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Posted in: Wayne's World
Me and My Mates: Dream Matches 4
By zzzorf
Feb 25, 2013 - 5:35:00 PM

Day 1. John Cena v The Ultimate Warrior
Day 2. Bobby Roode v Triple H
Day 3. Ted DiBiase Sr v CM Punk
Day 4. Kurt Angle v Jack Swagger
Day 5. Daniel Bryan v Brock Lesnar
Day 6. Edge v Bret Hart
Day 7. Daniel Bryan v Eddie Guerrero

G’day one and all and welcome to the fourth ever edition of Me and My Mates. That’s right, the greatest mass columnist series to have ever hit the Columns Forum is now making it’s debut on the main page of Lords of Pain.

For all of you who have never seen this series before let me explain to you how it works. I have gone out and collected 6 of my “mates”, 6 columnists who have earned my respect throughout my time in Lords of Pain. All these columnists are kept ignorant of each other so that their replies could not be contaminated by knowing who else is involved. Each writer had to give to me a wrestling dream match, something that they wished to have seen but through circumstances such as time or location the match has never gone down. They then had to write a couple of paragraphs on the match and who they think would actually win the match in question. All columnists were then given the other six matches and had to do the same thing for them. Every day for the next week I will post one of the matches and all of the replies for that particular match so remember to keep checking back in each day for the next match.

Joining me, ZZZORF, this time around I have assembled a great crew of writers for your reading benefit. The first is one of only 11 contestants left in the the nXt tournament I am running in the CF out of the 39 original entrants, introducing to you all MAVERICK. Next we have a three time Columnist of the Month winner CHRISBEAR. Third we have a guy that you all should know pretty well, LOP’s resident TNA columnist THECROW. Coming in next is the writer who won the Newcomer of the Year in the CF for 2012 SIDGWICK. The writer coming in next is a newbie to the column writing game only debuting last month in the nXt qualifying round, having made it into the top 20 he made it into round 1 but was eliminated there however he did enough to impress me and invite him to take part here, let me introduce to you all WRESTLEHOLIC. Last but no least we have another columnist you all should be familiar with, he has been called the face of Lords of Pain, he is HUSTLE.

So now that the introductions are out of the way it is time to move onto todays match-up. Now what sort of host to this shindig would I be if I did not lead the way, so here is the match-up as chosen by me ZZZORF.

John Cena
The Ultimate Warrior

zzzorf: This being my fourth edition of this series, this is of course my fourth dream match that I have had to put forward. My first two could only be considered technical masterpieces as I had put forward Daniel Bryan v Chris Benoit in the first series and Bret Hart v Kurt Angle in the second. These answered to my hunger for a great match of ring wizards, people who are able to thwart each others every move in a show of technical brilliance. My third match, Cactus Jack v John Cena, would not be considered much as a singles match but that series had to have a stipulation so I made it an I Quit Match. By doing that I had a match that pitted two guys against each other who can take vicious amounts of punishment but would never quit and then would do whatever it takes to get the victory for themeselves. The pure brutality that the match would have put forward had my more unsavoury hungers quenched.

Why then with these three masterpieces as my previous choices would I then go and choose a singles match between John Cena and The Ultimate Warrior? Two guys who upon looking at it on paper, would be one of the less technical battles of all time between two guys who in reality are more show than ability (and this is coming from a guy who has Cena in his top 5 wrestlers of all time).

It is that show that makes me choose this match up. I want you to close your eyes and forget everything you know about the inner workings of wrestling. Forget all your insider knowledge. Forget everything you know about what makes a great technical match, hell what makes a good match at all. If it helps forget you are an adult and go back to the days of being a kid.

Now you have forgotten all that picture The Warrior, the colourful ribbons and insane promos. Remember his energy he brought forth and the adrenalin that was pumping through your veins as you heard his music hit. Now picture Cena, no ribbons but still colourful all the same. Think about everything he stands for - Hustle, Loyalty, Respect. Think about the reaction from the crowd that only he can bring. Now feel the energy in the arena. Can you feel it? Can you feel it coursing through your veins? You can feel yourself standing screaming with the thousands in attendance can’t you?

Fuck the match being a shitty technical bout, that is not what this match would be about. To me it is this atmosphere, the ability to forget being a smark but to once again feel like it was to be a mindless fan and scream when two wrestlers, both who get phenomenal reactions out of the crowd, face off one on one for the first time. This match would go down in history as a classic just for that reason alone.

Oh and by the way, there is absolutely no chance John Cena does not win this won, well at least the way I picture it in my mind anyway.

Maverick: Despite the fact that the man’s an utter loon, I am a huge Ultimate Warrior mark. I first got into wrestling at the point where the Warrior was on top of the WWF pile, and his antics entertain the hell out of me to this day. Just the other day, a friend and I were discussing getting the Ultimate Warrior’s symbol tattooed somewhere on our anatomy. Nostalgia is a huge motivating factor in pro wrestling fandom, and I’ve no doubt that the Warrior would get a massive pop for that reason. Although I’m sort of ambivalent to Cena, I did hugely enjoy his days as the Doctor of Thuganomics. If this match were to take place, I’d want Cena to be the heel and cut a battle rap on the man from parts unknown. That could very well be comedy gold.

As for the match itself, well, it wouldn’t exactly be a battle of two technical wizards, but just as with Warrior’s defining match against Hogan at Wrestlemania 6, I don’t think that would really matter. The atmosphere would be so electric that it would probably add at least one star to the match rating. Who would win? That’s a tough one. You’re basically talking about two of the most protected stars in company history. The only prominent jobs Warrior ever did were to Rick Rude with an assist from Bobby Heenan and to Sergeant Slaughter via the Macho King sceptre, so it’s tough to look beyond him from that point of view. On the other hand, Cena has been in the company a lot longer than Warrior, so his win-loss record is, in a way, even more impressive. On balance, I think that if this match were to happen, WWE would have to give Cena the win as payback for jobbing him out to Rocky last April when he should have been booked to go over.

ChrisBear: This is a mind-fuck.

What would happen if Superman fought The Incredible Hulk? What would happen if Hugh Jackman fought Charlie Sheen on steroids? Mayhem, that’s what. It really is the irresistible force meeting the proverbial immovable cow-shit insane object.

What would happen of course would be like an episode of Jeremy Kyle. Both would be introduced with a warm welcome, maybe a few boo’s because a few people wouldn’t like what either man ‘stood for’. Then when the story unravels there will be loads of shouting, Cena cuts his usual promo about how he’s there for the audience but he respects Warrior. In return Warrior shouts really loud until Jeremy strokes his hair to calm him down. Then they both just run towards each other and in a Tasmanian Devil-esque whirlwind, we see chairs fly, tables fly, audience members fly. Then what’s left is John Cena as a winner, but Warrior had no face-paint left, so you know it was good.

TheCrow: I don't know how much I would actually want to see this happen, mostly because I've never been a huge Warrior fan. The dude's promos were usually entertaining, just because of the craziness they usually contained, but other than that, I don't get a lot of the hype.

That being said, this match-up would promise to be a hard-hitting affair full of examples of superhuman strength. The biggest problem I could see would be Warrior's stamina in the match. It's no secret that he'd be gassed pretty quickly into any match, whereas Cena is capable of going for long periods of time at a top level. Cena would have to control the match, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, and I can only imagine the explosion of the crowd when either of these guys eventually hit their finisher.

As for who I'd see winning, that's an easy pick for me. John Cena takes the win here. His endurance would end up putting him over, and the thought of seeing Cena slam Warrior with the AA for the win is actually very appealing to me.

