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Posted in: Indy
Australia - Gippsland Pro Wrestling Results, Sat Dec 14 13
By OzXWrestling Australia
Dec 15, 2013 - 12:03:00 AM

-In the opening match of GPW's 2nd Anniversary Celebration, Josh Extreme defeated Gippsland's Own 'Breaking News' Benny Factor, after a hard fought match. After the match, Factor showed respect to Extreme, shaking his hand and seemingly turning over a new leaf.

-The 'New Management' that was talked about leading into GPW 15 made his first appearance, Sean Hawkins Esq. has been named Liaison To The Board Of Directors, and brought out his 'vision' for Gippsland Pro Wrestling, 'Mr. 24/7' Jake Navara. Navara then put out an open challenge to any GPW roster member, which was answered by FOX. After a high intensity contest, and a distraction from Sean Hawkins Esq., Jake Navara was able to defeat FOX.

-The GPW Tag Team Championships have been a source of speculation for a number of weeks, The Gold Coast Death Squad of Lynx Lewis Jr. & Turbo Wolverine, since winning the championships earlier in the year, were yet to make a defence, and were advertised to appear at GPW 15. However, no showed the event. As such, Sean Hawkins Esq. stripped the Gold Coast Death Squad of the Tag Team Championships, and declared the belts vacant.

-Hawkins also announced the 'Sean Hawkins Esq. Tag Team Invitational', the Tag Team Tournament to crown new GPW Tag Team Championships. The first match of the 'SHETTI' took place immediately, with the team of Smart Casual (BJ Hudson & Pierce Carter) defeated El T├ęcniko & Corey Redfield to advance to the tournament. Post match, Smart Casual continued the assault, only to be run off my Josh Extreme & FOX. JXT then put out the challenge to Smart Casual to return after intermission and compete in a tag match later in the night. Smart Casual accepted the challenge, and set-up a match for later in the night.

-In the match of the night, and arguably the best match in GPW history, Josh 'The Axe' Shooter defeated Chris 'Mimic' Basso in this first time ever match. A hard hitting & exciting context, both men left everything in the ring. After a hard fought 20 minutes, and a Burning Hammer, 'The Axe' walked away victorious.

-The 'Xtreme World Order' of FOX & Josh Extreme defeated Smart Casual in a heated tag team encounter, that was NOT apart of the 'Sean Hawkins Esq. Tag Team Invitational'. However, the fact that Fox & Xtreme defeated a team that has already advanced in the Tournament, it will be interesting to see the development in the tournament, the victory of the XWO over Smart Casual will influence the Tournament standings.

-In the main event, 4 of the most influential wrestlers in GPW history did battle in a 30 minute war of attrition for the Gippsland Pro Wrestling Championship. Contested under elimination rules, all 4 men fought all over the building, and even saw Andy Rhodes knock Joel Bateman from a ledge above the arena, sending Bateman crashing face first into a table.
But it took a distraction from Sean Hawkins Esq., interference from Jake Navara, a Spear from Jarek Craven and a double pin, but after 477 days, Andy Rhodes was eliminated first from the match, losing the GPW Championship.
Following that, after a short alliance between Bateman & Black, trying to eliminate Craven, the alliance broke down, eventuating in a Jawbreaker Lariat from Craven to eliminate Joel Bateman.
Then it came down to the most personal feud in GPW history ignited one more time, and after throwing everything but the kitchen sink at one another, Jarek Craven pinned Xavier Black to become the new GPW Champion.

Josh Extreme def. Benny Factor
Jake Navara w/Sean Hawkins def. FOX
Smart Casual def. Techniko & Corey Redfield
Josh Shooter def. Mimic
JXT & FOX def. Smart Casual
Jarek Craven def. Andy Rhodes, Joel Bateman, Xavier Black to become the new GPW champion


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