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Posted in: Wayne's World
Wayne's World: The Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time - Quarter Finals
By zzzorf
Dec 19, 2013 - 9:38:16 AM

banner courtesy of avery

Welcome one and all to the Quarter Finals of my tournament to name the Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time. After 2 rounds which covered 7 weeks we have finally nailed it down to some of the best to have ever laced up a boot and set foot in a WWE ring. 13 men have already made their claim for a Quarter Final position so it is time to find out the 14 men who will be joining them.

Ricky Steamboat 38 beat JBL 20, Rick Martel 1 & MVP 0
Owen Hart 37 beat Gorilla Monsoon 14, Tito Santana 6 & Greg Valentine 3
Rey Mysterio 37 beat Goldberg 12, Killer Kowalski 10 & Ryback 0
Mark Henry 28 beat The Fabulous Moolah 23, D-Von Dudley 8, & Grand Master Sexay 0
Jake Roberts 28 beat British Bulldog 17, Yokozuna 11 & Pat Patterson 3
CM Punk 42 beat Trish Stratus 14, Animal 3 & Chavo Guerrero Jr 0
Ted DiBiase Sr 25 beat William Regal 20, Jimmy Snuka 11 & Bam Bam Bigelow 3
Kurt Angle 37 beat Ric Flair 15, Rick Rude 7 & The Great Khali 0
Chris Benoit 29 beat The Iron Sheik 25, Arn Anderson 6 & Ken Patera 0
Andre The Giant 56 beat Bubba Ray Dudley 1, Jeff Jarrett 1 & Rhyno 1
The Rock 52 beat Cody Rhodes 3, Michelle McCool 2 & Crush 0
Test 20 beat Lance Storm 19, Brutus Beefcake 18 & Scotty 2 Hotty 1
Billy Graham 31 beat Vader 16, John Morrison 6 & Drew McIntyre 1
Bruno Sammartino 53 beat Tensai 2, Rikishi 2 & Nikolai Volkoff 1

While we have lost some major names along the way these 27 men should be proud they have made it this far, however only 9 o them are going to make it through to the next round. As we are now into the business end of the tournament the matches will drop from fatal-4-ways to triple threat so that we can better determine a winner.

Also since the rounds are getting more important I have invited a special guest to give their opinion on the matches at hand. He is a well-known member of the forums, a runner of many tournaments himself and a man with an opinion on most things as seen through his numerous posts on varying subjects, I present to you Lunchbox1981.

OK so now the formalities are done lets get on with the Quarter Finals.

Match 1

(1) Kane v (91) Jake Roberts v (135) Bruno Sammartino

aka Fake Diesel, Isaac Yankem DDS
WWE Champion, World Champion, ECW Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, Hardcore Champion, 9*World Tag Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion, WCW Tag Champion
Money in the Bank winner
R1: beat Kevin Nash, Orlando Jordan & Antonino Rocca
R2: beat Road Dogg, Umaga & Rick Steiner
Jake Roberts
1986-92, 1996-97
R1: beat Perry Saturn, Rory McAllistar & Billy Jack Haynes
R2: beat Yokozuna, British Bulldog & Pat Patterson
Bruno Sammartino
2*WWWF Champion, 2*International Tag Champion, US Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2013)
R1: beat Finlay, Dusty Rhodes & Johnny Valiant
R2: beat Tensai, Rikishi & Nikolai Volkoff

zzzorf: Straight off the bat we have an interesting match-up. We have three men who have helped define three different eras of tthe WWE. Bruno Sammartino was the leader of his time and the man that everyone looked up toand without whom the WWE would not have been as popular in its early years. While winning no championships (the only wrestler in the QF to have not won any) Jake Roberts was still an important part of the scene in the 80's and 90's and a wrestler who nearly everyone believes is the the greatest wrestler never to have held WWE gold. Lastly Kane is one of the longest serving vets of todays era having been with the company for what seems forever and has accomplished many things in his years with the company. In a tough fight I have to give the edge to Bruno in this one.

