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Posted in: Wayne's World
Wayne's World: The Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time - Round 1 (week 2)
By zzzorf
Nov 3, 2013 - 9:23:40 AM

banner courtesy of avery

Welcome back one and all to the second week of round 1 in the search to find out who is the Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time, I am of course your host Wayne and this is my world. Now before we get down to this weeks matches lets take a look at last weeks results shall we.

Kane 37 beat Antonino Rocca 5, Kevin Nash 2 & Orlando Jordan 1
The Big Show 33 beat Sgt. Slaughter 12, Tugboat 0 & Rockin’ Robin 0
Chris Jericho 42 beat Ezekial Jackson 1, Chief Jay Strongbow 1 & Mad Dog Vachon 0
Triple H 41 beat Don Muraco 3, Bertha Faye 1 & Jim Powers
Matt Hardy 20 beat Verne Gagne 18, Baron Mikel Scicluna 5 & Alex Riley 2
Edge 41 beat Bull Nakano 2, Sylvain Grenier 1 & Skull 0
Christian 32 beat Dean Malenko 9, Scott Steiner 4 & Velvet McIntyre 0
The Undertaker 44 beat Eugene 1, One Man Gang 0 & Dory Funk Jr 0
Randy Orton 32 beat Antonio Inoki 11, David Otunga 1 & Tony Garea 1
John Cena 42 beat Maryse 2, Adam Bomb 1 & Wendi Richter 0
Jeff Hardy 39 beat Marc Mero 2, Debra 2 & David Hart Smith 1
Shawn Michaels 44 beat Kaitlyn 1, 8-Ball 0 & Eddie Graham 0
Billy Gunn 24 beat Sherri 16, Torrie Wilson 4 & Doug Basham 1
JBL 42 beat Maria 2, Chavo Guerrero Sr 1 & Special Delivery Jones 0
Gorilla Monsoon 29 beat Hardcore Holly 12, Juventud Guerrera 3 & Rene Dupree 1
Rey Mysterio 44 beat Shad Gaspard 1, Trevor Murdoch 0 & Leilani Kai
Mark Henry 41 beat Blackjack Lanza 2, Sin Cara 1 & Paul Roma 0
Yokozuna 32 beat The Sheik 8, Val Venis 2 & Fandango 2
CM Punk 43 beat Lex Luger 1, The Warlord 0 & Jesse Ventura 0
Jimmy Snuka 35 beat The Miz 9, The Barbarian 1 & Eric Bischoff 0
Kurt Angle 42 beat Sable 2, Mark Jindrak 1 & Gillberg 0

So those 21 wrestlers have all booked themselves a spot in round 2 now lets see who is buying for a spot this week.

Match 1

(22) Chris Benoit v (195) Bobby Lashley v (238) Bad News Brown v (411) Alundra Blayze

Chris Benoit
World Champion, 4*Intercontinental Champion, 3*US Champion, 3*World Tag Champion, WWE Tag champion
Royal Rumble winner
Bobby Lashley
2*ECW Champion, US Champion
Bad News Brown
aka Allen Coage
1979, 1988-90
Alundra Blayze
3*Women’s Champion

Well this is an interesting match to start this part of the first round, well at least for me it is anyway. On one end of the equation you have one of my favourite wrestlers of all time in Benoit and on the other end of the equation you have the women that I claim to be probably the best female wrestler ever, between them two big muscly African-Americans to keep them occupied. While a lot of people may not agree with me about Alundra Blayze I think she may put up a good showing here and that is not necessarily because of her skills. I see a lot of votes going against Benoit here because of his unspeakable act which now overshadows his career.

Match 2

(23) X-Pac v (194) Andre The Giant v (239) Brock Lesnar v (410) Mae Young

aka 1–2–3 Kid, The Kid, The Lightning Kid, The Kamikaze Kid, The Cannonball Kid
1993-96, 1998-2002
2*European Champion, WCW Cruiserweight Champion, 2*Light Heavyweight Champion, 4*WWE Tag Champion
Andre The Giant
WWF Champion, Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 1993)
Brock Lesnar
2002-04, 2012-present
3*WWE Champion
Royal Rumble winner, King of the Ring winner
Mae Young
Hall of Fame (class of 2008)

Wow! Just plain Wow! Just think about the match that those two middle names would have had. It would have been a sight to have been seen that is for sure. While either X-Pac or Mae might have had a chance in most other match-ups they are easily overshadowed here by the two powerhouses. Honestly I have no idea which way I would go in this match and I couldn’t say which way the voting will go. On one side you have Andre, a true legend of the business who put in many years hard work for the company. On the other side you have Brock, a game who shot to fame quicker than any other wrestler having already had 3 WWE title reigns yet still 2 matches short of having 100 televised matches for the company. All that I can say for sure is that one wrestler who could have quite easily made a semi-final at the least will lose in the first round, but that is just the luck of the draw.

