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Posted in: Wayne's World
Wayne's World: The Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time - And The Winner Is.....
By zzzorf
Jan 10, 2014 - 8:44:46 PM

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Well here we are one and all finally at the end of the massive journey we started over two months ago. It has been one hell of a ride over the last eleven weeks but we have finally made it to the end of the tournament and today it is time to announce the winner. 432 of the WWE's finest started off in Round 1 and over the different rounds we have managed to eliminate those that were just not up to scratch or that while great were unlucky not to be the eventual winner. Last week we reached the Grand Final which pitted three of WWE's most prominent wrestlers in a battle for your votes and now today the result will be revealed so without further delay let me present to you:

The Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time

The Undertaker

Result: The Undertaker 44 beat Steve Austin 32 & Bret Hart 10

To call me surprised by this result is an understatement. When I started this tournament Stone Cold was my expectant winner with Hulk Hogan being my 2nd pick, yet Undertaker managed to beat both of these guys out on his way to victory. While I thought Taker would get to the semi-finals I didn't see him making the final three let alone get the victory. To be perfectly honest though I couldn't be happier. Undertaker is the biggest reason why I became a fan of wrestling 20 years ago and has been one of my favourites ever since, only being edged out by Mick Foley in my overall favouritism. Over that time he has given me countless memories and to me (only because Mick has done so much elsewhere) he is the greatest wrestler that WWE has ever had.

In reading peoples comments on why the other wrestlers should win I saw a lot of people say that Taker should not win due to the fact that he was never the top guy, maybe not even number 2 throughout his career. While I will not deny that this tournament was not who was the best generation leader but who was the greatest wrestler. No other wrestler in the WWE has ever had a career like Undertaker has had. Yes others might have dominated their generation like Bruno Sammartino or spearheaded a wrestling boom like Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin. He may not be the show stopper of a Shawn Michaels or the pure wrestling genius of a Ric Flair. His charisma might pale to the Rocks and he may not be able to enrage half the crowd while pleasing the other half like John Cena. What he does have is a mixture of everything rolled into one large package.

What Undertaker has is over 20 years of being one of WWEs biggest stars when most of the others went off to do other things, be it wrestling for another company or stuff outside the wrestling world. What he has is a Wrestlemania record that will stand him apart for eternity. What he has is the ability to make a crowd rise to their feet with just the lights going down in an arena and a gong sounding. What he has is victories over nearly every biggest star that has wrestled in the WWE in the last 30 years. He may have not been the star of any particular generation but he is the only guy to appear in the majority of them as part of the top 5 and as shown when he was named Sultan of Smackdown in my series nearly 2 years ago he was a leader of the blue brand for a long time.

I could keep going on about why the right choice was made by you the voters but since you guys voted this way well then I guess you all already know. In the end the right choice was made and I am pleased with the way things went down. I have enjoyed the ride this tournament has been and I hope you all have to even if it did not turn out the way you would have liked it. Because I enjoyed doing this I plan to do it all again at the end of this year, however doing it this time with Tag Teams. Until then I have plenty install for you for thanks to this tournament I have found my motivation again and am getting back to the quality that I was getting known for.

I want to thank all of you who voted for making this tournament a success and I hope for the old readers I have won those of you I lost back and for the new readers I hope I have convinced you all enough to continue to read my work. Please don't forget to keep checking back every day this month as I continue to count down last years top 30 WWE wrestlers and stay tuned for the top 20 of the Tsar of Steel series which is nearly ready to post. As to other things in the works well you will just have to wait and see but I can say that the Dream Match series will be back in February or March and their maybe a Wrestlemania series in my near future.

As promised I will leave you with comments from voters who voted for The Undertaker on why they voted that way.

Thanx for reading,

Wayne Little

proj3ctx1 I just think that for him to have been around for all this time and get those huge reactions is just phenomenal, he was apart of the golden age, attitude, ruthless agression, and now the pg era and it seems as though he gets more popular and better in the ring with each appearance.

Rayhagan1 I'm a huge fan of The Hitman, & I really expected that I'd vote for Austin, but I'm voting for The Undertaker.

The reason I voted for "The Phenom" is that no matter his position on the card, or in the company, he's always been a huge attraction. We've survived a lot of WrestleManias without Hart, or Austin, but I can't imagine what WrestleMania will be like when The Undertaker hangs them up for good.

He's been part of one of the top two matches at WrestleMania for 5 straight years, and he's doing it while being so physically shot (or so we're led to believe) that he can really only do it once a year.

What's crazy is...it doesn't matter. When Undertaker shows up on RAW and we get his WrestleMania opponent settled, the majority of us will still feel like we did every recent time...like we're hearing the announcement of the biggest match on the card. Neither remaining man can match his longevity. All three men are tied together in their careers, Austin and Taker had great feuds, Hart and Taker had great matches, Hart and Austin had classics.

Undertaker has constantly changed and grown with the times, whether with Brother Love, Bearer, or even as his own voice, he's found a way to resonate with fans in a way that no other character in the history of WWE has. You'll find people who say that Hart was bland, you'll find people who say that Austin flamed out to quickly...but seldom will you EVER hear anyone say that they don't like or respect what The Undertaker has done for years.

But to me, when I think WWE, maybe I think of Hogan as the star of his era, Hart as the star of his, Austin as the star of his...but The Undertaker spanned all of those times, as a major star, and continues strong today. I believe that while he's a dark horse to win this, the Deadman deserves it.

OKmusky Undertaker, for purely nostalgic reasons, and because Brian Pillman never made it through to the final 3! My first WWF experience when I got Sky TV in 1991 was the 5th Annual Survivor Series (I was 27 then and now probably one of the older readers/posters on here). All the Undertaker/Flair/Hogan stuff, along with Savage/Jake/Damien and Rowdy Roddy. How could I not get hooked? I look back very fondly on those days, and Undertaker is the last bastion of it all. Think he's the last active wrestler left from the live show I saw in Hull in the summer of 1994.

unob80 Wow what a tough decision. I say they main event WM XXX in a 4 stages of hell match to decide it. After Hart makes Austin tap out in a submission match, Taker puts hart through a table on the outside from the top turnbuckel in a tables match and Austin becomes the first person to pin the Undertaker at WM in a no holds barred match the cell drops down and the 3 beat the hell out of each other in the sudden death hell in a cell match before Austin passes out while locked into hells gate refusing to tap forcing the ref to stop the match declaring the Undertaker the winner.

TripleHPSauce I was going to write down all my for and against arguments on here, but at the end of the day only one of them shared a name with a monster truck. My vote goes for the dead man.

Dane It comes down to Austin and the Undertaker for me. At the end of the day I have to go with the Undertaker because he found a way to make it work regardless of the awful booking, terrible gimmicks/opponents, etc. And oh yeah, he’s been around for forever. He’s put opponents over and made them look great and he has the whole WrestleMania thing working for him. Over the years the Undertaker found a way to go from novelty act to a legitimate wrestler/locker room leader that everybody wanted to EARN the chance to work with.

McDaygo He might not have been the main guy like Bret or Austin was but they all started around the same time year wise, have very similar acheivments and who is still somewhat active.


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