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Posted in: Wayne's World
Wayne's World: Raw Running Diary - 3rd June 2013
By zzzorf
Jun 4, 2013 - 9:09:51 AM

I was flicking through my Twitter feed a few hours ago and I saw a tweet from fellow Lords of Pain writer Mr Tito saying he was going to write a Raw review column but he was too tired and asked for someone else to write the column instead. Since I hadn’t watched Raw yet and was just about too I decided to take him up on his request and be the writer who did a review. As I was just about to watch the show I decided I would use the method made famous around these parts by another great Lords of Pain writer Hustle and thus you are about to read my first ever Raw Running Diary.

6:03 Steph on my TV is always a good thing, starting the show off with her puts me in a really good mood for the rest of the show. So she is out there to throw her weight around and tell us that Triple H will not be wrestling tonight even though he is medically cleared. My wife asked me what right Stephanie had to say that he could not wrestle, which leads me to remember that we have to many authority figures in the WWE nowadays.

6:05 “We love him more than you do.” You sure about that Vince, some of these fan boys I have seen have massive, massive crushes on him. Vince then asks what body part we want of Triple H, yeah you really went there, I bet Twitter blew up at the time saying they want his penis.

6:08 What the Shield let the McMahons go without being touched? Where is the justice in that? And what no HHH coming down to say he will wrestle tonight or no match was organised for later, so the entire first segment was therefore an absolute waste of time and did not give us much, well except for the chance to see Steph.

6:09 Randy Orton makes it partner number 4 in 5 matches for Team Hell No when facing The Shield in a 6-man tag

6:12 Well there we have it, the first showing of the App in the lower corner of the screen with what is going on at the moment. So let me get this straight, you want us to watch the App and not Raw? No wonder your ratings are low, you tell your viewers to watch something else.

6:15 Orton gets the hot tag and gets a big reaction from the crowd. Once again I ask myself why is he no longer near the top of the card and part of the major title scenes. These midcard feuds are seriously going to be the death of him.

6:23 Bryan just got a hot tag as well and the reaction is just so much more than the one got by Orton. You just know the WWE is going to turn him heel soon as they can’t have anyone getting that sort of reaction on their watch.

6:25 Bryan is once again shown as weakest link on Raw as he is the one that has to take the fall yet when on Smackdown he is always shown as the mega-star force of the team. Yes consistent booking at its finest.

6:28 Did you know: Smackdown was the most socially active show on Friday last week, well no der, no other show shoves social media down our face WWE.

6:29 It seems to me Bryan can do whatever he wants and I am eating out of his hand. He makes WWE worth watching every time he is on.

6:30 Finally HHH has an interaction with Steph, this should have been in the ring at the beginning of the show.

6:31 Vince: “for the Cerebral Assassin you are not being very cerebral” Well that makes sense, that was a good line.

6:32 Wow the Usos, this is a rare Raw appearance (after a quick check of the stats this is in fact only their 3rd Raw match this year). I still believe that the Uso’s entrance is the best entrance in the WWE. I have seen the Siva Tau performed many times when Samoa plays Australia in sporting events like Rugby League and it is very fitting that theUso’s maintain the sporting tradition of their homeland.

6:34 So Cole is talking about the new face paint and what it means to the Usos. Could this be the start of an attempt at a push? I bet you they win this match.

6:37 Told ya so. I really hope that this does actually mean they are going to try to push them as outside the big three teams (Team Hell No, Rhodes Scholars and The Shield) I can’t think of a team I want up in the title picture more, well except the New Age Outlaws but they only wrestle on the house show circuit,

6:41 Oh look, Big E v Del Rio or should I say the match of the comedy managers.

6:44 Honestly I don’t buy Big E as a threat. I guess it just comes down to the fact that he is of a body type that the WWE love to hire yet always seem to have very little skill and end up being jobbed out.

6:45 And we have another app sighting. Know I don’t have my iPhone at the moment as it is currently residing at the Pawnbrokers soi therefore don’t have the app at the moment so I don’t know but wouldn’t it get very annoying while you are trying to watch a match on Raw and you have an interview you are trying to, listen to on the app?

6:47 Sweet roll up from the cross arm breaker, that makes it now 3-2 Del Rio in two and a half weeks. Yes as with every other match-up they are trying to do this one to death.

6:49 While I watch a replay of what Damien Sandow did on Smackdown I have to point out that the stuff he is doing at the moment is great, I have to put him up there with Daniel Bryan as the most entertaining stuff on WWE TV at the moment.

6:51 I hate to ask this but Cody is going to get fed to Sheamus as a way to show his prowess for the feud with Sandow, isn’t he?

6:52 Oohh Sandow on commentary, this is going to be good. Yep here it is already, “this book is above your level Cole”

6:53 Damn it my phone is ringing. Have to pause the TV, be back soon.

7:52 Finally got off the phone, didn’t want to talk for that long but it was my mother and it was mostly to organise the money I need for my eldest son’s trip to Sydney to play in his schools Aussie Rules team in the state finals in two weeks and for a school trip to Canberra later in the year so I had to keep her happy.

7:55 An ad for the Twelve Rounds: Reloaded DVD just popped up on the bottom of my screen which surprises me as I thought it was already out. I have actually already seen this movie and while I will say like most sequels it is not as good as the first it is at least worth a watch, a second I am not so sure about.

7:56 WWE you need to have Sandow on commentary more often.

7:58 Once again poor Cody, you are way better than this. You were easily one of the major stars of 2011 and now just two years later you are an afterthought to your own moustache.