Match 3

(24) The Rock v (193) Jerry Lawler v (240) Reno Riggins v (409) Brian Pillman

The Rock
1996-2004, 2011-present
8*WWE Champion, 2*WCW Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, 5*World Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner
Jerry Lawler
1992-2001, 2001-present
Hall of Fame (class of 2007)
Reno Riggins
1988-92, 1993-95
Brian Pillman

From some favourites to make the semi-finals we now move to an expected finalist and one of the favourites to take out the whole tournament. While I expect this match-up to be a landslide victory for The Rock when you consider he is going up against a commentator, a jobber and a guy whose WWE career was cut short things would have been a little different if this was not a WWE only competition when you consider the fact that the commentator in question is Jerry Lawler, a man whose career was way more than just the WWE.

Match 4

(25) Scotty 2 Hotty v (192) Jacqueline v (241) Flash Funk v (408) Mil Mascaras

Scotty 2 Hotty
aka Scott Taylor
Light Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Champion, WWE Tag Champion
2*Women’s Champion, Cruiserweight Champion
Flash Funk
aka Scorpio
1996-99, 2006-07
Mil Mascaras
1972-73, 1977-78, 1981
Hall of Fame (class of 2012)

Well after the big names of the last few matches out of the way it is time for a little down turn for this match. That is not me saying Mil Mascaras is below the guys mentioned above it is more just the fact that in terms of the WWE he really hasn’t actually done that much at all. However he still has a good chance of winning this match-up as his opposition is not that strong overall. This might in fact be an interesting match to see who wins.

Match 5

(26) Kofi Kingston v (191) Vader v (242) Tyler Reks v (407) Bill Watts

Kofi Kingston
4*Intercontinental Champion, 3*US Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion, World Tag Champion
Tyler Reks
Bill Watts
US Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2009)

An other match here where we could very much see a Hall of Famer whose major career was somewhere else pull out a victory because of name value. However he first has to beat out the Jamaican sensation, no wait that is not right, the Ghanan sensation that is Kofi Kingston. Not to be outdone though the man they call Vader could very well put up a fight as well.

Match 6

(27) Tensai v (190) Ivory v (243) Virgil v (406) Christy Hemme

aka Prince Albert, Albert, A-Train, Lord Tensai, Sweet T
1999-2004, 2012-present
Intercontinental Champion
3*Women’s Champion
aka Lucius Brown
Million Dollar Champion
Christy Hemme
Diva Search winner

I’m sorry but looking at this match-up all I can see is A-Train eating his opposition up. Moving on.

Match 7

(28) Rikishi v (189) Gail Kim v (244) Nikki Bella v (405) Tori

aka Fatu, The Sultan
Intercontinental Champion, 2*World Tag Champion, WWE Tag Champion
Gail Kim
2002-04, 2008-11
Women’s Champion
Nikki Bella
2008-2012, 2013-present
Diva’s Champion
aka The Black Ninja

Well if Rikishi ain’t eating them up he is probably doing something else. I would have to say he has probably got the luckiest draw of anybody.

Match 8

(29) John Morrison v (188) Brie Bella v (245) Samu v (404) Stephanie McMahon

John Morrison
aka Johnny Blaze, Johnny Nitro
ECW Champion, 3*Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Champion, 4*WWE Tag Champion
Tough Enough winner
Brie Bella
2008-2012, 2013-present
Diva’s Champion
Tag Champion
Stephanie McMahon
Women’s Champion

I nearly thought Morrison had lucked out even more than Rikishi, well that was until I double checked and saw that it was Rikishi’s old Headshrinker Tag Partner who was in the match-up here. Morrison could have an easy run here but his major opposition here might be from Stephanie. While not the greatest of wrestlers The Billion Dollar Princess could very well pull out a shocking victory due to her importance to the company.

Match 9

(30) Test v (187) Jinder Mahal v (246) Kamala v (403) Rocky Johnson

1998-2004, 2006-07
Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, 2*Hardcore Champion, World Tag Champion, WCW Tag Champion
Jinder Mahal
1984, 1986-87, 1992-93
5*Tag Champion
Rocky Johnson
Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2008)

Well isn’t this an interesting little match-up. I mean there really isn’t any major stand out here and anyone could take it out. Test is by far the most decorated of the four wrestlers but Jinder Mahal is the more fresh in peoples minds and surprisingly 3MB has quite a following. You can’t forget Kamala though as he is one of the more memorable characters to have ever stepped into a wrestling ring and of course you have the historic importance of Rocky Johnson being one halfthe first ever African-American Tag Tam Champions and being the father of The Rock. Yep anyone can win this one.

