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Posted in: Wayne's World
Wayne's World: Fixing the WWE PPV Schedule
By zzzorf
Oct 30, 2012 - 9:25:08 AM

Welcome back one and all the column that knows firsthand that dealing with in-laws can be a stressful experience, my name is Wayne and you are now entering my world. As most of you did on the weekend I watched the Hell in a Cell PPV and I would have to say that I have mixed emotions about what I saw. What I mean is that even though I can’t complain about the outcomes of the matches and even the quality of them I still find myself disappointed when thinking about the PPV. My major problem was that in the second hour I got bored. The first few matches had me pumped ready for a good PPV. Orton v Del Rio, Team Hell NO v The Rhodes Scholars and Kingston v Miz were all quality matches that had my wrestling juices flowing but then the PPV stagnated and the next hour and a half before the main event just dragged on. In conversations on both Twitter and Facebook I stated that the WWE made the mistake of putting all the quality matches on first to get us interested on what could have been classed as a week PPV on paper. They would have been better off spreading those three matches throughout the card, intertwining with the others so to better keep everyone interested.

However my problem with the PPV does not just come down to the order of matches but to the PPV itself. In a Twitter conversation I had with fellow Lords of Pain columnist Hustle we both pointed out that the Hell in a Cell PPV concept is little more than a joke. A Hell in a Cell match should not be forced onto a feud just because of the month of the year it is, it should have a natural progression leading up to it and put as a feud ender if it is warranted. The cell matches that have appeared during the PPV are eclipsed by nearly every cell match that happened prior to it receiving its own three hour time slot.

Hell in a Cell is not the only PPV however that I have issues with as there are a couple more that I would like to see abolished. So after watching yet another lacklustre Hell in a Cell PPV I got to thinking about what I would do to change the current PPV system. I decided which PPV’s needed to stay and which needed to be replaced. After careful deliberation I know present to you what I think should be the 12 PPV’s that the WWE give to us next year.

January – Royal Rumble: This is my favourite PPV of the year and there is absolutely no way I would ever get rid of it. This is easily one of the trademark PPV’s of the year for the WWE and is a perfect way to get the multiple angles started for the road to Wrestlemania. As to the concept I would keep it to the traditional 30-man Rumble that we have become accustomed too. When they tried the 40-man version I found that it lost a bit of its credibility, there was no way you could believe that one of the early numbers could come out and actually win it. As to the surprise entrants I would either limit them or make sure that they have more relevance. Seeing all three commentators enter this year was stupid whereas the year before having Booker and Nash turn up made a lot more sense. With the Championship matches I would keep the tradition of throwing up someone to test the waters in a main event since the Rumble is what sells the PPV.

February – Elimination Chamber: I debated scrapping this or moving it to somewhere else in the year but its placing here just makes perfect sense. With Wrestlemania the next PPV down the line a lot of storylines are in place they need to be furthered and others need to still be started or finished. By having a basic PPV here it would limit the amount of storylines that could be done. By having a six man match at the beginning and end of the PPV with a few matches in between it allows for maximum exposure. I don’t care if these matches are for the title or for the number one contendership it doesn’t really matter as long as it gets its job done. What job is that you may ask, well putting up a good show to cover up the fact that February is the easiest month to pick the winners due to the storylines for Wrestlemania.

March – Wrestlemania: Yes I put this as March even though we all know it is normally not until the first week of April but technically it is the March PPV so this is where it goes. What would I do to change Wrestlemania? Pretty much nothing. I would keep it at the same amount of time, I would book about as many matches as normally happens, I would still bring back the plethora of stars we are used to expecting and I would still have it emanate from a stadium and not an arena like the rest of the PPV’s. The one thing I would do though was reinsert the Money in the Bank match here as I am going to drop the PPV with the winner getting to choose who he cashed it in on, not just World Champs but any title he chooses. This will allow for the multiple participant match they are fond of chucking up so that more people can get a pay check and by having them able to go for any title will allow them to stop the cheap World Title wins we have become accustomed too.

April – Extreme Rules: Ok so far it looks like I am not changing anything but that’s because I am pretty happy with the way the beginning of the year looks. Traditionally after Wrestlemania we saw Backlash; the reason it was called that was because the matches were traditionally caused by something that happened at Wrestlemania. When they changed it I think they put in its place a perfect alternative. As most of the matches are the blow of matches to feuds putting a stipulation to them is just common sense. While the rules of the PPV are every match must have a stipulation there is no rule that says they are restricted to a particular one like the Hell in a Cell and TLC PPV’s do. The matches can be as extreme or as placid as needed to fit the match. Also in the limited time between Mania and this PPV it allows easy booking yet still has something to pull in the buyers.

May – In Your House: Now one thing the WWE likes is reminding us of their past, this is there perfect chance to do that. For all of you who starting watching in the 00’s and may not be aware In Your House was the name of 28 different PPV’s between 1995 and 1999. They all had different taglines such as In Your House: Mind Games or St Valentine’s Day Massacre: In Your House. May is one of the WWE’s weakest months of the year for PPV’s so I thought why not spice it up a little. In tying in with using the In Your House name I would have old stars return for things like matches, special ref spots or just skits in the back. Basically it would be like one of the Legends Raw shows we have become accustomed too but on a bigger scale and better quality.

