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Posted in: Indy
Full Results !!!! Smash Wrestling GOLD 2016 @smashwrestling
By Nick Magee (@nickolasmagee)
May 29, 2016 - 3:51:24 PM

Credit: Beyond The 3 Count (@beyondthe3count)

1). Facade vs Kevin Bennett; Kevin Bennett was victorious over Facade via a low blow to advance to the finals via his security #GOLD2K16

2). Tarik vs Candice LeRae; Tarik is victorious via a backpack stunner & running curb stomp to the back of LeRae head #GOLD2K16

Post Match Segment: After the match Johnny Gargano tried to put the issues with Tarik behind them but Tarik wasn't having it. Johnny Gargano said that he is the King of Canada & Scott D'Amore came out and then was going to hit him with the belt but Eric Young made the save.

3). Franky The Mobster vs Sushi; Franky The Mobster continues his domination improving to 4-0 in @smashwrestling and advancing to the finals via 2 handed ChokePowerbomb

4). Mike Bailey vs Tyson Dux; Tyson Dux is victorious via the crossface submission advancing to the finals #GOLD2K16

5). Mike Rollins Vs Courtney Rush; It was supposed to be Mike Rollins against Courtney Rush but Pepper Parks is his replacement he attacked her from behind #GOLD2K16; Rush pulled off the MASSIVE upset over Pepper Parks via a roll up #GOLD2K16

Smash Wrestling News: A new World championship be debuted in Aug @smashwrestling #GOLD2K16

6). The Overdogs vs Brent Banks & Scotty O'Shea; Banks and O'Shea defeated the Overdogs

7). Smash Wrestling Championship
Eric Young W/Scott D'Amore vs Johnny Gargano

Eric Young is just going off on Gargano and the bell hasn't even started. Johnny Gargano just took out D'Amore with a SuperKick on the outside.

Gargano retained the @smashwrestling Championship via a roll up and the crowd is giving a standing ovation #GOLD2K16

8). Main event time 5 person elimination match to crown the NEW 1 Contender for @smashwrestling World Championship

Courtney Rush has been eliminated for spitting mist in Kevin Bennett's face then Bennett rolled up Franky The Mobster eliminate him #GOLD2K16

Tyson Dux eliminated Kevin Bennett via a DDT

Tyson Dux & Tarik are the last two remaining in the match.

Tarik defeated Tyson Dux; Your NEW #1 contender for the @smashwrestling World Championship Tarik

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