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Posted in: Wayne's World
The King of Stats presents the 2013 WWE Superstar of the Year - #1 Daniel Bryan
By zzzorf
Feb 3, 2014 - 11:35:24 AM

banner courtesy of TeamFarrell

1-5. #30 Titus O'Neil, #29 Darren Young, #28 Kaitlyn, #27 Fandango, #26 Natalya
6-10. #25 AJ Lee, #24 Wade Barrett, #23 Big E Langston, #22 Kane, #21 Sheamus
11-15. #20 The Miz, #19 John Cena, #18 Jimmy Uso, #17 Jey Uso, #16 The Big Show
16-20. #15 CM Punk, #14 Curtis Axel, #13 Kofi Kingston, #12 Jack Swagger, #11 Damien Sandow
21-25. #10 Ryback, #9 Dolph Ziggler, #8 Cody Rhodes, #7 Antonio Cesaro, #6 Roman Reigns
26. #5 Alberto Del Rio
27. #4 Seth Rollins
28. #3 Dean Ambrose
29. #2 Randy Orton
30. #1 Daniel Bryan

5. Alberto Del Rio
283 points

The Stats

Minor Shows: 5-1-0
Raw: 24-12-2
Smackdown: 19-5-2
PPV: 8-3-0
Title Matches: 12
Raw/SD Main Events: 12
PPV Main Events: 0
2012: 7th (248pts)

Year in Review

First off sorry for missing yesterday as I got a little busy and things got on top of me so I couldn't write this part. I am now back though and I will finish the last 5 entries over the next 5 days. So today we break into the top 5 and we start off with the one and only Alberto Del Rio.

2013 started off the best possible way for Del Rio when he won the World Heavyweight Title from the Big Show in his first match of the year on the January 11 edition of Smackdown. This match would be his first win in what would be a 16-match winning streak where he would manage to have singles victories over The big Show x3, Tensai, Dolph Ziggler x4, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow x2, Wade Barrett x2 and Antonio Cesaro before losing to The Big Show by count out on the March 13 edition of Main Event (his only minor show loss of the year).

After successfully beating Jack Swagger at Wrestlemania to retain his title the next night on Raw he faced and beat Swagger and Zeb Coulter in a handicap match. Immediately following that match Dolph Ziggler cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and was victorious in beating Del Rio for the title. This would mark the first time Ziggler had beaten Del Rio in 2013 after 4 previous matches and would be the only time in the year he would even though they had 11 singles matches and 3 tag matches against each other.

Del Rio would win back his title at Payback and would hold it for the next few months defending it against Ziggler and Christian and twice against Rob Van Dam. It would be at Hell in a Cell that he would finally lose the the belt to the returning John Cena. After failing to win the belt back in his rematch at Survivor Series Del Rio would move away from the title scene with his cumulative time for holding the belt being 8 months, the longest of any major title holder in 2013.

The Future

. You would have to assume that Del Rio is done with the main event scene for now due to how stacked it is. While he may come back to it in the future I think it is safe to say 2014 he will not be involved in it. What this means is Del Rio will now find himself mostly in the mid card fighting with the talent who are trying to make a name for themselves. I predict Del Rio will have some really big losses this year to help elevate some wrestlers who will be looking at moving up the card.

30 Day Challenge

Day 26: Anthony Nese

Today I am going to present to you my favourite Indy wrestler and the guy who I think the WWE should sign before anybody else. Some of you may recognise Anthony Nese from some appearances he had in TNA but that is only a glimpse at what he is able to do. Very often Nese is involved in the Match of the night candidates and no matter which organisation I watch he seems to be there stealing the show. His biggest achievement in 2013 was winning FWE's Open Weight Grand Prix which involved John Morrison, Tommy Dreamer, Carlito, Matt Morgan, Colt Cabana and Petey Williams just to name a few.

The match here is from the PWS show Saved by the Ring Bell which took place on 14th of September 2012 and sees Nese facing Matt Hardy.

4. Seth Rollins
285 points

The Stats

Minor Shows: 9-1-0
Raw: 19-11-2
Smackdown: 11-16-2
PPV: 5-3-0
Title Matches: 8
Raw/SD Main Events: 23
PPV Main Events: 0
2012: 60th (37pts)

Year in Review

Coming in at number 4 we have the second member of the Shield to make his appearance. It truly is amazing how well the Shield did in their first full year of being in the WWE. To think at the end of 2012 they had only had 1 match on the main WWE roster, yet here one year later the whole three of them have made the top 6 on this countdown.

2013 started off strong for The Shield as they managed to beat some of the biggest names in the company including John Cena, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, The Big Show, Kane and The Undertaker just to name a few. These wins against the biggest names in the business led to the stable going after WWE gold.