Sidgwick: This match would be a parody of professional wrestling and would only be vaguely watchable because the crowd would inevitably - and depressingly - furnish it with a terrific atmosphere. Watching these two musclebound goons attempt to lock up and then transition into physical movements vaguely resembling wrestling holds would be an embarrassment, and suspension of disbelief would be impossible even before these two morons even began to attempt to sell each other's offence. The concept and competent execution of selling made pro wrestling what it was up until the 1980's: a thrilling pantomime masquerading as legitimate competition. Without selling and the parameters of kayfabe, nobody would have been hoodwinked and wrestling may not have grown into the beast it is today. If John Cena and the Ultimate Warrior, two "grapplers" who routinely failed and continue to fail to grasp the importance of selling were to lock horns, the end result would be nothing short of a kayfabe-killing abomination.

As for who would win? Cena would win. Cena always wins because his garish merchandise is bought en masse by the tasteless modern US audience. If the WWF had marketed Warrior like WWE does Cena, and produced Warrior masks, Warrior arm and ankle tassels, Warrior strength juice, Warrior body suits, Warrior wigs and Warrior cologne, the odious Republican may have a chance of beating the homophobic bigot. As it happens, Cena is the undisputed king of merchandise and as such would be booked to win this sideshow.

I wouldn't order the PPV this match would headline, but hundreds of thousands of people would. What a depressing thought.

Wrestleholic: I think that what excites me more than an actual match between these two would be the promos leading up to said match. Just try and visualize what a verbal in-ring confrontation between the two men would be like. Imagine Cena asking Warrior what he does with his Sundays and Warrior's inevitably nonsensical response. It could be some of the best/worst segments that wrestling has ever seen.

But my bad jokes aside, I think that this match could be a lot of fun. I say fun and not great, because let's face it, these guys are not in-ring technicians by any stretch of the imagination. The best way to describe this match I think would be "High Energy." And if the stars all aligned, that energy would nullify everything hindering the two and it would be one for the ages. Realistically though, I think it would be another case of Rock/Cena. Everyone would be salivating at the idea of the match, so much so, that expectations would be so high, that the end result would be disappointing to the vast majority of fans.

As far as the outcome is concerned, it is not often that you would see either man go down for the job on a major stage. However, I can see this being sort of a mirror to Wrestlemania 6, where instead of Hogan passing the torch to Warrior, it's Warrior giving it to Cena. You can call it a product of my growing up in the modern era of the WWE, but I just don't see Cena losing this.

Hustle: Even though I'm the biggest supporter of John Cena in all of the IWC, it's not often that I get to say this next line, so know that I'm going to enjoy this..

John Cena would have to put his "working boots" on for that match, because he would have to carry his opponent from bell to bell.

Don't get me wrong.. I was an Ultimate Warrior mark back in the day, but in no way, shape or form would he ever get confused for a good worker. He couldn't even work longer matches most of the time because he had a tendency to be completely blown up after a few minutes, thanks to that high-octane entrance of his. Warrior would sprint down to the ring for his match with Cena, and he'd run all around the ring and across the ring apron. Then, when the bell rings, he'd be gassed, and it would be up to Cena to be the "ring general", in an attempt to help the pacing of the match so that Warrior could find his second (and eventually, his third and forth, etc) wind.

I tried to picture the match in my mind. In fact, I tried to picture it several times. Each time, though, I could only find one outcome. As the better overall worker, and as someone who (in my opinion) has been booked to be more unstoppable, that outcome was clear to me. Sorry, Warrior, but in THIS "destrucity", John Cena will conquer you and your power.

Well, well, well, that match-up pulled some interesting opinions out of everyone didn’t it. One thing we all agreed on though was that there is no way that Warrior could win with Cena posting a 7-0 shut out here. Do you readers think we got it right or do you think The Ultimate Warrior would have run rings around John Cena. Remember come back tomorrow for our next dream match this one from MAVERICK.

Day 2 is now upon us and it is time to look at another dream match, this time as put forward by MAVERICK. The match today is an interesting one for if the stars align correctly this match could very well still happen.

Bobby Roode
Triple H

Maverick: I picked this as my “dream match” because it’s a generational match up that showcases two guys who have been unbelievably successful in changing gears mid-career and becoming their respective company’s top heel. Both guys were career midcarders who grabbed the chance at headline fame with both hands and had dominant runs as world champions. Both guys are fantastic technical wrestlers who can mix it up with some sick brawling, and although their styles are very similar, I don’t think you’d have the problems we sometimes saw in Trips vs. Orton matches in the past, as Roode seems to be a more flexible performer than Orton.

I think that this would be a face Hunter vs. heel Roode match up, since The Game has reached that veteran stage in his career where he’s a default face because of what he’s done for the business. You could apply a variety of stipulations to this match- Last Man Standing, Street Fight, Falls Count Anywhere- or just leave it as a straight technical war. Whatever happened you’d want this to be a full on epic, 25 minutes of bell to bell action at least. At the end of it all, I’d want Roode to have his hand raised, having had The Game put him over huge, the way Foley put over Hunter at the Rumble all those years ago. Roode has been the best reason to stay tuned to TNA for the best part of two years now, and WWE would be mad not to try and sign him up. Whatever issues and law suits there have been between the companies, if Roode becomes available, WWE just have to give him an offer. The man is a terrific all round talent and deserves the chance to do it on the biggest stage.

ChrisBear: The outcome of this match is inevitable, that's for sure. It doesn't make it a less intriguing encounter though, I mean, it's the closest we'd get to a Triple H v Triple H match.

Forgetting that Roode looks like a slimmed down, more agile version of Hunter the move sets are strikingly similar, to me, this doesn't spell a great bout what so ever. Trips knows how to put a great match on, but usually with someone who differs to his own style, Roode would wrestle rings around him, but guess what? Wrestling aint real and there is no way Trips is losing this one.

To me, this isnt a dream match, Roode isn't a name that would make you buy a ticket, or fork out a shit load for a PPV, so there's not much for me to think about. Trips wins, would probably be a decent enough match that we'd forget about in a few months.

The dream from this would be both men, in their primes, forming a tag-team... Now we're talking

TheCrow: Another interesting match-up here, and not one I would have ever thought of for a "dream match" scenario. It's no secret I'm a big fan of Roode, so I bet you're expecting me to go with him here just because of that.

I think this would actually be a really fun match to watch. Bobby Roode is one of the top guys in TNA, and I think the one thing really standing in his way of reaching that next level is a lack of real starpower in the company he works for. TNA is full of some great talent, but they just can't match the names on the WWE roster. Trips is one of the top superstars of the modern era of wrestling, and I think Roode would benefit immensely from a lengthy match with the Cerebral Assassin. Both guys wrestle a powerful style, but both guys are also capable of incorporating some technical aspects into any match.

I think this match would be very back-and-forth with lots of near falls. I think Roode would start coming out on top close to the end, and would hit Trips with a finisher, making it look like he was about to take the win. As Roode tends to do, I think he would play to the crowd instead of going for the win, only to turn around and get hit with a Pedigree, giving Triple H the victory. I'd love to see Roode take the win, obviously, but I just don't see any logical way that would happen at this point.

Sidgwick: The only way Roode is winning this one is if he sucks up to HHH backstage years before the match takes place and doubles the amount of muscle mass on his relatively lithe frame. Even that didn’t work for Sheamus, though, whose physique wasn’t quite as freakish as Batista’s, who was permitted to go over The Game. Sheamus had to make do with a 12 minute job at WrestleMania XXVI instead.

But what a job it was; Triple H, despite Bret Hart’s protests, is so great when he’s on form that he can make the above average look great by proxy. From what little I’ve seen of Roode’s work, he strikes me as similarly carry-able.