Lunchbox1981: Looking at the three wrestlers that make up this first match my first thought really is how varied the characters are. It’s a lot easier for me to rate the careers of Jake and Kane having seen most of their work with my own eyes. While Bruno was well before my time and most of what I know about him is word of mouth and reputation about the legend of Bruno. Still this is one of the rare occasions where I’ll give the win to the guy I’ve only heard about and not seen because those accomplishments do speak for themselves. He is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all-time and he paved the way for all the mega stars that came after him.

Match 2

(110) Randy Savage v (16) Rey Mysterio v (350) Billy Graham

Randy Savage
2*WWF Champion, Intercontinental Champion
King of the Ring winner
R1: beat Jamie Noble, Deuce & Bob Orton
R2: beat The Big Show, Daniel Bryan & Dynamite Kid
Rey Mysterio
2*World Champion, WWE Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, 3*Cruiserweight Champion, 4*WWE Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner
R1: beat Trevor Murdoch, Shad Gaspard & Leilani Kai
R2: beat Ryback, Goldberg & Killer Kowalski
Billy Graham
1975-76, 1977-78, 1982-83, 1986-88
WWWF Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2004)
R1: beat Wade Barrett, Jey Uso & Robbie McAllistar
R2: beat Vader, John Morrison & Drew McIntyre

zzzorf: Oh look another battle of eras. Once again we have three stars who heloped defined the time they come from, well more in fact the time that was to come. All three of these guys were before their time and innovators of change in the way people looked at wrestling. This is a tough match for me to pick as both Mysterio and Savage rank up there with the elite group that are my favourite wrestlers and Grahams legacy is something I really respect even though I have not seen much of it myself.

Lunchbox1981: This match like the first has a man in “Superstar” Billy Graham that like Bruno I know more of by word of mouth than anything else. Even if that weren’t the case here I’d still have to give the edge to “Macho Man” Randy Savage. A multiple time WWE and WCW Champion, one of the longest reigning and best IC Champions of all-time and one of the most charismatic performers in the history of the wrestling business.

Match 3

(3) Chris Jericho v (257) Ricky Steamboat v (30) Test

Chris Jericho
1999-2005, 2007-10, 2011-13
Unpisputed Champion, 3*World Champion, 2*WCW Champion, 9*Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion, 5*World Tag Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion
R1: beat Ezekial Jackson, Chief Jay Strongbow & Mad Dog Vachon
R2: beat Junkyard Dog, Pedro Morales & Brian Kendrick
Ricky Steamboat
aka The Dragon
1985-88, 1991, 2009
Intercontinental Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2009)
R1: beat Big Boss Man, Bull Buchanen & Arnold Skaaland
R2: beat JBL, MVP & Rick Martel
1998-2004, 2006-07
Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, 2*Hardcore Champion, World Tag Champion, WCW Tag Champion
R1: beat Jinder Mahal, Kamala & Rocky Johnson
R2: beat Scotty 2 Hotty, Lance Storm & Brutus Beefcake

zzzorf: Test is surely thanking his luck for seeing him hrough to this rond when numerous names bigger than him have already fallen. However I feel his luck has run out finally as he is going to struggle to overcome his opponents in this round. As shown in the matches in their feud a few years back both Jericho and Steamboat are phenomenal talents who know how to bring out the best in their opponents yet still be very accomplished in their own right. It is really hard to split these two but I would have to give the nod to Jericho just for the amount of accomplishments he has got in his time with the company.

Lunchbox1981: These are all three wrestlers I’ve enjoyed watching over the years but I must admit that in this three way match Test looks to be a little out of place. So I am going to rule him out as a possible winner. That leaves the former WrestleMania 25 opponents Jericho and Steamboat. Both are former IC Champions and both are former World Champions so they have a few similar accomplishments. I however will give the edge here to Jericho because this is a discussion about the Greatest WWE Wrestler and his career under the Vince McMahon umbrella has been longer and much more decorated. He is a 9x IC Championship a number that’s greater than anyone else that has ever held the belt. Steamboat had arguably the greatest IC Championship match of all-time when he won IC Championship, however he also didn’t manage to hold onto it for very long. Jericho was also the first Undisputed Champion, a 6x Heavyweight Champion in total, 5x Tag Champion, WrestleMania main eventer and one of the best all around performers of his generation. His WWE accomplishments are more numbered and varied.