June – King of the Ring: Out of all the PPV’s that have been cut from the WWE schedule The King of the Ring is the one that is most complained about and asked to be reinstated and honestly I can’t see why they couldn’t. Having a tournament where a group of wrestlers have to compete in multiple matches on the one night to gain something that has meaning is easy booking that writes itself and garners respect for the participants. While the crown itself is a worthwhile trophy I would go a similar route to the past and offer a guaranteed World Title shot to sweeten the deal. However I would not make them wait till Summerslam, no I would give them the shot at the next PPV, the one aptly named Night of Champions.

July – Night of Champions: Yes this PPV was in September this year but I would move it forward to July to fit in with the King of the Ring. The basic premise I would keep the same as in all titles have to be defended but there is the added bonus of the King of the Ring winner getting there shot at the title. A sense of the challenger earning his match the month before by beating off all the other challengers writes itself. Plus you add to it that it is Champ v King and the intrigue keeps coming. Now I can hear you all grumbling that by having this PPV before Summerslam that the tradition of not properly booking the summer tradition would continue, well I believe this would cause the opposite effect. By having the champions busy here it will allow all the non-title stories develop for two months with a massive blow-off set in August. As to the titles that will be defended at Summerslam it would be easy to write in a new challenger in that time.

August – Summerslam: Now as you would have guessed from my last part was that Summerslam was to remain and like the Rumble and Wrestlemania I would not have even thought about getting rid of it. What I would get rid of though is having it in the same arena year in and year out. I feel by having it in LA every year it has become very cheesy. The WWE try to Hollywood it up every year and honestly I think they fail miserably. By moving out of that area they won’t focus on that part as much so then the celebrities they include may have a little bit more meaning too them.

September – Lockdown: Now before you say Lockdown is a TNA PPV I have only put the name there to indicate what sort of PPV I mean which is of course an all cage match PPV. Like with Extreme Rules earlier in the year this would be a perfect blow off PPV. The writers are always burned out after the big events and this will allow them some more easy storytelling. While every match is a cage match different stipulations can still be included to allow for some change and this could also allow for some sort of War Games to make its way into the WWE.

October – Cyber Sunday: This PPV was one of my most favourite concept PPV’s of all time and I would love to see it back. For those of you who are unaware of what this PPV entails I have always thought of it in terms of the old Choose Your Own Adventure Books. All the matches, whether it be the opponents or the stipulation, were chosen by the WWE Universe leading up to the PPV and announced live. Of course though there would have to be some changes as it got pretty silly near the end of its old run. My major problem was that the choices they presented made you feel as if it was really not a choice at all as there would always be an outright favourite. The best choices are always the ones that could in reality go anyway as then we are waiting on the edge of our seats to see the outcomes. Parts I would make happen again were where the two participants not selected for the World Title match would go for the Tag Team Titles together and where all the wrestlers not competing or a choice in a match were then eligible to be voted for to go for the Intercontinental Championship.

November – Survivor Series: While most people think this PPV should be removed I still quite enjoy the concept if it is booked right. Unlike the early years where every match on the card was an elimination style match it would just not work anymore due to the current fan base. One or two like has been happening would be good but they need to have something more behind them than just five guys thrown together on a team. The best Survivor Series PPV’s have had some reasoning for them to be competing against each other like their captain will be the sole GM (2003) or each competing member would be GM for a week (2004), hell if the brand split was enforced this could be even held as a Bragging Rights match. Talking about Bragging Rights I would make sure one of the biggest booking stuff ups would not happen again like it did back in 2010 where in the months leading up to Survivor Series they had a 7on7 elimination match with the WWE v Nexus at Summerslam and the Bragging Rights PPV the month before, no wonder the buy rates were so low, everyone was sick of those types of matches by then.

December – Starrcade: Honestly it would be up to the WWE if they wanted to use the Starrcade name or not as they have the rights to it, it depends if they want to catch the flak from people if it does not live up to the expectations. My idea here would be to do exactly what Starrcade was meant for, to be one of the biggest PPV’s of the year. It would fit into a cycle with Wrestlemania and Summerslam so that we would have three major storylines as the year goes by. That is a Road to Wrestlemania, the Road to Summerslam and the Road to Starrcade. Just like the other two the biggest matches occur here, and so do the big names.

So everyone what do you think of the way I wish to see the WWE PPV schedule look? What would you do different? Would you have not cut the PPV’s I cut but maybe something else? Would you have included the PPV’s I did or would you have brought back something like Breaking Point or even December to Dismember? Maybe you may have some idea for a new PPV you would like to share. I would love to hear from you all so please feel free to leave feedback below or on any of the links I leave for you. I will see you all next time,

Thanx for reading,

Wayne Little.

E-Mail: zzzorf@yahoo.com

Facebook: Add me as a friend here

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