Mostly due to the fact that his company had been booked for the majority of its life by Vince Russo, the Antichrist of Wrestling, I’ve not watched a great deal of Bobby Roode matches. He strikes me as a more than competent worker, adept at but not a master of the in-ring side of the business. Given Levesque’s ability to raise the game of his opponents to a higher level, I’m confident that any match between the two would be better than the sum of its parts. I’m not convinced it merits the “dream match” moniker – though that may have more to do with my relative ignorance of Roode’s work than the actual quality of it.

Wrestleholic: For some time now there have been comparisons made between Hunter and the man formerly known as Robert. I can see where a lot of that stems from, because the two men do have a good bit in common. Both former World Champions, both part of a great tag team, they even had matching hair for awhile. One thing that they don't share though, is a win/loss record.

I think this match would be a lot of fun, I really do, but honestly, who hasn't Triple H beaten? As much as I'd like to sit here and talk about how he could pass the torch and blah, blah, blah, you know just as well as I do what the real outcome here is. And I don't say that out of bitterness, because honestly, HHH deserves the win here. Roode may be one of the biggest stars TNA has, but he'll never be on the level of Trips. I think we'd have a great brawl on our hands with these two. I'd even go as far to say that it could be a classic. The outcome however, is very clear. A pedigree and another victim for Triple H.

Hustle: A very interesting choice.

Just a few years ago, if you brought the idea of Triple H VS Bobby Roode up to people, they probably would have laughed at you. It's not that Roode was a poor worker. It's that he had a ways to go before he reached the top of TNA's food chain, let alone placed himself on a level where people could start fantasy booking a match with Triple H. Here we are, though, and Roode is now a former TNA World Champion. People view him in a different light than they did a few years back.

In a match like this, you'd have to expect some beautiful ring psychology. Triple H is, of course, the "Cerebral Assassin", and Roode has, for all intents and purposes, become TNA's version of that name. There's a lot of similarities in their work. The more I think about the match, the more I wish we got a chance to see it. It could've/would've/should've been phenomenal.

If you go up and down the list of their physical traits, the thing that really stands out is the size and strength advantage that Triple H would have. If you go by their listed heights and weights, Triple H owns a four-inch height advantage, and outweighs Roode by anywhere from 15 to 50 pounds, depending on what era you're getting your numbers from. Triple H is also well-known for his physique, and his insanely hard workouts. Is size and strength everything? No. Of course it isn't everything. However, when you have two wrestlers that are so evenly matched, with so many similarities, you have to find that difference somewhere.

I have Triple H winning, in what would probably go down as a Match Of The Year candidate.

zzzorf: Looking at the names presented for this match I see a one sided affair, if you didn’t yourself then you must have a special view of the way things are. Triple H is leagues above where Robert Roode is, maybe Roode can get there one day but he has a long road to travel before he can.

If however you were to specify this was one of the 90’s versions of Hunter Hearst-Helmsley and not the one that became known as The Cerebral Assassin then maybe we may be talking a more even challenge. There is so much in Roode which could be seen as similar to a younger Triple H and a match-up between the two would be well worth the watch.

However since this was not specified then I have to take it as at their peak, Roode is just no match for at full strength Triple H.

Well no doubt about it, once again we have a one-sided affair with Triple H winning out 6-1 in the writer’s opinions. The main thing today was that many would not consider this a dream match so I put forward the question to you the readers, would you consider Triple H v Bobby Roode a dream match and then would you give Roode any chance of winning? I will see you all back here tomorrow when we see what match CHRISBEAR has install for us.

After a couple of one sided matches according to the 7 writers in the first two days can the pick put forward by CHRISBEAR be more evenly matched. Let's find out shall we?

Ted DiBiase Sr
CM Punk

ChrisBear: I chose this match out of intrigue more than anything. I know that the whole heel vs. heel match rarely works, but in these two, you have two of the most intriguing heels wrestling has seen, and two of the most popular. Both are greats when it comes to talking, and the ‘straight edge’ vs. ‘flashy lifestyle’ could have some decent legs. I didn’t choose this for the promo’s though, I chose this because these two could really put on a great showing in the ring.

I believe this would be the perfect mix of old school grappling, and the modern style of hard hitting (even if Punks kicks are weaker than American beer). I doubt very much we’d get a clean win for either, and I have an endless list of ways this could end…
- Dibiase pays someone to get Punks Dad drunk, and he comes to the ring mid-match, pukes and Punk gets counted out cleaning it up
- The lights go black, and when they come back up The Shield are violently raping Dibiase, until Virgil comes for the save unleashing his very own stereotype
- The match ends in a draw when both men reverse each other into a knot
- Punk wins, but then Dibiase pays the referee to start again, then Punk wins again, so Dibiase pays again, this happens 1499 times until “The Million Dollar man” is broke and becomes an alcoholic through depression, then Punk helps him and they become the best of friends

The reality is I don’t know who would win, but I’d want Dibiase to win.

TheCrow: The sheer amount of charisma in this match alone is insane. As good as I think the match would be, I think the pre-match promos in the weeks leading up to the encounter would be even more entertaining.

For some reason I'm having a hard time mentally picturing this encounter though. Granted, most of what I've seen of DiBiase's career has been through the magic of old tapes and videos on the internet, but I don't think that's the problem. For some reason, I just can't visualize the match. That being said, his in-ring prowess against Punk's own set of skills could very easily make for a legendary encounter. But again, I think the pre-match promos leading up to the encounter could be more entertaining than the match itself. "Evil Laughter" vs. "Pipebomb". Picture THAT.

CM Punk gets the win in my books, though. While I'm sure both men would try to win by some nefarious means, Punk would end up the victor and put DiBiase to sleep.

Sidgwick: Ted DiBiase Sr. vs. CM Punk would be a fabulous outing in-ring. Both men have an exemplary grasp of psychology, and I've no doubt that they would tell an excellent story. Any fears of a styles clash resulting from the difference in eras would be assuaged with the knowledge that both DiBiase and Punk were/are extremely versatile and both were/are more than capable of working stellar matches with a variety of opponents.

As a feud, though, it doesn't excite me too much. DiBiase's legendary heel gimmick ensures that he would have to play the heel, leaving us with the neutered Punk face character. That's an inevitable shame. Punk's indifference to money and hatred of entitlement would add a believable slant to the feud - and for a natural born heel, Punk sure wrestles tremendously as a babyface - but any dream match in which one of its stars has to compromise their character isn't too much of a dream match in my eyes. I'd still pay a tonne of money to see it, though.

As for who would win...Punk would get the win in order to communicate to the fans that spirit and endeavour beats money and arrogance every time. The booker of the finish would see things differently if the match failed to draw, however. Such is wrestling.

Wrestleholic: I don't think that I would have ever come up with this match on my own. It's not as obvious as some of the scenarios people usually put Punk in. The more I think about this match though, the more that it excites me. Both men are great storytellers and this match would be no exception. It could be a compelling and fun match up.

Another interesting factor to this match would be at ringside. I would like to think that DiBiase wouldn't go into a match with Punk without his trusty manager Virgil. Punk is no fool himself and would bring Heyman as insurance. With two of the greatest managers of all time at ringside for this match, the possibility for all sorts of shenanigans opens up. In fact, WWE would probably even book a Heyman vs. Virgil match to help build this one. But I suppose that's a different dream match for another day. Back to Punk vs. DiBiase, I could even see the Million Dollar Man attempt to buy off Paul E mid match, which would make for an interesting scenario, since we know that Heyman would do anything to make a buck.

At the end of the day though, when you look through the history books the simple fact is this, it wasn't often that DiBiase would win when the stakes were high. I don't see that being any different here. Try as he might, Ted Sr isn't winning this one. In fact, Punk being the jerk he is will likely make the "Master of the Million Dollar Dream" submit with the Anaconda Vice.

Hustle: These just don't get any easier, do they?