Match 4

(58) Eddie Guerrero v (12) Shawn Michaels v (24) The Rock

Eddie Guerrero
2000-01, 2002-05
WWE Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, 2*European Champion , 4*WWE Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2006)
R1: beat Curtis Axel, Jerry Sags & Terri Runnels
R2: beat Triple H, Lita & Jacques Rougeau
Shawn Michaels
1988-97, 2002-10
3*WWF. Champion, World Champion, 3*Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, 5*World Tag Champion , WWE Tag Champion
2*Royal Rumble winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2011)
R1: beat 8-Ball, Kaitlyn & Eddie Graham
R2: beat RVD, The Brooklyn Brawler & Mr Fuji
The Rock
8*WWE Champion, 2*WCW Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, 5*World Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner
R1: beat Jerry Lawler, Reno Riggins & Brian Pillman
R2: beat Cody Rhodes, Michelle McCool & Crush

zzzorf: Um, fuck yeah, is there really anything else that needs to be said about this match? I mean this has to be a lot of IWC members wet dreams correct? Now Eddie was able to pull off a surprise win last round but will he be able to do it against not one but two massive favourites? I feel that the real battle will go down between Michaels and Rock just as it should. Where would I vote, well fuck knows so please don't send it to a tie so I have to work that answer out.

Lunchbox1981: All three of the men in this match are former WWE Champions so right from the start when you see that you know it’s going to be a difficult decision. They are all also former IC and Tag Champs who have all defended the biggest prize in the company at WrestleMania. Finally in the case of Michaels and The Rock they are also Royal Rumble winners. What I am basically saying is these three men have done everything there is to do inside a WWE ring. Still there are a few things that make me push Eddie to the side early on other than the Royal Rumble victories. It’s more about the number of WWE Championships won. While his victory back in 2004 provided us with one of the greatest feel good moments I can remember in all the time that I’ve been watching wrestling it’s only one reign compared to the multiple reigns of HBK and The Peoples Champ. So if we are going to pick between these two the answer for me is rather obvious. Despite his reputation as the show stopper, the icon and Mr. WrestleMania the biggest star of the three is The Rock. While Michaels had his runs they never reached the heights that they were expected to and he never took the WWE to the level that The Rock did. Over the years we’ve gotten used to seeing seen two top guys in the company whether it was Hogan and Savage, Hart and Michaels, Cena and Orton, Cena and Batista or Cena and Punk the role of absolute top star and his number two were firmly established. That wasn’t the case with Austin and Rock though. There were times when he was 1A to Austin’s number 1 and times where he even surpassed him. The Rock is one of those rare guys that transcended the wrestling business and went on to become a household name.

Match 5

(167) Bob Backlund v (10) John Cena v (194) Andre The Giant

Bob Backlund
1977-84, 1992-97, 2000, 2007
2*WWF Champion, Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2013)
R1: beat Big Daddy V, Dean Ambrose & Tom Zenk
R2: beat Matt Hardy, Raven & Sika
John Cena
11*WWE Champion, 2*World Champion, 3*US Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion, 2*World Tag Champion
2*Royal Rumble winner, Money in the Bank winner
R1: beat Maryse, Adam Bomb & Wendi Richter
R2: beat Goldust, Honky Tonk Man & Mr Perfect
Andre The Giant
WWF Champion, Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 1993)
R1: beat X-Pac, Brock Lesnar & Mae Young
R2: beat Bubba Ray Dudley, Jeff Jarrett & Rhyno

zzzorf: Firstly think about this match as if it was in terms of real life, it really looks like one of those times when the odds are against Cena. You have on one side Andre who will crush him down and on the other Backlund who will stretch him out. However as usual Cena will rise above as he should. In terms of this tournament he should as well. While his opponents are fierce enough in their own right Cena should hold on and make it through.