Rollins would of course become a tag team with Reigns and they would beat Team Hell No at Extreme Rules to win the Tag Titles. They would defend those titles over the next few months against the teams of Team Hell No, Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton, The Uso's and the Prime time Players before losing the titles to Cody Rhodes and Goldust on the October 14 edition of Raw.

The reason Rollins appears here above his tag partner Reigns is mainly due to the extra amount of singles matches he had during the year. When the WWE needed a member of the team to put on a show it was Rollins they called for. Rollins managed 10 singles matches during the year however only managed to win 3 of them. This does not look promising going forward for him.

The Future

While I might of thought otherwise at the Birth of the Shield it looks like Rollins is going to be the weakest link when the stable finally breaks up. Reigns and Ambrose are going to be the guys who get the big push while Rollins watches on from the mid card. Despite that however I still think he will find some success maybe winning some more gold here or there in the future.

30 Day Challenge

Day 27: Su Yung

Todays lady is actually tied into yesterday's choice as part of the Premier Athletes Band. In DGUSA and EVOLVE Nese started to form a group and after Mr A was revealed as his body guard it was eventually revealed as Yung who was going to be the next member. This was a win/win for me for as I said yesterday Nese is my favourite Indy wrestler and Yung is one of my favourite girls in SHINE. Many of you may remember Yung from her WWE developmental days in FWE where she competed as Sonia. The main thing that impresses me about her is her more technical side, something you don't see in many women wrestlers.

The match here is taken from MECW and sees Yung facing Tracy Taylor.

3. Dean Ambrose
288 points

The Stats

Minor Shows: 7-3-0
Raw: 18-14-1
Smackdown: 9-15-5
PPV: 6-3-0
Title Matches: 12
Raw/SD Main Events: 21
PPV Main Events: 0
2012: DNP

Year in Review

Coming in at number 3 we have the final member of the Shield, Dean Ambrose. More importantly though we have the person who has improved his position on the countdown the most from last years. In 2012 Ambrose only managed 1 TV match which saw him not even getting enough points to crack the top 100 (I found a comment I made in the old column that said he got 117th) yet here he is as the number 3 Superstar in the WWE in 2013.

Ambrose's year started practically the same as the other members of the Shields did, except for the fact that just after Wrestlemania he was the first member to venture in to singles action losing to The Undertaker and then beating Kane and Daniel Bryan. When they threw their hands into the title chase these singles matches saw Ambrose face and beat Kofi Kingston for the US Title at Extreme Rules when the others challenged for the Tag Titles. Ambrose was able to hold the title for the rest of the year (and he still holds it now) giving him a reign lasting 7 months (now 8).

Ambrose is lucky to still hold the title though, or should I say that he has been extremely clever in holding the title. Since winning the title Ambrose has defended his title 11 times yet has only managed to win 4 of them (Kofi Kingston, Kane & Dolph Ziggler x2), 1 of which was only a count out victory (Kane). All of the other matches were in fact losses for Ambrose but the title never changed hands as the losses were either by DQ (Kofi Kingston, Kane, Adrian Neville, Rob Van Dam, Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston) or count out (Big E Langston). So yeah I think luck or cleverness is the only reason he still holds the title.

The US title though is the major reason why Ambrose beat out his stable mates in this countdown. Even though he had the most matches of all 3 members (81) he did not have the best win record of the 3 thus hurting him a little. He got the extra boost from the amount of times he defended the title even if he did not win the match. However in saying that he has not defended his title since the October 28 Raw thus asking the question again where is the 30 day rule gone?

The Future

Reigns is the one destined for the big push coming from the stables break up but I would prefer to see Ambrose end up with it on personal preference, I just see him as the more all round star. However it is not my call so what I do hope that happens then is he gets to be involved in some feuds that get some good TV time. I would really like to see what he could do against some people in a more 1on1 scenario without Rollins and Reigns involved (well unless they are the opponent on the other side).

30 Day Challenge

Day 28: Wes Draven

Today's wrestler I found watching FWE and is one of their great up and coming stars Wes Draven. With all the names that appear on that roster you know that this young guy is learning from some of the best and he will be a star of the future. The match here is from the FWE show The big aka oohs which took place in 2012 and is against Damien Darling.

2. Randy Orton
385 points

The Stats

Minor Shows: 4-0-1
Raw: 27-11-5
PPV: 6-5-1
Title Matches: 8
Raw/SD Main Events: 27
PPV Main Events: 7
2012: 11th (216 pts)

Year in Review

This years runner-up in the WWE Superstar of the Year countdown is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. At the beginning of the year no one could have really believed by the end of the year Orton would be the only world champion in the company unifying the titles at the last PPV of the year. No everyone was more waiting for when his next wellness strike would come thus costing him his job. However Orton has got his life back on track and is currently the proclaimed face of the company.

