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Posted in: Wayne's World
Wayne's World: The Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time - Round 1 (week 1)
By zzzorf
Oct 27, 2013 - 9:46:05 AM

banner courtesy of avery

Welcome back one and all to a column that knows first hand just how much you can achieve with just a little bit of motivation, my name is Wayne and you are now entering my world. It seems like everywhere you go no matter if it is here at Lords of Pain or in its forums, on Twitter or Facebook, on the WWE website or any other website dedicated to wrestling, even in normal conversation one question always gets asked,who exactly is the greatest wrestler to have ever set foot in a WWE ring. Well I am here to find the answer to that question once and for all.

After some careful consideration I have devised a tournament which will allow you the LOP readers to help me find the answer that ever bugging question. Oh and don’t think I have skimped out either by just picking the favourites, no I have gone all out and included 432 different men and women who have wrestled for the biggest wrestling company in the world. While I won’t claim to have got every wrestler to have ever wrestled a match for the WWE I have included absolutely everyone who could have a claim to being the greatest and quite a lot who don’t.

With this many people included though it would take forever to get to the eventual winner with the normal one on one method and honestly I am not a big fan of normal. So to make things more interesting for everyone and move things along a lot quicker I have devised the following way for this tournament to go down:

Seeding: The wrestlers are seeded according to the amount of matches they have had for the WWE according to one of the stat sites I use, profightdb.com.
Round 1: After seeding they were matched up accordingly into 108 Fatal-4-Way matches which will be presented to you over the next 5 weeks for you to vote on.
Round 2: The winners of Round 1 will be matched up into another 27 Fatal-4-Way matches which will be presented to you over another 2 weeks.
Quarter-Final: Since we are starting to get down to the wire the winners of Round 2 will be put into 9 Triple Threat matches to make it more cut throat.
Semi-Final: The Quarter-Final winners will be grouped up into 3 Triple Threat matches to determine the Grand Finalists.
Grand Final: One last Triple Threat match to determine who exactly is the greatest wrestler to have ever wrestled in the WWE and thus finishing the tournament at the beginning of the new year.

Due to the way this is seeded any matches are possible and it is a chance that two favourites can meet in the early rounds thus making for some very interesting scenarios so if you have some people you want to see through make sure you vote each week to help them through. Votes can be posted at the bottom of the column, through any of my feedback methods at the bottom of the column or through the specially created thread in the forums.

So now that all of that is out of the way lets take a look at this weeks matches in Round 1.

Match 1

(1) Kane v (216) Kevin Nash v (217) Orlando Jordan v (432) Antonino Rocca

aka Fake Diesel & Isaac Yankem, DDS
WWF Champion, World Champion, ECW Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, 9*World Tag Champion, 2*WWE Tag champion, WCW Tag Champion, Hardcore Champion
Money in the Bank winner
Kevin Nash
aka Diesel
1993-96, 2002-04, 2011-present
WWF Champion, Intercontinental Champion, 2*Tag Champion
Orlando Jordan
US Champion
Antonino Rocca
aka Argentina Rocca
Various times from 1942-76
International Heavyweight Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 1995)

And with our first match up we see as I said that anything is possible with the real Diesel going up against the fake Diesel, both of which would have to be considered the favourites to take out this match. Since debuting as Kane, The Big Red Machine has been a staple part of the WWE diet moving in and out of the main event scene and feuding with the biggest names in the company winning multiple championships on the way. Kevin Nash however made his name as Diesel in his early years in the WWE but went elsewhere to be a mega-star. On coming back he was bigger than Kane ever was in stardom but the years away could hurt him here. As to their opponents while Orlando Jordan doesn’t really have much to offer in way of competition it is Antonino Rocca who does, in fact by theory he should hands down be the outright winner of this match. The fact he main evented and sold out Madison Square Gardens for 7 straight years is something his opponents could only dream of would be enough to see him all the way to the finals but the fact that this happened before virtually every reader here was born will not do him any favours.