Match 10

(31) Cody Rhodes v (186) Jillian Hall v (247) King Kong Bundy v (402) Peter Maivia

Cody Rhodes
2*Intercontinental Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion, 3*World Tag Champion
Jillian Hall
Diva’s Champion
King Kong Bundy
1985-88, 1994-95
Peter Maivia
Hall of Fame (Class of 2008)

Finishing off the three generations of The Rock’s family tree we find Rock’s grandfather Peter Maivia. Unlike his grandson and son-in-law though I don’t feel like Maivia has as good a chance at getting through to the next round. While I don’t think the bad singing voice of Jillian Hall will be of much of a hindrance I feel that this one will be taken out by current Tag champion Cody Rhodes or former Wrestlemania main eventer King Kong Bundy.

Match 11

(32) Bubba Ray Dudley v (185) Rosey v (248) Lanny Poffo v (401) The Kat

Bubba Ray Dudley
10*Hardcore Champion, 8*World Tag Champion, WWE Tag Champion, WCW Tag Champion
World Tag Champion
Lanny Poffo
aka The Genius
The Kat
Women’s Champion

Is it just me or is this section of the tournament very Samoan heavy? Also what is with this match-up and family connections? Just look at it you have a member of the fictional Dudley family, a member of the Anoa’i family, the brother of Randy Savage and the ex-wife of Jerry Lawler. As to who will actually win this match, well honestly I have no idea.

Match 12

(33) Dolph Ziggler v (184) Tazz v (249) The Iron Sheik v (400) Buddy Rogers

Dolph Ziggler
aka Nick Nemeth, Nicky
2*World Champion, Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, World Tag Champion
Money in the Bank winner
3*Hardcore Champion, Tag Champion
The Iron Sheik
aka Hussein Arab, Col. Mustafa
1979-80, 1983-87, 1988, 1991-92
WWF Champion, Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2005)
Buddy Rogers
WWWF Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 1994)

Take Tazz out of the equation (which is slightly unfair to him since he was a good wrestler in his day) and you have quite a good match up here with three World Champions battling it out. Once again voting could go any way with fans of today going with Ziggler, those that grew up in the 80’s going with the Iron Sheik or the historians going with WWE’s first ever Champion, The Nature Boy Buddy Rogers.

Match 13

(34) Shelton Benjamin v (183) Rick Rude v (250) Chyna v (399) Sam Houston

Shelton Benjamin
3*Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion
Rick Rude
1987-90, 1997
Intercontinental Champion
Women’s Champion, 3*Intercontinental Champion
Sam Houston

You know what, I wouldn’t mind seeing this match. I mean it isn’t going to be the greatest 4-way that we see in this round but something about it just sits well. All 4 bring something different to the table which could really make for an interesting match. As for this tournament I think Shelton throws up a good fight but I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes down to a fight between the bodyguards of the original DX.

Match 14

(35) William Regal v (182) Antonio Cesaro v (251) Johnny Rodz v (398) Diamond Dallas Page

William Regal
aka Steven Regal
1998-99, 2000-present
2*Intercontinental Champion, 4*European Champion, 5*Hardcore Champion, 4*Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner
Antonio Cesaro
US Champion
Johnny Rodz
Hall of Fame (class of 1996)
Diamond Dallas Page
European Champion, World Tag Champion

I said in the last match-up there were going to be greater 4-ways this round and this here is definitely one of them. Cesaro and Regal are very much a feud which would still be great to see today and would still be entertaining. You chuch a WWE legend like Rodz into the mix and a personal favourte of mine in the likes of Page and it makes for an appetising match.

Match 15

(36) Chavo Guerrero Jr v (181) Mr Kennedy v (252) Luke Gallows v (397) Bray Wyatt

Chavo Guerrero Jr
ECW Champion, 4*Cruiserweight Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion
Mr Kennedy
US Champion
Money in the Bank Winner
Luke Gallows
aka Imposter Kane, Festus
Bray Wyatt
aka Husky Harris

This would have to be the first match-up of the two weeks which could really possibly happen today. Granted it probably has more chance of happening in a place like TNA than in the WWE but it could conceivably still take place as all wrestlers are still wrestling at a reasonable level at the moment. As to who will win the votes that would be a hard call. While Bray is a favourite at the moment for many he still is relatively new and hasn’t fully shown what he has got. By theory Chavo or even possibly Kennedy should win this, we will just have to see where the voting takes us.

