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Posted in: Indy
Chikara Quantum of Solace and Diamond are Forever Results
By Nick Magee (@pwsmarktalk)
Jun 22, 2014 - 9:02:01 AM

CHIKARA “Quantum of Solace”
Chicago, IL
Credit: Our own Jerome Cusson/PWPondering.com

You can find Diamonds are Forever results HERE

Dasher Hatfield/Mr. Touchdown def Evan Gelistico/Gary the Barn Owl when Hatfield pins Gary after a double team.
- Throwbacks have three points for the Campeonatos

Tecinos including 3.0, Colony, Estonian Thunderfrog, and Jervis Cottenbelly out for a wacky segment.

Ophidian def Heidi Lovelace with O’Connor roll into a bridge
- no word on what happened with Jaka who was supposed to wrestle Ophidian

Out comes Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush. Quack thanks the fans and says “We are Chikara.”

Latvian Proud Oak/Lithuanian Snow Troll def Mr. Azerabijan/Prakash Sabar wins via roll-up.
- Rudo beatdown after the match.

Flags get thrown in the garbage. Estonian Thunderfrog comes out to check on his partners.

Worker Ant def deviANT with pumphandle into a knee in the face.

Pieces of Hate (Jigsaw/The Shard) def Arik Cannon/Darin Corbin with the Jig ‘n’ Tonic on Cannon

Proletariat Boar of Moldova def Estonian ThunderFrog with a spear
- there was a post match beat down but Baltic Siege makes the save

The Spectral Envoy def Devastation Corporation (No Max Smashmaster. Jaka as it turns is replacing him) when Mantis taps Oleg to the Chikara Special after some help from Blind Rage.

We will be back in about three hours for results from Diamonds are Forever.


CHIKARA “Diamonds are Forever ”
Chicago, IL
Credit: Our own Jerome Cusson/PWpondering.com

You can find Quantum of Solace results HERE

Chuck Taylor just said the Swamp Monster was dead

Expansion pack exclusive: Chuck Taylor pins Shynron with the Awful Waffle and threatens a small child on his way out.

Diamonds Are Forever main show

Jervis Cottonbelly/Marion Fontaine [Old Fashioned] def El Hijo del Ice Cream/Ice Cream, Jr. [Los Ice Creams] with double backslides

Max Smashmaster def Jojo Bravo with a moonsault

Blind Rage def mat Fitchett with a sit down splash mountain

Oliver Grimsly & Qefka the Quiet [The Odditorium] def Obariyon & Kodama [The Batiri] when the Batiri just got disqualified for beating up Grimsley too much

Juan Francisco de Coronado def Billy Roc

Fire Ant/Silver Ant [The Colony] def Orbit Adventure Ant/Missile Assault Ant [The Colony: Xtreme Force] when Silver Ant taps Orbit Adventure Ant to the Chikara Special

Jimmy Jacobs def Eddie Kingston with a spear
- Before the match, Jimmy Jacobs was not dressed to wrestle. He talks to Kingston about not really being a part of Chikara. Jacobs asked Kingston to join the Flood. Jacobs says Kingston will be fighting a war he can’t win. Jacobs mentions the person above him. Kingston attacked Jacobs and this lead into the match.
- At one point during the match, Jacobs tells Kingston he can help him win back “her” which most likely is referring to the CHIKARA Grand Championship

Archibald Peck & Shane Matthews & Scott Parker [3peck0] vs. Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes ended in a DQ when the Odditorium interfered. The Batiri came out to help clear the ring. This leads to a 10 man tag main event

Archibald Peck & Shane Matthews & Scott Parker [3peck0] & The Batiri def Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes & The Odditorium

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