Match 2

(2) The Big Show v (215) Typhoon v (218) Sgt. Slaughter v (431) Rockin’ Robin

The Big Show
aka Paul Wight
1999-2007, 2008-present
2*WWE Champion, 2*World Champion, ECW Champion, Intercontinental champion, US Champion, 3*Hardcore Champion, 3*WWE Tag Champion, 5*World Tag Champion
aka Tugboat
1989-93, 1994
Tag Champion
Sgt. Slaughter
1980-84, 1990-2002, 2005-present
WWF Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2004)
Rockin’ Robin
Women’s Champion

Well our first female is up and the task just doesn’t look good for her, in fact if this was a real match I would literally be scared for her. If you take her out of the match though and make this a triple threat then you have a match that I wouldn’t actually mind seeing. Now as to the result here I can see it once again being a two horse race between Show and the Sarge, I feel though that a lot of the hate that the IWC has for show at times may harm him in the long run.

Match 3

(3) Chris Jericho v (214) Ezekiel Jackson v (219) Chief Jay Strongbow v (430) Mad Dog Vachon

Chris Jericho
1999-2005, 2007-10, 2011-13
Undisputed Champion, 3*World Champion, 2*WCW Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion, 5*World Tag Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion
Ezekiel Jackson
ECW Champion, Intercontinental Champion
Chief Jay Strongbow
1970-77, 1979-83
4*Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 1994)
Mad Dog Vachon
1973-74, 1984
Hall of Fame (class of 2010)

Well this match-up is a nice mix of old and new in what might have been a nice looking match if it were real. As per usual Chris Jericho slightly looks out of place on paper his natural ability could see him through this match. While Vachon could give a little fight his lack of time in the WWE will be his downfall but it will be Strongbow who gives Jericho his biggest fight here as his legend as the greatest American Indian wrestler in WWE history could very well see him through.

Match 4

(4) Triple H v (213) Don Muraco v (220) Jim Powers v (429) Bertha Faye

Triple H
aka Hunter Hearst Helmsley
8*WWE Champion, 5*World Champion, 5*Intercontinental Champion, 2*European Champion, WWE Tag Champion, 2*World Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner, Royal Rumble winner
Don Muraco
2*Intercontinental Champion
King of the Ring winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2004)
Jim Powers
Bertha Faye
Women’s Champion

Well when you have Triple H going up against a woman who only spent a short time with the company and a guy who was practically a jobber his entire time he was there you would not be in trouble for saying this is a one horse race. That is to you remember that Don Muraco is there as well. While Muraco definitely has not had the success that Hunter has had he managed a very nice run for himself and is in with a slight chance to get this victory. Can Muraco cause an upset and bury Triple H’s chances of being named the greatest wrestler of the WWE?

Match 5

(5) Matt Hardy v (212) Alex Riley v (221)Baron Mikel Scicluna v (428) Verne Gagne

Matt Hardy:
1998-2005, 2005-10
ECW Champion, US Champion, Cruiserweight Champion, Hardcore Champion, WWE Tag Champion, 6*World Tag Champion, WCW Tag Champion
Alex Riley
Baron Mikel Scicluna
US Tag Champion, World Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 1996)
Verne Gagne
Hall of Fame (class of 2006)

For the first time this match looks more like a battle of the legends than a more recent star having the major edge. Gagne has the edge in name recognition and legacy but he lacks the WWE tenure that Scicluna had. Leading the charge for the more recent crop is Matt Hardy but it would have to be considered an upset for him to win.

Match 6

(6) Edge v (211) Sylvain Grenier v (222) Skull v (427) Bull Nakano

4*WWE champion, 7*World Champion, 5*Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, 12*World Tag Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner, Money in the Bank winner, Royal Rumble winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2012)
Sylvain Grenier
4*World Tag Champion
aka Jacob Blu, Jared Grimm
1995-96, 1996-99
Bull Nakano
1986, 1994-95
Women’s Champion

Um yeah, I got nothing here, none of the other three can put up a fight against Edge and his accomplishments. Our first easy victory here.