At the beginning of the year Orton was not much better then the rest of the roster, bar that his name and the past that went with it saw him in the more high profile matches and feuds. There was nothing really spectacular about him then, he won some, he lost some, it was just turn up, do his job, get paid and then do it all again in a couple of days. That was until Money in the Bank rolled around in July though.

Normally winning the briefcase means that you are about to go on a massive losing streak or at least have a win percentage of close to 10%. Things were different for Orton though which should have been an indication of what was to come. In the 7 matches between Money in the Bank and the next PPV Summerslam he only lost 1 of them, which was a Triple Threat match. Then he cashed in at Summerslam and the rest of the year has been a major turn around from the first 6 months.

The end of the year saw Orton proving himself as the hand picked face of the company beating whoever was put in front of him, only losing to Daniel Bryan x2, The Miz & Rob Van Dam in singles competition, and only 1 of those matches against Bryan being by pinfall. At the last PPV the year ended on a high note when he would beat John Cena at TLC to unify the titles and make himself the first ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The Future

Well for what we know at the moment is that Orton has Batista in his future, well if he doesn't lose the title at Elimination Chamber first. I really feel like Orton will come out the other end of April still with the belt in his grip however it won't be for much longer than that. I am not sure who he will lose it to at the moment but I doubt it will be to Bryan like we all want, I think there will be 1 more chink in the chain before we get to that. After that I guess it will be back to the norm for Orton, being at the top of the card but just not quite there.

30 Day Challenge

Day 29: Shane Strickland

Today's wrestler is another of the young breed from DGUSA & EVOLVE. Shane Strickland is everything you would expect a young and hungry wrestler, he has the athleticism and talent to make a name for himself but the room for improvement to make himself a star. The match I have for you here is against David Starr and took place in ECPW.

1. Daniel Bryan
399 points

The Stats

Minor Shows: 2-2-0
Raw: 31-15-5
Smackdown: 25-5-2
PPV: 5-7-1
Title Matches: 10
Raw/SD Main Events: 29
PPV Main Events: 5
2012: 2nd (346pts)

Year in Review

After getting 2nd place last year there wasn't much room for Daniel Bryan to improve but he managed to do it and grab the 1st place position this year. While I was hoping this would be the case as I was tallying up the scores I really did not expect it to be so. However in the end he did manage the first place finish and quite honestly I believe he deserves it. However don't just take my word for it, let's take a look at the stats and see why he got this high.

Well first thing first it is the amount of TV matches Bryan had in 2013 that gets him the top spot. 100 matches is no mean feat in one calendar year and the only person to have more was Antonio Cesaro at 108. However unlike Cesaro, Bryan did get a little boost in his match score by on more than one occasion having to wrestle multiple matches in one night. When you combine the amount of matches with a win % of 63% (one of the best in the entire company) you start to see the score rack up pretty quickly.

However this alone would have not seen him get the top spot but he needed to get some extra boost from elsewhere as well, the first of which being title matches. Bryan of course started the year as one half of the Tag Team champions Team Hell No with Kane and would have successful title defences against The Rhodes Scholars and Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston before losing to The Shield at Extreme Rules. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at winning back the titles Bryan would set his sites higher and would beat John Cena for the WWE Title before losing it straight to Randy Orton when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. He would then rack up another three shots at the title, winning it back before being stripped of the title and losing it to Orton for good.

The other boost Bryan got was being able to main event 5 straight PPVs in 2013. This feat was only bettered by Orton who main evented 7 PPVs. All these different factors and the fact he main evented more Raw and Smackdown shows than anybody else saw him top the list and be named the 2013 WWE Superstar of the Year.

The Future

Well I could sit here and get all on my high horse and demand Bryan be situated into the main event at Wrestlemania but it would not do any good. While I do believe he will see main event status this year I don't think it will be to at least May/June. I think at that time or just later he will finally get the title again and have a small run (but bigger than his ones in 2013) with the belt before once again passing it to someone else.

30 Day Challenge

Day 30: FWE's Roster

While this might be seen as a cop out for the last entrant I didn't want to have to sit here and say why a John Morrison, Carlito, Tommy Dreamer, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Jimmy Yang or Petey Williams would be good in the WWE cause quite honestly we already know. These are just some of the guys who wrestle for FWE on a regular basis. Others I have already talked about including The Young Bucks, Los Ben Dejos, Jigsaw, Tony Nese, Jorge Santi and Ivelisse also are regulars for this company. In fact the roster depth for this organisation is quite strong and many of them would easily fit into the WWE roster in a heartbeat.

