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Posted in: Indy
Chikara ANNIVERSARIO 2015 Results @chikarapro
By Nickolas Magee (@nickolasmagee @wrestlingispure)
May 26, 2015 - 10:05:27 AM

Credit: IAMCHIKARA Facebook Group and Dave Muscarella Tweets

Dave Muscarella wrote that it seems to be standing room only. Literally. Not enough seats. C

MATCH #1: 4 Corner Elimination Tag
Kevin Condron & "Juke Joint" Lucas Calhoun (the former Volgar) vs. Silver Ant & Frightmare vs. Amasis & Worker Ant vs. NRG
Condron gets the pin on Silver Ant after a Samoa Drop and a DDT, eliminating what could be called Nightmare Warriors (their COTI group name).
Condron gets the pin on Worker Ant after a Samoa Driver, eliminating Battle Hive.
After drinking an Electric Monkey energy drink, Hype Rockwell gets the pin on Condron after a Windup backbreaker and a superkick.

United Nations (Juan Francisco de Coronado, Prakash Sabar, Boar, Mr. Az) vs. Dasher's Dugout (Dasher Hatfield, Mr. Touchdown, Icarus, Heidi Lovelace)
Football action, a four way suplex and lots of great action.
Boar hits the Boar Gore on Heidi for the pin and the win.
WINNERS: United Nations (I think they're really up in points)

MATCH 3: Missile Assault Ant vs. Oleg the Usurper (with Sidney Backabella carrying "contract")
Oleg hits Off with his Head.
WINNER: Oleg the Usurper (he now has 3 points!)

MATCH 4: COTI15 (also a Magic move match, clothesline over the top)
BDK (Jacob Hammermeir, Pinkie Sanchez & N0kken) vs. Arcade Horde (Ultramantis Black and The Batiri of Kodama & Obariyon)
Mantis doesn't seem to know the difference between Kodama and Obariyon.
N0kken hits a chokeslam on Obariyon for the pin. Magic move was not hit.
Mantis clotheslines N0kken after the match, so the magic move still awarded.


MATCH 5: Regular Tag Match (CdP points in play)
Princess Kimberlee & Jervis Cottonbelly vs. Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy
After one chop, Orange is done and takes a nap.
Jervis ends up holding him like a baby.
Jervis gets an ankle lock on Orange for the submission victory.
WINNERS: Jervis Cottonbelly & Princess Kimberlee (they now have 3 points for the CdP)

The Snake Pit (Ophidian, Argus, Shynron & Eddie Kingston) vs. Wrecking Crew (Devastation Corp & JAKA with Sidney Backabella)
Argus had a good showing as he has had all season.
Dev Corp had a lengthy beat down of Kingston. Then Kingston took down the straps as JAKA tried some offense.
Ending sounds like a complete mess. Barber screwed up the three count after a uranage suplex by Kingston on JAKA.
Kingston went livid, started throwing stuff and breaking tables.
Still got the win, but things were insane.
WINNERS: The Snake Pit

Grand Championship
Hallowicked (c) vs. "Smooth Sailing" Ashley Remington
Ashley comes down to the ring with his fellow Battle Hive teammates in suits.
Wicked, Frightmare and Rage do a ritual over the belt.
Hallowicked kicked out of Ashley's german suplex.
After dual Yakuza kicks Wicked gets the pin.
WINNER: Hallowicked
THE END till June 13/14th.

IAMCHIKARA Facebook Group: Predicting Oleg cashes in on Saturday and Kimber and Jervis cash in on Sunday.

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