Match 7

(7) Christian v (210) Dean Malenko v (223) Scott Steiner v (426) Velvet McIntyre

1998-2005, 2009-present
2*World Champion, 2*ECW Champion, 4*Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion, Light Heavyweight Champion, 9*World Tag Champion
Dean Malenko
2*Light Heavyweight Champion
Scott Steiner
1992-94, 2002-04
2*World Tag Champion
Velvet McIntyre
1982, 1984-1990
Women’s Champion, 2*Women’s Tag Champion

Now here we have 4 definitely different wrestlers who are very good at what they do. However it is the two of them that the winner will come from. Both wrestlers are someone who started off in a tag team winning as much gold as they could, one with his brother, the other with his fake brother. They both then moved off and became stars for another company, winning their world titles before making their way back to the WWE. It is here though that Christian gets the edge over Steiner for the success he has managed to have compared to Scott’s failure before once again leaving.

Match 8

(8) The Undertaker v (209) One Man Gang v (224) Eugene v (425) Dory Funk Jr

The Undertaker
3*World Champion, 4*WWE Champion, Hardcore Champion, 6*World Tag Champion, WCW Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner, 21-0 at Wrestlemania
One Man Gang
aka Akeem
Tag Champion
Dory Funk Jr
aka Hoss Funk
Hall of Fame (class of 2009)

If this tournament was for the greatest of all time we might have been in for a massive showdown here with Dory Funk Jr very possibly having a slight edge over The Undertaker but with the fact this is a WWE only tournament then Funks very limited time with the company means that he doesn;t even get close to what the Undertaker has to offer.

Match 9

(9) Randy Orton v (208) David Otunga v (225) Tony Garea v (424) Antonio Inoki

Randy Orton
7*WWE Champion, 3*World Champion, Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner, Money in the Bank winner
David Otunga
2*Tag Champion
Tony Garea
5*Tag Champion
Antonio Inoki
70’s and 80’s
WWF Champion (unrecognised), 2*World Martial Arts Heavyweight Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2010)

In what seems to be a trend here we have a big star of today who looks to have it in the bag but a case could be made for a wrestler from the past to take the match-up as well. Antonio Inoki has every right to win this but again it is the lack of time spent in a WWE ring which could really hurt him in this match, that and Randy Orton’s current main event status.

Match 10

(10) John Cena v (207) Maryse v (226) Adam Bomb v (423) Wendi Richter

John Cena
11*WWE Champion, 2*World Champion, 3*US Champion, 2*WWE Tag Champion, 2*World Tag Champion
2*Royal Rumble winner, Money in the Bank winner
2*Diva’s Champion
Adam Bomb
aka Bryan Clark
1993-95, 2001
Wendi Richter
2*Women’s Champion
Hall of Fame (Class of 2010)

Our first real favourite of the competition has finally shown their face and in a surprising twist of events his biggest opposition takes place in two females instead of his male rival. The first lady Maryse, while not being the greatest of wrestlers hold a special warm place in a lot of fans pants which could see her get some extra votes. The second lady Wendi Richter has the power of Rock n Roll wrestling behind her which could live in so many fans memories. While I really doubt it could one of these girls upset the IWC’s biggest hate?

Match 11

(11) Jeff Hardy v (206) Marc Mero v (227) David Hart Smith v (422) Debra

Jeff Hardy
1998-2003, 2006-09
2*World Champion, WWE Champion, 4*Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, 3*Hardcore Champion, Light Heavyweight Champion, 6*World Tag Champion, WCW Tag Champion
Marc Mero
Intercontinental Champion
David Hart Smith
aka DH Smith
World Tag Champion, WWE Tag Champion
Women’s Champion

While Jeff Hardy may not be everyone’s favourite wrestler even the stubborn IWC has to conclude that none of his three competitors here have a chance of stopping him from moving onto the second round.