Lunchbox1981: Another tough match here but also a case of knowing someone more by word of mouth and reputation than anything else when it comes to Backlund. Other than his brief return in the 1990’s I can’t say I’ve seen many of his matches. I am more familiar with Andre having seen him work. However when I started watching wrestling back in 1986 he was nearing the end of his career and his best days were behind him. So I am much more familiar with Andre the attraction, Andre the spectacle and the man who took on Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III than I am the great wrestler that I heard he used to be. So the edge in this match I believe has to go to John Cena. He has been the face of the company for close to a decade now and in that time there really isn’t anything he hasn’t accomplished.

Match 6

(6) Edge v (65) Mick Foley v (22) Chris Benoit

4*WWE Champion, 7*World Champion, 5*Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, 12*World Tag Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner, Money in the Bank winner, Royal Rumble winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2012)
R1: beat Sylvain Grenier, Skull & Bull Nakano
R2: beat Sheamus, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Paul Orndorff
Mick Foley
aka Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love
3*WWF Champion, Hardcore Champion, 8*Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2013)
R1: beat Iron Mark Sharpe, Paul Burchill & Lou Albano
R2: beat Jeff Hardy, Booker T & IRS
Chris Benoit
World Champion, 4*Intercontinental Champion, 3*US Champion, 3*World Tag Champion, WWE Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner
R1: beat Bobby Lashley, Bad News Brown & Alundra Blayze
R2: beat The Iron Sheik, Ken Patera & Arn Anderson

zzzorf: It feels bad when I look at this match and realise that two wrestlers who appear in my top five of all time won't make it through to the next round due to the draw they got. While I don't believe Edge is near the caliber of Foley or Benoit I am not stupid enough to deny the fact that it will be him that goes through to the next round against my wishes. His multitude if title reigns puts his gold total way above his opponents. Such a shame.

Lunchbox1981: Once again we are faced with choosing between three wrestlers that have basically won and done everything there is to do inside a WWE ring. Edge is the most decorated of the three men, Benoit the best wrestler and most technically sound and Foley the most charismatic and perhaps passionate. His love for wrestling always came through every time he was on your TV screen and I think that’s why audience always connected with him. I know that’s one of the things that I always admired about him. I guess the choice her comes down to personal preference and what style you like most. Foley was/is the Hardcore Icon, Benoit a technical master and Edge to his credit through his career showed the ability to do a little bit of everything.

Match 7

(48) Batista v (42) Bret Hart v (21) Kurt Angle

4*World Champion, 2*WWE Champion, WWE Tag Champion, 3*World Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner
R1: beat Hawk , Sycho Sid & Shane Douglas
R2: beat Christian, Ken Shamrock & Razor Ramon
Bret Hart
1984-97, 2009-10
5*WWF Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, 2*Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner, 2*King of the Ring winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2006)
R1: beat Essa Rios, Danny Basham & Blackjack Mulligan
R2: beat Billy Gunn, Tajiri & Haku
Kurt Angle
World Champion, 4*WWE Champion, WCW Champion, Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion, WCW US Champion, WWE Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner
R1: beat Gillberg, Mark Jindrak & Sable
R2: beat Rick Rude, The Great Khali & Ric Flair

zzzorf: OK so first things first let's forget entirely about Batista being involved. What you are left with is Bret Hart v Kurt Angle, one of my biggest dream matches of all time. I won't go into details with that match since I have done it previously in the 2nd Me And My Mates series but I will say that I still haven't changed my opinion on it. While it will be a phenomenal match Hart should go over as the winner, the same applies here.

Lunchbox1981: Wow they certainly don’t seem to be getting any easier. All WWE Champions, all IC Champions, Tag Team Champions and WrestleMania main eventers. Kurt Angles success in the WWE came rather quickly. Going from being the Eurocontinental Champion to WWE Champion in less than one calendar year. Once he got to that point though he showed over and over again why he belonged. Bret Hart is one of the first guys that I can remember seeing who basically started at the bottom as a tag team wrestler before climbing all the way to the top of the mountain. The Hart Foundation is one of the greatest and most successful tag teams in WWE History. His IC Championship matches with Perfect and Davey Boy still rank as some of the best and his accomplishments as a 5x WWE Champion basically speak for themselves. Batista on the other hand to me at least always seemed to be the guy who came out of nowhere. The fourth man in Evolution I certainly never thought he’d be a breakout star but he was and that proved me and a lot of others wrong. Even though he is a very different wrestler than Hart and Angle his accomplishments are very comparable to theirs. All three wrestlers have a great shot at advancing here.