"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase is one of my all-time favorites. CM Punk is one of my current favorites. In this match, you have two men who revel in being hated. Would this be a Heel VS Heel match? Historically, those don't have a great track record of success, but in this case, I don't think there's much of a choice. DiBiase is DiBiase, and Punk is a self-admitted douchebag. Even as a face, Punk isn't the Hogan or Cena type of face. This would be Heel VS Heel, but I think it would work, as both men have proven they can get crowds into them. The main problem I have with Heel VS Heel matches is usually that crowds aren't invested in one, or both, of the workers, so they can't quite get into the match properly.

If I were picking the winner for this match, I'd have to say Punk. The reason for that is simple. Punk is simply a better worker, capable of wrestling a variety of styles. DiBiase was never a bad wrestler, but his strong points were definitely his character and his charisma. They would make for good "dance partners", but Punk would take the lead.

This would be a lot of fun to watch, though, no matter who wins. Both men have proven to be heat magnets during their careers, and putting them in the same ring together is a recipe for greatness. The crowd would be hot for everything that takes place during the match, and you can't really ask for much more than that, can you?

zzzorf: This match-up to me is more about the feud that leads up to it than the actual match itself. You can feel the slow build that it would be. I feel like it would be something similar to the Punk/Jericho feud from last year with The Million Dollar Man playing the part of Jericho.

For months leading up to the match you would have DiBiase trying to get Punk to drink. He would use his money to do everything in his power to make it happen. He would buy Punk’s family off to speak out about his personal life on camera and he would constantly offer Punk drinks, all top shelf ones to be precise, all the time reminding him that everyone has a price for the Million Dollar Man. Punk of course would stick to his guns and would not surrender his Straight Edge beliefs.

While the feud will be the key, that is not to say that the match itself will be bad. While I don’t think you could chalk this match down as the greatest of either of their careers it will still be up there somewhere high.

As to the outcome the way I see it is that Punk would get close to winning but in the end Irwin R Schyster will interfere (Virgil would do to, but I have always been a fan of Money Inc and I’m a massive IRS mark) and cost Punk the match giving the victory to DiBiase.

Maverick: Well, well, well! The best heel of the 80s takes on the best heel of the 2000s. Actually, I think Punk would have to take the face role here, since DiBiase’s “Million Dollar Man” schtick is a gimmick that has to be that of a heel, and is actually one that could still play well today given the financial troubles the world finds itself in right now. It seems strange to me that Ted Jr. was never repackaged with his dad’s old gimmick. Yes, it seems obvious, but people would have marked for it, no question.

One of Ted’s best qualities was his ability to put over the top faces of his day while remaining credible himself, and this would lend itself well to a technical duel with Punk which might end the way Ted’s WWF championship with Macho Man ended at Wrestlemania IV; that is, with Punk winning via a flying elbow drop! Aside from the actual wrestling, the other “dream” element of this match is the promo battle which would ensue. Both men are masters of the microphone and the verbal sparring would keep any audience invested.

Well we seem to be getting closer to a near even contest with Punk only getting a 5-2 victory here. The question though has to be asked after today is what do people think of the Heel v Heel feud as suggested here? Could it work or would it just be too hard for the fans to be interested in? Well that is it for today, come back tomorrow when we will see what match THECROW has install for us.

So here we are at the halfway mark of this series and today we get to see what THECROW decided was his dream match.

Note: The writing of this was done before the incident a couple of days ago concerning Swagger so it is written without this mishap in mind.

Kurt Angle
Jack Swagger

TheCrow: Do I really need to explain why I chose this match? I've always appreciated wrestlers with an amateur background, largely due to my own background in wrestling, and no wrestlers embody the "amateur wrestling" spirit quite like Angle and Swagger. This is a dream match for me, especially if an Iron Man stipulation was added into the mix. Imagine the kind of technical magic we could see if these guys got an hour to work with. I get chills just thinking about it.

I think a big part of the story in this match would be both guys constantly trying to slap an ankle lock on their opponent. Swagger has a pretty significant size advantage over Angle, but you can't discount the importance of Angle's experience. This would be a classic veteran vs. rookie match, especially considering how many comparisons have been drawn between these two wrestlers. If ever there was an opportunity for the torch to be passed, this would be it.

Swagger would benefit greatly from being in the ring with a guy like Kurt Angle, and a great performance with a legend could help elevate him permanently to the next level. I think Angle is at the point in his career where he knows that he should be putting over younger talent, and in this case he would have a great opportunity to help establish a future superstar. I think Angle would come close to winning, but Swagger would end up hitting a powerbomb before making Angle tap out to the ankle lock. Jack Swagger is my pick for winner here.

Sidgwick: I can see why people salivate over the prospect of a match between these two – because they’re cut from similar cloths and it’s still somewhat feasible, mainly - but its potential as a dream match jumped the shark at precisely the same time Swagger’s career did. And while the All-American American has undergone something of a career renaissance of late, the man has a long way to go before any match of his is considered a dream match. A few cheap heat promos and the beginnings of a push aren’t convincing me just yet. He still closely resembles the shmuck that everybody beat in 2011 and 2012, and that hair is more suited to the lead singer of a foppy Indie band than an ass-kicking pro wrestler.

Angle on the other hand is very slowly losing his appeal as a must-see attraction. Despite my indifference to TNA as a promotion, I still make time to watch Kurt Angle matches on a semi-regular basis. The man is a wrestling machine – a machine so proficient at what it does that it’s even capable of carrying Mr. Anderson to a classic. The thing about Angle, though, is that he’s faced everyone in TNA, and WWE are so unwilling to take a punt on him that it’s not even worth thinking about how good his matches with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro could be. There’s more chance of Chris Benoit turning up in WWE than there is of Kurt Angle showing up on RAW.

Having said all that, and even though I don’t actually dream about it, I’d still love to see these two rip it up (with Swagger as Angle’s spiritual successor getting the obvious win). With the notable exception of lucha libre, I’m a fan of any style of wrestling outside of the corn-fed WWE norm. I’m confident that Angle and Swagger would use their considerable amateur expertise to serve up a thrilling hybrid of amateur and professional wrestling. These types of hybrid fighting matches are positively awesome when done well – see the pro wrestling/MMA hybrid stunner that was Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kazushi Sakuraba from NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 7 event earlier in the year – and a match with an amateur wrestling component would be no different if contested by Angle and Swagger. You can blame WWE’s pathetic pushing policy for not making the prospect mouth-watering enough.

Wrestleholic: Here you find two very similar, yet very different wrestlers. There are the obvious parallels, such as they were both amateur wrestlers and they share a love for the Ankle Lock. That aside there is a simple fact that you simply can't look past and it's that Angle is light years ahead of Swagger. Even dating back to their tenures with amateur wrestling, sure Swagger was an All-American, but Angle was an Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle was a multiple time World and WWE champion, while Swagger has only had one run with the World title and to be blunt it wasn't much of a run at all. And as far as mic skills are concerned, Angle is on another planet.

I'm not saying this to run Swagger completely through the mud, because he's not all bad. Granted, he was getting a bit stale there for awhile, I think his recent partnership with Zeb and new "Anti-Immigration" gimmick will do wonders for him. He is also showing a newfound aggression since his return, but this new aggression has nothing on the intensity of Angle.

All that said, I would very much enjoy seeing a match between these guys. It would be sort of like looking into a mirror with a past and future kind of vibe. I think they could put on a technically sound match and the inevitable spots where they put the Ankle Lock/Patriot Act on each other would be awesome to see. However, the harsh reality is this, Swagger hasn't got a hope of winning. He can bring Zeb Colter, Michael Cole and The Swagger Soaring Eagle, but at the end of the day, he's going to tap out to Kurt Angle.

