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Posted in: Wayne's World
Wayne's World: Dave "Brass Body" Bautista
By zzzorf
Oct 9, 2012 - 7:05:29 AM

Welcome one and all to the newest column series to grace the hallowed pages of Lords of Pain, my name is Wayne and you are now entering my world. Since this is my first ever foray onto the main page let me tell you a little bit about myself before we get underway. I am a 29 year old father of five from that little country Down Under everyone calls Australia. I have been watching wrestling for nearly 20 years and have been writing about it for the last 16 months. As to what to expect from me in my columns, well my new friends you are in for a treat. I write my columns under two separate titles which are both unique of each other. The first entitled Wayne’s World, as this one is, are your everyday run of the mill columns. They could be anything from the latest happenings in the world of wrestling to a personal column coming straight from my heart to a review of a match to my own personal rankings on a certain subject, you just never know what you are going to get. The other is a more specialised column entitled The King of Stats. In these columns I let the stats do the talking with me just adding in some words. You could get a stat based ranking or my very own patented “pre-PPV Analysis” of the upcoming PPV but one thing is for sure, the general consensus is that when I don my crown I produce my best work. Top these off with the various colab efforts I am apart of including The New Blood and Me and My Mates, and you will be on one hell of a ride. That’s enough about me though let’s get onto the column shall we.

The other day I was unfortunate enough to watch Batista’s first ever MMA fight against Vince Lucero for the CES promotion. To say that it was a good fight would be to say that Ric Flair has never been World Champion, an outright and blatant lie. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet Batista was able to win by TKO due to punches at 4:05 in the first round but that is not the story of the match, it was more about how ugly the match looked. Batista looked all too un-comfy in the ring. While you can put it down to the fact that it was his first time in a professional fight and that he is actually 43 years of age, you have to question is this really the career for him. His name power can only get him so far, he actually needs to show that he is able to play the sport correctly for people to want to see him again in the future. While there was mostly cheers for Batista at the beginning of the fight at the end it was practically all boos. I can’t believe anyone was happy with the way that fight went down and by the look of Batista in the post-match interview you know he knew it too.

But not all the blame can be put on Batista; some of it needs to be put on the promoters as well. In a column I did back at the end of July, not long after Batista announced this fight had been signed, I stated that I smelled a rat. At the time Batista’s opponent was meant to be a guy by the name of Rashid Evans, no not the UFC fighter, that’s Rashad Evans, no this guy’s name was so similar that you could tell they were banking on all the accidental web hits and misreads to create a major buzz around the fight. Add to this the fact that Evans, a fighter who also had had no professional fights, was in every way smaller than Batista and you could see the set-up coming a mile away. Granted this is not the guy that ended up fighting him but you knew something was really fishy with the whole thing.

No the guy that ended up fighting him was a veteran of 45 professional fights, of which he has only won half, who was so out of shape that he made me feel good about myself and I’m 5’7” and weigh 249lbs, none of which is muscle tone. As soon as I saw him coming out to the ring my thoughts of a set-up were once again brought up and as the match progressed nothing that happened swayed me to change my mind. Then to top it all off when Batista finally started to look dominate Lucero just gave up and let him punch into him thus making the ref stop the fight thus giving us a cheap victory and proving me correct.

I watch wrestling and I know what it means to make your biggest draw look like a star by feeding him someone you know he will eat alive but this is the world of MMA we are talking about and this is not how it works. This match was so blatantly skewed to Batista’s favour that at the end of the day it actually affected his credibility instead of enhancing it. As I stated before, the crowd ended up booing him, and I don’t mean the sought that Brock got in the UFC for being controversial, I mean more like a Jinder Mahal promo boo. You would have to believe that this was not the goal that the promoters were looking for when feeding Batista this easy win and are now trying to work out how to turn this back around so that they can make the big money again next time he fights.

Batista now needs to make a decision. He has tried his hand at the fighting thing and while he did get the win even he has to admit it was not pretty. At 43 years of age he has to realise that his body just doesn’t want to do what he wants it to do anymore. He has spent his career building up this big bad ass image that he has and if he continues down this path he is in jeopardy of actually becoming a laughing stock instead. He needs to be careful for all it will take is some young upstart to put him flat on his back and the majority of his credibility could disappear. Also unless he tidies up his style people will stop wanting to watch him as no one wants to put their eyes through that much pain on a regular basis.

Retiring from active competition though does not seem to be the case as Batista himself has said he wants to have another fight. While I don’t think this is the right decision for him to make I do accept that it is his decision and I will support him as a fan in whatever he chooses to do. If he does choose to continue his fighting career though he needs to think careful about whom his next opponent is going to be. He has three distinct possibilities all which could make or break his career.

The first is to go the way of Bobby Lashley. That is to keep being fed the easy win for a while to make himself look better than he really is. While this is good in the short term on his win/loss record it runs the risk of being like Lashley who when finally given some decent opposition crumbled and was beaten with ease. I highly doubt this is the road Batista wants to find himself on.

The second would be to go the way of Brock Lesnar. No I don’t mean go for the UFC title, if Dana has any sense he will stay clear of Batista. No I mean just go for the title in whatever minor promotion he is in be it CES or something slightly bigger. All it would take is throwing his name around to make the bucks’ start flying in and the promoters will be all the richer for it. This option though could have Batista crumbling to failure a lot earlier than the first one if he fails to win.

The third and last option however is the one that I would go with. If Batista is really serious about the fight game than I would recommend for him to challenge himself a little bit more than was apparent in his first fight. He needs to take on increasingly better fighters until he reaches the point where he just cannot hang with that level of opponent. If this leads him to a title fight then so be it, he just needs not to go at it like a bull at a gate but work up to it at a steady pace. One thing is certain though if he does not retire and continues to fight on he better first go back to his camp and work on his skills for from what I saw the other day he will be on the losing side of the equation sooner rather than later.

Thanx for reading,

Wayne Little.

E-Mail: zzzorf@yahoo.com
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