Match 12

(12) Shawn Michaels v (205) 8-Ball v (228) Kaitlyn v (421) Eddie Graham

Shawn Michaels
1988-97, 2002-10
3*WWF Champion, World Champion, 3*Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, 5*World Tag Champion< WWE Tag Champion
2*Royal Rumble winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2011)
aka Eli Blu, Jason Grimm
1995-96, 1996-99
Diva’s Champion
NXT winner
Eddie Graham
50’s and 60’s
4*US Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2008)

The favourites are starting to come out and play now with the Heartbreak Kid showing his face. While it should be an easy victory for his this round his major opposition comes in the face of star of yesteryear Eddie Graham however I just don’t think he will have what it takes to catch Michaels.

Match 13

(13) Billy Gunn v (204) Torrie Wilson v (229) Doug Basham v (420) Sensational Sherri

Billy Gunn
Intercontinental Champion, 2*Hardcore Champion, 10*World Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner
Torrie Wilson
Doug Basham
2*WWE Tag Champion
Sensational Sherri
Women’s Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2006)

This is the first match-up where we don’t really have an outright to win it. On the accomplishments alone Billy Gunn would be the one to go with but both of the girls can put in a case to win here. If Doug Basham wins though than it will be a bit of a shock as compared to the other three he is a world behind.

Match 14

(14) John Bradshaw Layfield v (203) Special Delivery Jones v (230) Maria v (419) Chavo Guerrero Sr

John Bradshaw Layfield
aka Bradshaw, Justin Bradshaw, Blackjack Bradshaw
WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, European Champion, 17*Hardcore Champion, 3*Tag Champion
Special Delivery Jones
Chavo Guerrero Sr
1976, 2004
Cruiserweight Champion

Once again we have a case where if this was not limited to the WWE we would have a different scenario than we are going to see. Chavo is the better wrestler of these four but due to the fact he has had limited time in the WWE we find that he just doesn’t stack up to the lengthy career and accomplishments of JBL.

Match 15

(15) Hardcore Holly v (202) Rene Dupree v (231) Gorilla Monsoon v (418) Juventud Guerrera

Hardcore Holly
aka Bob Holly, Bombastic Bob, Thurman Plugg
6*Hardcore Champion, 3*World Tag Champion, NWA Tag Champion
Rene Dupree
World Tag Champion, WWE Tag Champion
Gorilla Monsoon
2*US Tag Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 1994)
Juventud Guerrera
2*Cruiserweight Champion

On paper this makes for an interesting match-up with a few different styles on show. Each wrestlers brings a different thing to the table which would make this match one of the more entertaining matches to watch out of all the ones that have been offered so far. In reality though this is another two horse race between Hardcore Holly and Gorilla Monsoon. I have to give the edge here to the past though as Monsoon ended up playing a bigger part for the company than just his wrestling days.

Match 16

(16) Rey Mysterio v (201) Trevor Murdoch v (232) Shad Gaspard v (417) Leilani Kai

Rey Mysterio
2*World Champion, WWE Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, 3*Cruiserweight Champion, 4*WWE Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner
Trevor Murdoch
3*World Tag Champion
Shad Gaspard
2006-07, 2008-10
Leilani Kai
1985-89, 1994
Women’s Champion, 2*Women’s Tag Champion

It’s funny watching through all these names and seeing all these tag team wrestlers come through in the middle sections. Once again we find two wrestlers in the middle who will most likely have no bearing on the final result whatsoever. In fact I don’t see our female entrant in this match having much of a chance either which should see Rey Mysterio move through pretty comfortably here.