Hustle: The battle of the Ankle Lock. Ken Shamrock should have been thrown into the mix, making it a Triple Threat Match, so we could see who the real master of this particular submission is.

As it is, though, it's Angle VS Swagger, so I'll discuss that. They're evenly matched. Both men have things they would have an advantage in. Swagger is the bigger and stronger of the two, but Angle has a better amateur wrestling background and is, arguably, faster. Obviously, in fantasy booking like this, you're looking at both men in their primes. In that case, I think Angle gets a big advantage. In his prime, it could be argued that Kurt Angle was the greatest wrestler on the planet, regardless of promotion. Jack Swagger, on the other hand, may not have even reached his prime. He has one United States Title reign, one ECW Title reign, one World Title reign and a Money In The Bank win, but he's still young, and his momentum has been cooled on multiple occasions. He'll get better, and then the company will stop pushing him. He'll get better, and then the company will stop pushing him. This might be a bold statement, but I mean it without hyperbole.. if Swagger can get the company, and the WWE Universe, to completely buy into him, he has all the potential in the world to, like Angle at one point, become the best worker on the planet.

Yes, I said it.

Yes, I mean it.

That unknown is what worries me, though. He COULD do this and that, but if we're looking at what prime we've already seen during his WWE tenure, you have to give Angle the advantage here. It would be a fun, fun match. Hard hitting, with a great combination of amateur wrestling and submissions, but I'd give the win to Angle.

zzzorf: As I write this I am sitting here with a drink of Scotch Whisky in hand, watching The Princess Bride with the family and all I can think is how much more I would like to see Andre The Giant in the ring with Kurt Angle than I would Jack Swagger.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I have never been a Jack Swagger fan. I will admit that yes he has some ability and deserves his spot on the roster more so than some others do but I just don’t feel his matches like a lot of others, especially ones of a similar style of wrestling to him. I still feel that his run with the World Title was one of the silliest moves of the WWE concerning one of their major belts in the last ten years and yes I am counting The Miz and The Great Khali in that list.

Many people will tell you this could be a great moment for passing the torch but honestly I could think of a lot of other people that the torch would benefit more (Wes Brisco is the obvious option at present). I am not saying that this will be a bad match but that is not necessarily because of Swagger but more because Angle is one of a handful of wrestlers that could pull a good match out of nearly anybody.

If this match has any outcome other than Angle winning than I won’t be a happy zzzorf.

Maverick: If only WWE could’ve been consistent in their push of Jack Swagger, this match would be gold. Swagger showed real promise in his ECW championship run, having some excellent matches against Matt Hardy and Christian. Even his abortion of a world title reign yielded a superb match against Randy Orton at Extreme Rules 2010 (the gutwrench power bomb onto a steel chair was sick). Had Creative possessed the cojones to continue pushing the All American American, he might’ve followed more closely the career trajectory of our Olympic Hero. As it is, Swagger has been yet another victim of the WWE’s stop-start booking strategy. Thankfully, it seems that they are intent on rebuilding him as a submission monster, which is exactly what he should be.

As for Kurt, he remains in unbelievable shape, and between those ropes, he still brings it like few other performers. If anybody could get a five star match out of Swagger and make the man a star, it’s Angle. The fact that they share a finisher is another intriguing aspect of any potential battle. As with any other generational match up, I think it’s important that the newer star gets the rub, so I’d want Angle to tap out to Swags and “pass the torch” so to speak. If Kurt comes back to the WWE for a retirement run, we might well see this match down the line. I’m sure it would be an excellent bout.

ChrisBear: This is a dream match we could actually see happening. Kurt’s contract is up in 2015, and I always get the feeling that he believes he has one last swansong with WWE. The timing would mean it could, and should happen at Wrestlemania 31. There would definitely be a stipulation involved, whether that’s amateur rules, or a submission match, I don’t care, it’d be a real passing of the torch and seeing as the WWE is high on Swagger (as am I) it would only help with building his credibility in the coming years… That’s IF the constant one-shot-super-pushes stop. Swagger need to get over by ability alone, he has the mouth piece, but I don’t ever hear anyone argue he can’t hold his own in-ring, and if you think he can’t, quite simply, you’re wrong.

I’d love to see this match when Swagger is top mid-card, pushing for a top spot, then he could have an epic showing with Angle with some actual meaning, with no inevitable outcome. Winning wise, I see Angle winning it, retiring & passing the torch on.

So for what could be considered a passing of the torch match became a close call but in the end the torch was not passed with Angle winning 4-3 in the writers vote. The question then I put to you the readers is should the torch be passed to Swagger? Could he really be the next great technical wrestler? As to tomorrow I will see you once more as this time we look at the match that SIDGWICK has to offer.

So here we are at day 5 of our dream matches and as the waters creep into my town more and more (yes my town is currently in flood mode) it is time for us to take a look at the match put forward by SIDGWICK.

Daniel Bryan
Brock Lesnar

Sidgwick: I chose this as my dream match because, first and foremost, it would be absolutely awesome. One needs to look no further than Bryan Danielson’s 2007 ROH matches with Takeshi Morishima to see how credibly he can work against a much larger opponent. There were no Rey Misterio vs. Big Show 619 set-up contrivances in those matches: suspension of disbelief was easy. Lesnar, as a terrifying and super-over hard man, would be an even better foil for Bryan than Morishima was.

Secondly, it would be – to quote Bryan himself when he was asked if he’d like to work with “The Anomaly” – a totally different match to anything currently seen in North America. Bryan in the same interview said that he knew hundreds of ways to get out of a Lesnar mount. What a sight that would be, watching Bryan outsmart and consequently outrage Lesnar into escalating the brutality of his offence throughout the course of the match. It would be beautifully brutal, and it would ensure that the crowd were both in awe of and sympathetic to the YES! man. The match would be an MMA and amateur wrestling-influenced war, with a classic underlying pro wrestling David vs. Goliath dynamic as its backdrop. “Daniel vs. Goliath” is even a killer tag line. Book it, WWE.

Thirdly, it would be the perfect platform on which to execute the Mega Bryan Babyface push. It’s obvious that the fans are already behind him in a big way, and that he’s as good a candidate as any to push as WWE’s next big babyface hope. I can’t think of a better opponent to facilitate this push than Lesnar. I’m desperate to see somebody – anybody – supplant John Cena as the face of the company. With the almost unanimous support of the crowd already in place, combined with the mainstream attention garnered from Lesnar’s involvement, I’m confident this scenario, if booked well, would go some way to rectifying The Cena Problem. A dream match which provides acres of entertainment and takes the spotlight away from John Cena? What’s not to love?!

It doesn't even matter who wins; WWE could go for the shock Bryan win or the heroic Austin-At-WrestleMania 13 finish. As long as Bryan is permitted to put on a career-making performance, the objective of the match would still be met. The more I think about this scenario, the more disappointed I'll be when it doesn't happen. BOOK IT, WWE!

Wrestleholic: Oh poor, poor Daniel Bryan, being put into a hypothetical match with Lesnar much like a lamb (no pun intended) to slaughter. This match would be that of a train wreck variety. Not meaning that it would be bad, but meaning it would be devastating like a literal train wreck. Brock Lesnar had some really good matches with Rey Mysterio back in the day and I see this match being a lot like those. Bryan would get some offense here and there, but Lesnar would do some horrible things to him in the process.

Now I'm not saying that since the outcome is so obvious that I wouldn't want to see this match. On the contrary, I would pay to see this. Bryan is probably the most entertaining performer in WWE today, both in and out of the ring. As such, he would be able to tell one hell of a story with Lesnar and take some sick bumps in the process. I would absolutely love to see him attempt to get the NO! Lock on the massive frame of Brock. It may sound crazy, but given the proper time and place, this has the potential to be a 5 star match.

