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Posted in: Indy
Australia - United Pro Wrestling Results and Review
By Lords of Pain Australia
Sep 1, 2013 - 12:35:18 AM

United Pro Wrestling Results - Aug 31 2013

- Renegade def Daxon Kage
- Linx Lewis Junior def Spike Breezly
- Kobra Jones, Slammin Sam and Cyprian Carter def Thomas, David and Scarecrow Hockley
- Storm def Shadow Shinobi
- Joel Bateman def Lucas Gold
- Rip Riley slaughtered Sebastian Maximus
- Josh Shooter def Mystery and Jake Nova to win the UPW Championship

Before The Show
- Roster clearly visible from car park. Match planning could be heard.
- My arrival announced by what sounded like Thomas Hockley.
- Unprofessional appearance of wrestlers continuously poking head out thru the entrance curtain.
- Interesting new characters walking around (Scarecrow).
- Wrestlers and promoters from PPW and Prowl in attendance. Great interred support.
- PPW ring in use. Prob the only ring that would fit in venue and allow high flyers like Mystery to spread their wings.
- Awesome personal welcome from Wayne and Kobra
- Venue would be at least 3/4 capacity. I think we can call this show a patronage success.
- Show did not start at 7.30 as advertised.

The Full Review can be viewed at http://www.queenslandwrestling.net/reviews.html

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