Match 16

(37) British Bulldog v (180) Dale Wolfe v (253) Jim Brunzell v (396) Doug Furnas

British Bulldog
aka Davey Boy Smith
1984-88, 1990-92, 1994-97, 1999-2000
Intercontinental Champion, 2*European Champion, 2*Hardcore Champion, 2*World Tag Champion
Dale Wolfe
akka Dusty Wolfe
Jim Brunzell
1985-88, 1990-93
Doug Furnas

While I would like to say this would be a hard fought battle for the Bulldog but come on he only has to beat a Killer Bee (Brunzell), a member of the Can-am Express (Furnas) and one of the biggest jobbers in WWE history (Wolfe who has 0 wins in 130 appearances). Yep no contest here.

Match 17

(38) Devon Dudley v (179) Curt Hawkins v (254) Barry Hardy v (395) Jonathan Coachman

Devon Dudley
aka Brother Devon
8*World Tag Champion, WWE Tag Champion, WCW Tag Champion
Curt Hawkins
WWE Tag Champion
Barry hardy
Jonathan Coachman

OK the seeding threw up a crappy lot here didn’t it. While he shouldn’t have got it this easy Devon looks to be an easy pick for round 2 as he just have to face a guy that hardly appears on a main show, a jobber without a win in 89 matches and a guy who should never have been in a ring in the first place.

Match 18

(39) Funaki v (178) Ryback v (255) Joey Mercury v (394) Vance Archer

Cruiserweight Champion, Hardcore Champion
aka Skip Sheffield
Joey Mercury
2004-07, 2010-present
3*WWE Tag Champion
Vance Archer

Once again we find a match that could possibly still happen today but quite honestly I wouldn’t really want to see it as in reality I don’t really want to see it. I think this is really the first match I have found that I don’t think anyone should go through to the next round.

Match 19

(40) Owen Hart v (177) Super Crazy v (256) Raymond Rougeau v (393) Ernie Ladd

Owen Hart
aka The Blue Blazer
1988-89, 1991-99
2*Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, 4*World Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner
Super Crazy
Raymond Rougeau
Ernie Ladd
1964, 1968-72, 1975-78
Hall of Fame (class of 1995)

While this would be an interesting match on paper I would have to say this is Owen’s match to lose in this tournament.

Match 20

(41) Big Boss Man v (176) Bull Buchanan v (257) Ricky Steamboat v (392) Arnold Skaaland

Big Boss Man
1988-93, 1998-2003
4*Hardcore Champion, Tag Champion
Bull Buchanan
aka B-2
Tag Champion
Ricky Steamboat
aka The Dragon
1985-88, 1991, 2009
Intercontinental Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2009)
Arnold Skaaland
US Tag Team Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 94)

Another three horse race here sees stars of the past fight it out for the one spot in round 2. If I had a choice it would be Boss Man going through because without him I may never have become a fan but both Steamboat and Skaaland have reasons why they should actually be the wrestler to go through.

Match 21

(42) Bret Hart v (175) Essa Rios v (258) Danny Basham v (391) Blackjack Mulligan

Bret Hart
1984-97, 2009-10
5*WWF Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, 2*Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner, 2*King of the Ring winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2006)
Essa Rios
aka Aguila
Light Heavyweight Champion
Danny Basham
2*WWE Tag Champion
Blackjack Mulligan
various 70’s and 80’s
Tag Team Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2006)

Another favourite to win appears in Bret Hart and while his opposition put forward a minor fight I don’t really see much trouble in him going forward to the next round.

Match 22

(43) Rob Van Dam v (174) Yoshi Tatsu v (259) Jose Luis Rivera v (390) Phil LaFon

Rob Van Dam
2001-07, 2013-present
WWE Champion, ECW Champion, 6*Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, 4*Hardcore Champion, 2*World Tag Champion, WWE Tag Champion
Money in the Bank winner
Yoshi Tatsu
Jose Luis Rivera
aka Conquistador Uno, Shadow
Phil LaFon

OK it is 1am in the morning and this is the last match-up of the week so I ain’t going to beat around the bush here, I will be surprised if RVD doesn’t win this match.

Week 2 is now open for voting, you have one week from the timestamp on this column to get your votes into me either through the comment section below, through any of my feedback methods at the end of the column or in the special thread in the WWE section of the forums (please note that I have been told that there was some problems with the comment section below last week so please if your votes don't show up properly down there hit me up on any of the other methods to make your votes count). I will be back again next Sunday with the week 3 column so until next time,

Thanx for Reading,
Wayne Little.


E-Mail: zzzorf@yahoo.com


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