8:00 Did you know: the WWE app has been download 60,000,000 times (I think that was how many 0’s there was). The question is though how many times has it been deleted again straight after?

8:00 So Triple H doesn’t want to have to beat up his kids Grandfather on live TV? So when have you been this nice Trips? You are going to sneek back in later aren’t you?

8:03 Kofi had to have surgery due to Ryback? Who is going to take his place as the biggest jobber of 2013?

8:05 So McMahon has made a rematch from last week involving Curtis Axel and John Cena and so it doesn’t end the same as last week it will be no DQ, um didn’t Cena lose by count out? So shouldn’t the match therefore be no countout?

8:08 Well after watching Fandango and Khalis entrances in the last minute plus a few others so far this show I will have to say how good it is that the WWE is finally remembering that managers and valets play a big part in the wrestling world. Now we just need the likes of Heyman to remind the WWE what the managers and valets are supposed to do to do their job properly.

8:11 Well Miz just come out to stop Fandango leave his match and the crowd barely reacted. Then Barrett came out behind The Miz and got an even lower reaction, damn it, has Barrett fallen that far that even Miz gets more of a crowd reaction than him?

8:14 So Fandango is back out to distract Barrett in his match. It is getting quite obvious now that we were all correct when he got that over the top reaction just after Wrestlemania, he is about to win midcard gold, it’s just the IC not the US like everyone said.

8:18 I am calling this contract signing before I see it, Punk won’t be here and Heyman will sign for him.

8:19 Oh wait it is only their representatives according to Lawler, that wasn’t much of a call now was it.

8:23 Heyman and Jericho sitting at a table with a back and forward, can’t go wrong here. Two of the best on the mic in the business, just got to sit back and watch this as a fan.

8:29 So let me get this straight Jericho is about to shove the contract up Heymans arse, now that’s not PG.

8:30 The front of the pants? Well that doesn’t make sense, but then again they really couldn’t do what we all expected.

8:31 So Sheamus v Cesaro is on Main Event. That should be interesting and surprisingly after a quick search at the stats a match we have only seen twice last year.

8:34 Well I am sitting here watching a 6 diva tag and all I can think about is there is not much real wrestling talent between them, oh how much I have spoilt myself watching SHINE.

8:36 Out of the 6 women in this match honestly I only want to see two of them in the WWE at all, please WWE, there are over woman out there you can sign who have wrestling talent, and guess what, a lot of them look even better than your current crop of Diva’s (well except AJ, I don’t think anyone looks better than her).

8:38 So as is to be expected either the champion or challenger got the win (this week the champion), time to get back to the real show now thanks.

8:41 Oooohhhh another Husky Harris, whoops sorry, Bray Wyatt vignette. Honestly I can’t wait, I’ve been a fan of his since I first watched him (helps I was a big IRS fan) and am on the edge of my seat to see what will happen when he is back on the big shows.

8:44 So it is time for Bryan to face Ryback, well since this is Raw I don’t expect the great match we got on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago, can’t show Bryan is great where everyone can see it.

8:46 Everytime I hear that Cena and Ryback will be a Three Stages of Hell Match I remember how much the WWE missed the ball with that one. Constantly leading up to Extreme Rules my son kept telling me how the Triple H/Brock Lesnar match should have been of this kind (actually he was calling it for Wrestlemania as well). Now that was a match I would love to see, this one holds little interest for me and I am a bigger Cena fan than I am HHH or Brock.

8:49 JBL: “You don’t have to be normal to be World Champion, Randy Orton hears voices and he is a 9-time champion” It is good to have someone on the announce table who actually knws what he is talking about.

8:54 Well I was wrong wasn’t I, this has been a great match. The WWE seriously need to give Bryan a bonus check. Once again he is pulling a magnificent match out of Ryback and actually making him look good.

8:58 Damn, why the fuck did they have to wreck a great match by bringing a table into it, damn damn damn.

9:00 Seriously Cena and Ryback just seem like idiots standing there frozen while they wait for Curtis Axel to enter.

9:01 Talking about Curtis Axel, I would be fine with his new name change (his old one always made me think of Beulah McGillucuty) if it wasn’t for the last part. Axel just doesn’t seem to fit well as a last name with me.

9:05 The more I watch Curtis wrestle now he is back on Raw I realise how much he has improved in his wrestling ability since his days wrestling in season two of NXT. Seriously now that him and Bray are back on the main roster it is finally time for that season to shine, well at least them, I don’t see Alex Riley making a comeback soon.

9:10 As I hear Heyman barking orders at Axel I have to think what will happen to him once Heyman leaves him, hopefully he will be made a big enough star as I fear he would flounder without him if he was to leave him before then.

9:14 As Ryback puts Cena through a table it reminds me just how much bad luck Cena has at Tables Matches. I am calling it now, that is the fall Ryback wins to send it to the Ambulance Match.

9:15 And there is your count-out victory, I thought this match was going to end differently Vince.

Well that brings Raw for this week to an end. For the second week in a row I have to say that I felt really good with that episode and have to give it a thumbs up. They seem to have realised that they were having some hard shows to watch there for a while and have started to fix the problems they were having. Hopefully they can keep it going in the near future, we will just have to wait and see for now.

Match of the Night: Daniel Bryan v Ryback

Superstar of the Night: Daniel Bryan

Moment of the Night: Steph appearing on my TV

Thanx for reading

Wayne Little

E-Mail: zzzorf@yahoo.com

Facebook: Add me as a friend here

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