The really interesting thing about this match is that it could be used to make Daniel Bryan for life. Should he be able to get a win over Lesnar on a big stage, I think that Daniel would be forever cemented as a top draw in WWE and a main eventer for life. As cool as it would be to use Brock to make a guy like Bryan, it won't happen. I can not see any scenario where WWE lets Bryan get a win over Lesnar. The match would be fun as hell to watch but Lesnar gets the win here no questions asked.

Hustle: Daniel Bryan VS Brock Lesnar? That's a bittersweet one for me. I was a Lesnar mark from the time I saw videos of his pre-WWE work, watching someone of that size pulling off the athletic moves that he was doing. My fandom and admiration of Daniel Bryan is well documented.

Putting those two in the ring, however, might be a mistake.

I'm not sure if you all have noticed it or not, but Brock Lesnar is on a different level when it comes to the world of pro wrestling. I don't care what promotion you're watching, or what era you're watching.. the list of names you'll find with Brock's combination of size, speed, strength, athleticism and amateur wrestling skills is a very small one. Pretty much everything that Bryan excels in, Lesnar not only excels in it, too, but he does it even better.

If you look at Brock's 2012 alone, and the way he is booked as a monster VS the likes of John Cena and Triple H, I'm not sure that people would come close to buying Daniel Bryan as a legit threat to the guy. I'm not sure that fans would buy him as a legit threat, no matter what portion of Brock's career you were looking at.

If they were to have a match, you can't help but imagine it would be like Brock's match with Eddie Guerrero at No Way Out 2004. Hmm.. Daniel Bryan & Eddie Guerrero.. more on that later (spoiler alert). Anyway, Brock beat the hell out of Eddie in that match. He beat him up. He beat him down. He beat him left. He beat him right. Eddie had the occasional bright spot, and kept fighting, but Brock controlled the action. In a match with Daniel Bryan, Brock would control the action once again, maybe even more so, as Guerrero was physically larger than Bryan is.

I love DB, but I'd have to go with Brock to win this. Unless, of course, Goldberg interfered in this match, too.

zzzorf: Now I am a big fan of Daniel Bryan and I want a lot of big things for him, just not Lesnar big. Lesnar is at a level at the moment where he is a special attraction. He only fights the top of the card, guys who are deemed a legitimate threat to him like Cena and Triple H. Bryan is just no where near that level at the moment. I am hoping that one day he may be, but in all honesty I just don’t feel WWE will let it happen.

None of this is taking away from Bryan’s ability though and when he goes on the attack you could believe for a while that he could actually do some damage to Lesnar, but it will never last for too long as the power of Lesnar will take over. That will be the major issue with this match, Lesnar has never been someone who you could legitimately would believe that someone of a smaller stature would be able to beat.

Lesnar wins this one that is all there is to it.

Maverick: With this match up, you have a clear prototype in the Eddie vs. Brock match from No Way Out 2004. The D-Bry vs. Lesnar match is a similar underdog vs. overdog match up which would play extremely well with live crowds. Both men have huge expertise in submission and both work fairly stiff, so this has all the makings of a classic, for sure.

Tell you what would really spice this up? Making this bout an Ironman. That might seem a stretch with Lesnar’s current health issues, but if he could manage it, that would be an ideal route to go. If I were booking the final fall, I’d have Trips or Cena play the Goldberg role and interfere in timely fashion, with a minute left on the clock so that the American Dragon could slowly, painfully scale the top rope and deliver a swan dive head butt to the prone form of the Beast. As the referee counted the 1-2-3 the crowd would go absolutely wild, and Bryan would be made for life.

ChrisBear: It’s a weird one this, both can actually wrestle, but both have aggressive streaks too, Lesnars aggression would obviously seem more destructive though. Build up wise this wouldn’t really interest me too much, it would be a series of beat-downs for Bryan, a few cheeky comeuppances for Brock, but honestly, they’d deliver a hard hitting technical masterpiece. There would be blood, there would be sweat, there would be semen from a few fans too.

As for who wins, if it happened now, Lesnar easily wins this, he’s on big bucks, and Bryan wouldn’t look weak losing against him… That’s be the way to keep it business anyway.

TheCrow: Bryan has shown in the past that he's not afraid to get in the ring with bigger wrestlers, which is probably a good thing considering how many wrestlers are bigger than him. Despite the obvious size difference, both guys actually wrestle very similar styles. I think it'd be awesome to see how Bryan would sell Lesnar's offence, and perhaps more importantly, how Lesnar would sell for Bryan. Classic "David and Goliath" scenario here, and that would be a key part in how this match would be hyped.

I think the easy pick here would be Lesnar to win, but I'm not so sure that's how I want to go here. I'm sure Lesnar would dominate much of the match with his strength, but Bryan would just keep coming back for more. In the end, I think Bryan would slap on the No Lock out of nowhere, forcing Lesnar to tap out. Yes, I'm picking Daniel Bryan to win here. Not sure how much more I can say on the matter, other than I would really REALLY like to see this match happen at some point.

Well that match was a bit closer than I thought with a 4-2 victory margin to Lesnar with Sidgwick choosing not to actually choose a winner (tsk, tsk) but practically giving his choice to Bryan as the real winner thus closing the gap. So readers do you think Bryan has a chance against Lesnar or would he be swallowed alive? Anyway we will be back again tomorrow with the match as chosen by WRESTLEHOLIC.

Here we are on day 6 (well a little later than normal anyway) of our look at some great dream matches as put forward by our writers involved. Today it is time to see what our newest columnist WRESTLEHOLIC has to offer.

Bret Hart

Wrestleholic: It's a little known fact (mainly because I'm new here) that Edge is my favorite wrestler. As such, when I was asked to take part here and come up with a dream match, I naturally was inclined to involve Edge in some way. It didn't take long for me to realize that one of best possible matches that Edge has never had is with Canada's other greatest export. It may not be completely original, but the idea of Edge facing off with Bret Hart is very exciting. And we won't count that whole tag team debacle involving Cena and Jericho.

Edge and Bret both started along the same path as tag team guys. They were both smaller guys too. I don't think that anyone intended either of them to really make it to the main event, much less the WWE Championship. They both defied the odds and really came into their own as singles stars. Bret was revered for his natural wrestling ability and Edge in large part for his character. While Edge will be remembered for his psychotic and Rated R actions, don't discount his wrestling ability either. If these two men were in the ring together in their prime, it could have been one hell of a contest.

One more thing about the match, I understand that Edge is at the place in his career where he is now forever a face out of sheer respect. However, this match could reach its full potential only if Edge was the crazy heel that he used to be. A heel Edge vs. face Bret match would come across far better than if both men played the respected hall of fame role that they both now carry.

The match itself I feel would deliver on every level. With the already built in story of two of Canada's best fighting for supremacy, Edge doing anything and everything to win, and Bret's sheer technical prowess, this would be a match not soon forgotten. I can envision a great spot where Edge puts Bret in a sharpshooter (which he has been known to use from time to time) and have that trademark sadistic look on his face. But as far as a winner is concerned, as much as it pains me to say this, I don't think Edge would come out on top. Having set aside my personal preference, if you took both men, again in their prime, I just don't see the Rated R Superstar winning. It would be highly competitive, but at the end of the day, Edge would tap out to Bret Hart's Sharpshooter.

Hustle: O, Canada.. our home and native land..


Edge is someone who is known as a "Jack of all trades, master of none". If you look solely at his in-ring work, he seems to be "good" to "pretty good" at just about everything, without being elite in any one particular category. He can wrestle, without being a superb mat technician. He can take it to the air, without being Sin Cara on a two-day cocaine binge. He can brawl, without being the second coming of Bruiser Brody. He's very serviceable, almost to the point where he's underrated in the eyes of many people.