Match 17

(17) Mark Henry v (200) Paul Roma v (233) Sin Cara v (416) Blackjack Lanza

Mark Henry
World Champion, ECW Champion, European Champion
Paul Roma
Sin Cara
Blackjack Lanza
Tag Team Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2006)

We have here in this match-up what appears to be another close affair. None of the 4 competitors stand out above the rest and none have a large amount of accomplishments to nudge them to victory. I believe Paul Roma has the least chance at victory due to the fact he was just a bit player for the tag division when he was wrestling and never really went far. The only reason I put Sin Cara above him though is due to the fact he is a more here and now prospect and might pick up some votes because of that. That leaves us with Mark Henry and Blackjack Lanza. Henry has his World Title reign to his credit but Lanza has his Hall of Fame induction so I am thinking this may be a close affair.

Match 18

(18) Val Venis v (199) Yokozuna v (234) Fandango v (415) The Sheik

Val Venis
2*Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, World Tag Champion
2*WWF Champion, 2*Tag Champion
Royal Rumble winner
Hall of Fame (class of 2012)
aka Johnny Curtis
NXT winner
The Sheik
2*WWWF US Champion
Hall of Fame (class of 2007)

Now this looks like a really interesting match-up. I can see it know Venis and Fandango try to one up each other before Sheik bloodies up Fandango using his hardcore style before Yokuzuna squashes Fandango using the Bonsai Drop, yep sounds good to me. Then the three remaining wrestlers battle it out between themselves I would assume with Venis falling at the wayside. This leaves only Yokozuna and The Sheik, the winner is anyone’s guess.

Match 19

(19) CM Punk v (198) The Warlord v (235) Lex Luger v (414) Jesse Ventura

CM Punk
2*WWE Champion, 3*World Champion, ECW Champion, Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Champion
2*Money in the Bank winner
The Warlord
Lex Luger
Royal Rumble winner
Jesse Ventura
Hall of Fame (class of 2004)

Um, yes please. This match easily sounds the best so far and would have been a good show if you could grab all the respective wrestlers from their era’s. The more I look at the names involved in this group the more I would love to see it happen, however of course it can’t happen and we need to continue what we are here for. While all four guys are accomplished wrestlers in their own right, three of them did the majority of their accomplishments outside the WWE thus leaving CM Punk with what I see as an easy victory in what by theory should not have been.

Match 20

(20) The Miz v (197) The Barbarian v (236) Jimmy Snuka v (413) Eric Bischoff

The Miz
WWE Champion, 2*Intercontinental Champion, 2*US Champion, 3*WWE Tag Champion, 2*World Tag Champion
Money in the Bank winner
The Barbarian
aka Sione
1988-91, 1994-95
Jimmy Snuka
1982-85, 1989-92
Hall of Fame (class of 1996)
Eric Bischoff

First off don’t ask me how Eric Bischoff made it into this tournament because I really don’t remember, it might have had something to do with PPV matches. Anyway on paper we have another very interesting match forming on our hands. I think once again it is a two horse race between Miz and Snuka. I will have to give the edge to Snuka though because of his legendary status and the fact that virtually noone likes The Miz.

Match 21

(21) Kurt Angle v (196) Gillberg v (237) Mark Jindrak v (412) Sable

Kurt Angle
4*WWE Champion, World Champion, WCW Champion, Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion, WCW US Champion, WWE Tag Champion
King of the Ring winner
aka Duane Gill, Executioner #1
1992-94, 1998-2000
Light Heavyweight Champion
Mark Jindrak
1996-99, 2003-04
Women’s Champion

Yeah while Sable will get some votes for what she meant to a lot of readers in their younger years and Gillberg will get some votes for the hilarity of it,if Kurt Angle does not run away with this I will have to question a lot of the voting techniques you guys are using.

Well that brings us to the end of this weeks column. It is now up to you to choose who advances to round 2. You have one week from the timestamp on this column to get your votes into me either through the comment section below, through any of my feedback methods at the end of the column or in the special thread in the WWE section of the forums. I will be back again next Sunday with the next column but hopefully I will have another part of Tsar of Steel out before then. Until next time,

Thanx for Reading,
Wayne Little.


E-Mail: zzzorf@yahoo.com


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