The match I have for you here is in fact a Royal Rumble which took place last year and was their second annual which appears on their PPVWelcome To The Rumble 2

Well guys there you go. We have finally made it to the end of the countdown, albeit about 3 days late but we at least made it. Congratulations go to Daniel Bryan for joining Sheamus as the winner of the WWE Superstar of the Year award it was a well deserved win. It has been an interesting ride this month with a bit of controversy happening in the middle parts which took away a little of my love for doing this but it was to be suspected. I want to thank those of you who understood what I was going for with this countdown and stood up for me even though the majority were against us. For those of you who didn't quite grasp the concept I apologise to you once again that I did not explain things clearly enough of what I was going for. I understand this series cost me a lot of readers in the end so for all those reading this, especially those of you who are unhappy with how things went down, thank you for still sticking with me.

Now for next year I will like to bring this series back again, maybe with some tweaks, maybe without. That is if I am still here on the MP that is. I will let you all in on a secret that I am contemplating stepping down from my spot here in favour of someone else. The fallout to this series is not to blame for this choice but is a small contributing factor. For many of you who have read my columns for a while now know that I suffer from depression (there is a past column I wrote on this subject for reference if you want to go back and check it out, or if enough ask I will repost it) and for the last few months things have happened which have seen it flare up and leaving me in a not to great state mentally. This has affected my writing and you are the guys paying for that as my quality just hasn't been there. I am not going to make this decision lightly though as I love writing for you guys and if I leave I doubt I will ever be able to get my way back up here again. I have a Dream Matches series which should drop in the coming weeks and I want to see how I go which some non stat related columns, something I have been struggling with for quite some time, before I make my final decision.

So once again thank you to all who have continued to read this series and I hoped you have enjoyed the look back at 2013. Below you will find the complete top 100 Superstars of 2013 out of the 155 who had a match on TV according to my stats, controversy and all. I will hopefully see you all again in the coming days when my next column lands, quite hopefully the grand finale of Tsar of Steel which is almost completed, but until then remember, and I mean this more than ever, THE STATS NEVER LIE.

1 Daniel Bryan 399
2 Randy Orton 385
3 Dean Ambrose 288
4 Seth Rollins 285
5 Alberto Del Rio 283
6 Roman Reigns 273
7 Antonio Cesaro 264
8 Cody Rhodes 250
9 Dolph Ziggler 234
10 Ryback 218
11 Damien Sandow 217
12 Jack Swagger 216
13 Kofi Kingston 199
14 Curtis Axel 195
15 CM Punk 195
16 The Big Show 191
17 Jey Uso 188
18 Jimmy Uso 187
19 John. Cena 182
20 The Miz 181
21 Sheamus 179
22 Kane 179
23 Big E Langston 173
24 Wade Barrett 163
25 AJ Lee 152
26 Natalya 145
27 Fandango 144
28 Kaitlyn 134
29 Darren Young 131
30 Titus O'Neill 129
31 Mark Henry 128
32 Chris Jericho 124
33 R-Truth 122
34 Luke Harper 120
35 Heath Slater 118
36 Brodus Clay 117
37 Brie Bella 115
38 Goldust 114
39 Tensai 112
40 Erick Rowan 108
41 Drew McIntyre 104
42 The Great Khali 101
43 Naomi 101
44 Rob Van Dam 94
45 Tamina Snuka 89
46 Zack Ryder 85
47 Jinder Mahal 82
48 Christian 77
49 Justin Gabriel 76
50 Diego 71
51 Nikki Bella 70
52 Santino Marella 69
53 Cameron 67
54 Adrian Neville 65
55 Fernando 66
56 Aksana 62
57 Bo Dallas 60
58 Bray Wyatt 59
59 Alicia Fox 53
60 Layla 51
61 Summer Rae 48
62 Sin Cara 47
63 Konnor 47
64 Corey Graves 38
65 Paige 38
66 Xavier Woods 36
67 Rey Mysterio 36
68 Leo Kruger 33
69 Sami Zayn 30
70 The Rock 29
71 Vicktor 28
72 Hunico 25
73 Ricardo Rodriguez 23
74 Kassius Ohno 23
75 Sasha Banks 23
77 Emma 23
77 Alexander Rusev 23
78 Rosa Mendez 21
79 Triple H 20
80 Mason Ryan 20
81 Eva Marie 20
82 Aiden English 18
83 Tyler Breeze 17
84 Scott Dawson 16
85 Tyson Kidd 16
86 Brock Lesanr 15
87 Yoshi Tatsu 15
88 Camacho 15
89 Bayley 15
90 CJ Parker 13
91 Zeb Coulter 12
92 The Undertaker 11
93 Colin Cassidy 11
94 Paul Heyman 10
95 JoJo 10
96 Curt Hawkins 10
97 Enzo Amore 10
98 William Regal 10
99 Charlotte 9
100 Eve Torres 8


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