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Posted in: Wayne's World
Wayne's World: Zachery Has Cena Nuff
By zzzorf
Jan 8, 2013 - 9:52:03 PM

Earlier today in my daily columns I witnessed a discussion in my feedback about who was better, John Cena or Jack Swagger. In discussing this on twitter with Hustle I stated that even my oldest son Zachery, who absolutely hates John Cena, would not agree that Swagger is better. After that being said a column was mentioned that I had written about Zac and Cena in November 2011, the column that is presented to you here today. To me this is one of my best ever columns I have written even though at the time I had only started writing 4 months before and that is shown with some slight issues in my styling. The reason I post it for you to read today is that even now over 1 year later nothing has changed (well except for the ages of my kids in the first paragraph that is) and I wanted to show you that not everything is as you perceive in the wrestling world.Enjoy

G’Day all and welcome back to the column that delves into my own little twisted world and gives you an insight into who I am. Now most of you would not know, but I am a family man. Even though I am only 28, I have been married nearly 10 years and have five wonderful kids, with my wife giving birth to my youngest daughter Mara on the sixth of this month. A major part of our family time is wrestling, either watching it or in terms of the kids, playing it. While my two youngest Bailey (4) and Abigail (2) do not really understand much about what they are watching, and my eldest daughter Taneisha (7) just does not really care, my eldest son Zachery (9) has been a fan since he was little.

He and I constantly have times where we sit down and have lengthy conversations about different things to do with wrestling and he more likely has a greater knowledge of the business than most kids do at his age, and probably many adults who are not members of the IWC. Of all my kids Zac reminds me the most of me, he just seems to think like me and is into similar things. However, there is one thing in wrestling that we cannot really agree on, which to me is a massive shock as it goes against the grain compared to the rest of the wrestling fan base; I am the big John Cena fan and he is not.

Why is a grown man, a person who is supposed to hate Cena with every bone in his body, willing to say that he would name him one of his top five wrestlers of all time? Then on the other side, why is a boy of nine years of age, who is supposed to be the biggest fan and cheer him at all times, more than happy to say that he hates John Cena? Well let us start with the first question and examine why I am a card-carrying member of the Cenation.

When I first got Pay TV back in 2003, somewhere between one to three months before Survivor Series (my first ever PPV bought with my own money to watch live), Cena was just starting to turn face where he remains to this day. His Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick was really just taking shape and I, like most of the audience, jumped onto the Cena bandwagon. The only difference with most of the audience and me is that the bandwagon has never been derailed. I have stuck with Cena through thick and thin, yes at times it has been a bit of a struggle, what with his over-the-top superhero-esque gimmick and his continual dominance over the rest of the company, but there is no denying that I would be lost if he was to leave my TV any time in the near future.

I doubt though that you came here to read a grown man tell you about how great Cena is, it has been done so many times before. What you are here to find out is why a young boy, someone who should be screaming the first part of the biggest chant at any WWE event, ‘Let’s Go Cena’, instead would happily wait for the second part and join in with the IWC and other grown men yelling ‘Cena Sux’. So lets move on to the second question I posed before. Why does Zachery hate John Cena?

It has not always been this way, at one time Zac actually liked Cena. The first wrestling related thing I ever remember him doing was at the age of two, saying ‘You Can’t See Me’ while waving his hand in front of his face. Anyway, Cena quickly became Zacs favourite wrestler. Within the next five years, he ended up with numerous Cena memorabilia. He has had shirts and Pyjamas, summer and winter. He has had wallets, towels, throw blankets, a duvet cover, wristbands, sweatbands & a chain gang necklace. He had the child’s toy spinner belt, figurines including a US title spinner belt, thongs (what you guys would call flip-flops, not the underwear) and a microphone that said his catchphrases. He personally states the reason he hates Cena is that he always does the same thing in the ring and for the fact that he is always in the title picture or in the main event, but the initial dislike comes from this overexposure to him.

While it might look like me and my wife could be the cause for our sons hatred of Cena, let me just explain for a second. We did our best to buy him non-wrestling toys but he just was not interested in anything else and whatever wrestling merchandise we could find it was nearly always something to do with Cena, who was his favourite wrestler anyway so we saw no real harm. We were able to get him some stuff for other wrestlers but in very limited amounts. Of his second favourite wrestler Rey Mysterio (who has now replaced Cena as his favourite), he has only ever had a figurine, Mask, costume, shirts and wallet. Rey of course is the second biggest merchandise seller in the WWE, yet we could hardly find anything. Herein lays the biggest problem with John Cena, his overexposure.

While I do not blame WWE for cashing in on Cenas popularity, I think they may have gone a little bit too far with the amount. Just look at what has happened within the last six months with CM Punk and Zack Ryder. I have heard the reports that some of their merchandise had sold out, costing the company money as orders were unable to be made. When was the last time you read a report that something of Cenas was out of stock? I cannot remember reading this anywhere. His merchandise is everywhere; whenever I walk into a shop that sells wrestling gear, Cenas face is what stares back at me. I normally have to burrow through things to find something that has another wrestler on it. My advice to the WWE would be instead of making this massive amount of excess Cena stock, make these products have the faces of other superstars who are on the roster, especially the ones who are getting a push at that time, so that things like the Punk and Ryder incidents do not happen again and cost them more money.

This overexposure does actually tie back to what Zac stated as one of his reasons for hating Cena, which was that he is always in the title picture or at least the Main Event scene. I will concede this point to Zac as at times even I have had enough of seeing Cena at the top. While I believe it is where he rightfully belongs, he does need to take a step back occasionally and let others take the spotlight for a period. Previous company leaders over the years, such as Hogan, Rock and Stone Cold stepped down to take on lesser feuds to let others have the spotlight and not let themselves become too overexposed and stale.

Between Cena dominating TV and the amount of merchandise available, I don’t blame Zac, and any other Cena hater, for saying enough is enough and it’s time for a change. If WWE keep going along the lines they have for the last few years, then they are going to make more people turn away from their hero. Then they will find that their biggest name has become a washed up ex-superhero, who no one believes in anymore and has left them with millions of dollars of merchandise that they cannot even give away.

My final thought for the WWE is this, a nine-year-old boy, who is one of your main targets for merchandise sales, no longer asks for any wrestling related toys because he knows that whatever he is going to get will most likely have something to do with Cena on it. According to you, he is the exact person who should love Cena and worship him, but I put the blame squarely on you for his hatred of one of the best sports entertainers of all time. Please rethink your merchandising strategy before you ruin it for the rest of your fan base and like Zac, they have all just Cena Nuff.

Thanx for reading,

Wayne Little

E-Mail: zzzorf@yahoo.com

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