In a lot of ways, Bret Hart was similar. He was good at a lot of things, without being great, but when it comes to technical wrestling, that's where Bret stands out. He remains one of the most solid technical performers to ever grace a squared circle. He was never flashy, nor did he want to be, but when the chips were down, he was going to wrestle circles around his opponents on a near-nightly basis.

If you've been following my responses, you'll notice that I put a lot into these close match-ups when there's that one difference. If I see Edge and Bret as evenly matched in many categories in-ring, but I can give one very noticeable edge (pun intended, nyuck nyuck) to Bret, then I have to predict Bret as the winner. In a close match, I'd look for Bret's technical prowess to carry him to victory. At some point, Edge's tricks would run out, and that's when Bret could catch him slipping, so to speak, and get the win.

zzzorf: With all the talk that has been going around this place at the moment about Bret Hart and Triple H it is a pity that is not who this match-up is between but it is what it is and instead we find Hart v Edge.

First thing first I am a big Hart fan, with him being one of my top 5 of all time and one of the reasons why I am a wrestling fan in the first place. That being said I don’t have the rose-coloured glasses on anymore and I don’t necessarily buy into all the crap that has surrounded Bret for years. As I said I believe he is one of the best but just like another in my top 5 you can’t escape his 5 moves of doom and the other criticisms thrown his way. The thing is, all criticisms aside, he knows how to put on a great match with a lot of different style of opponents.

Edge on the other hand I find very overrated. Yes he was good and now I find I miss him from my television but 11 reigns with a World Title, he was never that good. Yes he was good and I could not begrudge him a few of those wins, however in the end it was just a bit of overkill the amount of title reigns.

The match itself though should be pretty entertaining as both are capable of putting on a great show but in my eyes Bret has to win and prove once again why he is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Maverick: In this Canadian contest, you have the number one heel of the post-Attitude Era against the number one babyface of the New Generation, so it works very well from a booking perspective. I’ve no doubt that, if both men were in their prime, this would be an excellent match up. A lot of people think of Edge as a gimmick wrestler, but strong technical bouts against Undertaker, Regal and Christian show that he was a lot more rounded than that. In fact, given an opponent of the Hitman’s class, Edge could put on a clinic any night of the week.

I’ve said previously that my preference in generational match ups is for the rising star to win, but all of the best Edge matches occurred when the Rated-R Superstar was booked to lose, so here, I’d have a titanic battle end with Copeland tapping like a drunk man to the Sharpshooter. Just like Steve Austin at Wrestlemania XIII, Edge could be made in defeat.

ChrisBear: Ahhhh! Battle to see who is top Canadian in all of the Worldzzzzz….

The winner would get a stuffed moose head and a signed picture of Celine Dion. What would happen is that both would start the match, Bret would collapse as he is an overrated bag of brittle bones, and Edge would snap his neck. Then as both are out on the floor Constable Benton Fraser from ‘Due South’, Eugene Levy, Donald Sutherland, Super Chrisss, Bryan Adams, William Shatner, Michael J Fox and Neil Young come down to the ring and start a battle Royal to be top Canadianzzz of the world. The battle goes on for 4 minutes until Shatner is stood holding the moose’s head as top Canadian person of all the worldzzz, then the lights go out, when they appear Shatner has been knocked out cold as Shania Twain pull over Edge to cover Bret for the three count.

Or something like that.

TheCrow: Very interesting pairing here, considering both men were forced to retire early as a result of severe injuries. Hart most definitely had a Hall of Fame worthy career, and I believe Edge would have been more worthy of his induction had he been able to continue for a few more years. No doubt that these two are among the greatest Canadian pro wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots. But who would win if they faced off one-on-one?

Assuming we're talking both men in their primes, I think it would be pretty evenly matched. Neither one has much of a size advantage (billed around the same weight, Edge is just a bit taller) and they wrestled similar enough styles to make working together an easy task to accomplish. The build-up to the match could be interesting as well, if they play up the whole "Bret put in the good word for Edge when he was starting out" thing.

I think it's one of those matches that would have to end kind of out of nowhere. Bret has the piledriver, which can be hit fairly quickly, and Edge of course has the spear. I think Bret would take control near the end, hitting his standard sequence of signatures, but ultimately he would fall victim to the aforementioned spear, giving Edge the victory.

Sidgwick: Bret Hart vs. Edge is a very interesting pairing. Hart throughout the years has been routinely criticised for, amongst other things, originating the “5 Moves Of Doom” approach to wrestling, possessing an inflated opinion of his contributions to wrestling, and being a bitter, old broken record.

What many people either forget or don’t care to admit is that, at his peak, the ‘Hitman’ was a fantastic in-ring storyteller. There were better technicians, and more popular draws, but Hart had a brilliant grasp of synthesis and crowd manipulation. His matches, against all manner of opponents, poor and great, huge or tiny, had a wonderful ebb and flow to them. They mostly seemed organic and very much resembled legitimate contests. For someone who worked as safe a style as Hart did, the fact that he excelled at making one suspend their disbelief was an enviable achievement.

There was a predictable pattern to Hart’s matches, though, and it didn’t help his reputation as a dullard that he performed those 5 moves in roughly the same order every time he entered the ring. This is partly the reason why I believe his compatriot Edge would be the perfect foil for him. Edge was an awesome talent, face or heel, and the one thing I remember most fondly about his work is his jaw-dropping way of countering the offence of his opponents. He was so astonishingly good at this that I thought he was going to be the man to end The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak; he kept me guessing every step of the way. Seeing the Rated-R Superstar subvert the traditional Bret Hart match would be a treat for Hart haters and marks alike, so for that reason alone, it deserves its classification as a “dream match”.

Who would win? Edge would win. Edge would probably pin himself to the mat, if it meant that he would be spared from hearing Hart whine about it for 16 years.

Well there you have it, we have our first real close match-up of the series with Bret Hart just beating out Edge 4-3 in the battle of the Canadians. Readers do you believe the right outcome was decided or would have you seen Edge actually getting the win? Remember come back tomorrow for the last day when we look at the match that HUSTLE has to offer.

6 days of dream matches have now been done which brings us to today the final day of our week long column and the match choice put forward by HUSTLE.

Daniel Bryan
Eddie Guerrero

Hustle: If you know anything about me, there's no way you should be surprised my choice is Daniel Bryan VS Eddie Guerrero. I've said, on numerous occasions, that Eddie Guerrero is the best all-around wrestler I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. Everything he did in between those ropes looked so crisp. So natural. So effortless. His work is the textbook that every wrestler who came after him should be forced to study.

Daniel Bryan is the Eddie Guerrero of the modern era. He can mat wrestle. He can fly. He can do submission work. He can brawl. Everything he does, he makes it look so easy. What makes it even more amazing is that, if you look at both men, neither of them could ever be confused as "genetic freaks". There are just people you can look at, and you just know they could do whatever they wanted, athletically. People like Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, etc. Those guys look like they were just born to be athletes. Guerrero and Bryan, on the other hand, look like people you would see working at the mall. They make everything LOOK easy, but you know they've had to work extra hard to make it that way.

If these two were to have a match, I think it would be a technical masterpiece the likes of which the wrestling world has never seen before. It might sound like hyperbole, but I think a Daniel Bryan VS Eddie Guerrero match would surpass things we saw with Ric Flair VS Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Mitsuharu Misawa VS Toshiaki Kawada, Samoa Joe VS CM Punk or any other fantastic technical wrestling match in the history of the business. I really and truly mean that. There isn't an arena in the world that those two wouldn't blow the roof off of, from the Tokyo Dome to Madison Square Garden and everywhere in between.

