nixon Newell
Winner: Kimberlee via powerbomb into the alligator clutch.

Night 2 Results:

Match 1:
Frightmare vs. Travis Banks vs. Fire Ant
Winner: Fire Any with Beach Break on Frightmare

Match 2:
TAFKACT vs. Officer Warren Barksdale
After last night, Chuckie Tea has changed names AGAIN (edit to yesterday's: it was Benny Figg) . He is now Trent Baretta.
Barksdale demands he does the ref check on Trent. Gives Trent a ticket for baby powder, scissors and pliers.
Trent stole a purse ending up in Barksdale arresting and handcuffing Trent.
Winner: Officer Warren Barksdale with a Book Em. A facebuster out of a flip suplex.

Match 3:
The Batiri (Moloney, Kodama, Obariyon) vs. Clint Margera & The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee)
Originally scheduled to be The Batiri vs The Hunter Brothers
last night after The Batiri beat Wild Boar & Dan Moloney, they took Dan away with them.

Dan Moloney is now a member of The Batiri (demonized and all in full make up and Batiri gear (actually probably old tights since the Batiri switched to shorts). Because of this though, the Hunter Brothers had to find a partner to make it 3 on 3.
Winners: The Batiri. Moloney with a Power bomb onto one of the truly identical Hunter brothers into a double Kneecolpsy from Kodama & Obariyon.

Orange Cassidy is host for second half of the show.

Match 4:
Ophidian vs. Chris Brookes vs. Soldier Ant vs. Tyler Bate
Winner: Tyler Bate win a brainbuster on Chris Brookes

Match 5:
Eddie Kingston vs. Trent Seven
Winner: Trent Seven with a Lariat.
(while not CHIKARA related, Trent Seven officially accepted the challenge of Sami Callihan for Fight Club: Pro in July)

Match 6: MAIN EVENT:
KYS (Mk McKinnan, Peter & Damian Dunne) vs. Princess Kimberlee, Nixon Newell & Heidi Lovelace (reportly called "The Disney Princesses" but I'm personally believing this is Orange Cassidy being the jerk we all love)
Winners: KYS after MCMcKinnan hits Nixon Newell with his title belt behind the refs back.

After the match Lovelace, Kimber and Newell clear the ring including Newell delivering a Canadian Destroyer to Pete Dunne.

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