Match 8

(8) The Undertaker v (40) Owen Hart v (74) Ted DiBiase Sr

The Undertaker
3*World Champion, 4*WWE Champion, Hardcore Champion, 6*World Tag Champion, WCW Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner, 21-0 at Wrestlemania
R1: beat One Man Gang, Eugene & Dory Funk Jr
R2: beat The Godfather, Crash Holly & Hulk Hogan
Owen Hart
aka Blue Blazer
1988-89, 1991-99
2*Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, 4*World Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner
R1: beat Super Crazy, Raymond Rougeau & Ernie Ladd
R2: beat Gorilla Monsoon, Tito Santana & Greg Valentine
Ted DiBiase Sr
1979, 1987-96
North American Champion, 2*Million Dollar Champion, 3*Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2010)
R1: beat Molly Holly, Harley Race & Psicosis
R2: beat Jimmy Snuka, William Regal & Bam Bam Bigelow

zzzorf: While I was surprised with Undertaker making it through the last round unscathed if he bows out this time I will be shocked. Even though Taker is one of my top 2 wrestlers of all time I see no reason why he should have beaten Hulk to earn this spot. However he did and now after taking out a favourite he know should be able to cost into a semi final spot.

Lunchbox1981: He is my least favorite of the three wrestlers in the match but also the obvious winner. Unlike DiBiase Sr. and Owen who both came close to it but always a little bit short The Undertaker is a multiple time WWE Champion. More importantly than that his undefeated streak at WrestleMania is perhaps the greatest accomplishment of anyone left in this tournament.

Match 9

(63) Steve Austin v (17) Mark Henry v (19) CM Punk

Steve Austin
1995-2002, 2003-04
6*WWF Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, 4*Tag Champion, Million Dollar Champion
3*Royal Rumble winner, King of the Ring winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2009)
R1: beat Shannon Moore, Shawn Stasiak & Killer Khan
R2: beat Randy Orton, Roddy Piper & Headbanger Thrasher
Mark Henry
World Champion, ECW Champion, European Champion
R1: beat Paul Roma, Sin Cara & Blackjack Lanza
R2: beat D-Von Dudley, Grand Master Sexay & The Fabulous Moolah
CM Punk
2*WWE Champion, 3*World Champion, ECW Champion, Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Champion
2*Money in the Bank winner
R1: beat The Warlord, Lex Luger & Jesse Ventura
R2: beat Chavo Guerrero Jr, Trish Stratus & Animal

zzzorf: once again let's forget about one of the wrestlers in the match, this time Mark Henry. What you have left is one of the IWCs wet dreams, a match I am not all that interested in Austin v Punk. Punk is good but to be realistic it is Austin who will advance here.

Lunchbox1981: Sorry Mark Henry. Even though you are a former World Champion and done wonders to remake yourself into a credible superstar over the last 5 years or so like Test you just seem a little out of place in this equation. I love CM Punk and everything he does in the ring. His 434 days as champion were spectacular but he doesn’t transcend the business like Steve Austin did. Arguably the biggest name in the history of the wrestling business his image belongs on the Mount Rushmore of WWE legends. Austin has to be the favorite to win here and maybe even the whole tournament.

That is the end of the Quarter Finals. Please don't forget to vote for who you think should go through either below in the comments section, in any of my feedback methods listed or in the thread in the forums. I will be back next week with the semi finals. Until next time.

Thanx for Reading,
Wayne Little.

E-Mail: zzzorf@yahoo.com

Facebook: Add me as a friend here

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Match 4: Eddie Guerrero v Shawn Michaels v The Rock
Match 5: Bob Backlund v John Cena v Andre The Giant
Match 6: Edge v Mick Foley v Chris Benoit
Match 7: Batista v Bret Hart v Kurt Angle
Match 8: Undertaker v Owen Hart v Ted DiBiase Sr
Match 9: Steve Austin v Mark Henry v CM Punk

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