Can I be honest with you folks right now? I'm getting a little emotional as I type this, simply because we'll never get to see these two wrestle. If Eddie Guerrero were still alive, he would be 45 years old right now. That's getting up there, but there's a very distinct possibility that he would still be at least a semi-active WWE wrestler. Consider the fact that Kane is five-and-a-half months older than Eddie, and he's still working a full-time schedule. Guys like Triple H(43), The Undertaker (nearly 48), Big Show (41), Chris Jericho (42), Mark Henry (41) and R-Truth (41) are all at least working the occasional match for WWE. If Eddie were still alive, we would've had this dream match already, and that breaks my heart as a wrestlingfan. We were so close, and yet so far, from getting an opportunity to watch magic. Pure, unadulterated magic.

I'm going to cheat when I pick my winner, though. It wouldn't matter who was on the positive end of the pinfall, because we, the wrestling fans, would be the real winners with this one. They could wrestle a four-star match in their sleep, folks. Trust me when I say that we would all be winners if we got to watch them wrestle.

zzzorf: First let me make a confession, when Eddie was alive I couldn’t really stand him. I recognised some talent but honestly wasn’t really interested in his matches outside of bouts with Benoit, Mysterio and maybe a few others. When he became champion I was relatively disappointed, I didn’t think he belonged there as I deemed him not a great enough wrestler. That last feud against Rey opened my eyes a little but it wasn’t until after his death that I actually paid any real attention to what Eddie brought to the table. I now regret not paying attention when he was alive, he was a once in a lifetime wrestler that honestly I missed through blind eyes.

Bryan is easily one of my favourite wrestlers going around at the moment and that is not because of his gimmick but because of his style of wrestling. Bryan reminds me a lot like Benoit, one of my favourite wrestlers of all time, with his style of wrestling that he puts forward from week to week. This is where the dream match between Bryan and Eddie becomes something to salivate over.

Guerrero and Benoit are known to nearly every smark fan to have put on phenomenal matches every time they faced each other. There was something about their styles that just meshed so well (it could also be due to how many years they spent wrestling each other but we won’t consider that here). By slotting Bryan into the match to replace Benoit than we are able to keep that same dynamic the original two had. I can’t see this being anything but a classic.

As to the winner it would completely depend on the day. Today Eddie would win, tomorrow Bryan. The rules of the series state though that I have to choose a winner so in the end I will have to go with Bryan just for the fact that I am a bigger fan of his.

Maverick: I love the anecdote CM Punk gives in his ‘Best In The World’ DVD documentary, when he describes his view of his skills before and after facing Eddie. Before he faced Guerrero he thought “man, am I good” and afterwards “man, am I bad”. That just shows you how respected Latino Heat was between the ropes, and a match up with Daniel Bryan, the most lauded technical wrestler of the current era, is indeed a mouth watering prospect.

After all of the suplexes, submission attempts and high flying impacts, I think we’d probably see Guerrero miss a frog splash and Bryan apply the No Lock for the win. Both men would receive a standing ovation from the crowd in the same way as Benoit and Angle did at the Royal Rumble in 2003. I’m certain that had Eddie lived to see the debut of Bryan in WWE, this match would’ve happened and it would’ve been a five star classic.

ChrisBear: Well lots of people say Bryan could wrestle a broomstick and make it look good, am I being asked if he could do the same with Eddie’s corpse? It would be difficult, but I’m sure he could. Bryan has quick hands, as he grapples with Eddie’s corpse there lots of near falls, lots of rollups and lots of funny shouting of “No”. Then, all of a sudden Bryan flips Eddie’s body to have us believe Eddie has rolled him up for a count… BUT WAIT, Eddie grans his pants and keeps him pinned for a 1-2-3… He never died, he was lying, and cheating and doing other typical Mexican things. He’s back!!

I wish…

In the real world, this would be a great match, all of the above but two great technicians going at it, it’s feel old school, but the winner… Eddie. Always Eddie.

TheCrow: Aside from the match that I picked, this is probably the "dream match" I most want to see. Just the thought of what these two wrestlers could accomplish together in the ring makes me drool a bit, then immediately makes me sad knowing that it's never going to happen.

I really don't even know which way to go with my "prediction" here, because realistically I could argue it from either side. On one hand, you have one of the greatest wrestling talents of all time, and on the other you have one of the greatest wrestlers on the scene today. Seriously, how do you make the choice there? The match itself would be pure genius though, that's for damn sure. Both men are technically sound, both men can take to the air, and both men are masters of playing to the crowd. Working with a guy as talented and old-school as Guerrero, I think we'd get to see a bit of the old Daniel Bryan show through, as a more aggressive style would work magically in this case.

I don't think the outcome would be obvious at any point during the match, as I think these two are very evenly matched. But, as much as I'd like to go with the bearded one, I think I've got to pick Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero as the winner of this encounter. The man was a legend, and as much as Bryan could benefit from beating such a legend, Guerrero could use it more to show he can still hang with the new crop of future legends. RIP Latino Heat, you're still very much missed.

Sidgwick: Eddie Guerrero vs. Daniel Bryan could have the potential to be a categorical ***** classic, if it was allocated sufficient time and was presented when both were at their mercurial best.

Other than the sumptuous technicality and innovation we'd have been treated to, what excites me most about this pairing is how the feud could have distorted the lines of the archaic face vs. heel paradigm. It would be an absolute riot to witness Guerrero lie, cheat and steal his way towards gaining the advantage, while an increasingly exasperated Bryan NO! NO! NO!'d his discontent at the fans' willingness to accept the nefarious Guerrero as their hero. This sort of dynamic has been visited previously - Angle vs. Austin springs to mind - but Guerrero and Bryan could have explored it equally as well, with a heavier emphasis on broad comedy and in-ring psychology. Besides, I'd take YES! over What? any day of the week.

It's a shame, then, that Eddie Guerrero was principally concerned with piling on muscle mass and feeding his various debilitating addictions, and wasn't too fussed about entering graceful old age.

Both men would have considered it their DUTY to contest a thriller and would have revelled in the expectations of the wrestling nerd. Who would win? We would all win.

Wrestleholic: This is a match, that without a doubt would be a technical wrestling classic. Both men are so well versed in the art of both mat based and submission wrestling. The Frog Splash vs. The Diving Headbutt. The NO! Lock vs. The Lasso From El Paso. There are so many factors in play that could make this match a 5-star classic, I'd even say just to throw a 1 hour ironman stipulation on the match and let them have at it. It's something that I would have easily paid to see.

However, there is something about this potential match that I think many people will overlook, simply because all they see is a technical classic. Beyond this being a mat classic, I think this match could have had the ability to be one of the most entertaining matches in the history of WWE. Both men are revered for their sheer ability, but let us not forget how well they each play their characters. Just imagine a point in the match where Eddie goes to cheat, perhaps his classic "hit the chair on the ground and throw it to the other guy" spot. If Bryan was subject to this on any other of Guerrero's cheating tactics, just try to imagine the level of freak out he would have. The anger levels would be higher than anything we've ever seen, all while Eddie try's to play innocent.

Combine all of the factors involved and we could have had one of the greatest and most entertaining wrestling matches of all time on our hands. And the winner of this would-be classic match? I see Eddie coming away with the win here. It's a real shame that we'll never have the opportunity to see this match, as it would have been great.

Well that brings us to the end of this match and once again this was a very close match-up with Eddie winning 3-2. However the two writers who abstained from voting had it correct, in this match it wasn’t about who won the match for it was us the fans who would have really been the winners. Do you the readers agree with that statement?

So that brings the end to this series of Me and My Mates. I didn’t know how this would be accepted here on the main page but once again my expectations have been smashed by the wonderful response you have all given. Me and My Mates will return in a couple of months with a new cast of writers and new matches for us to look at. Until then you will now return to my normal solo column goodness. Special thanks go out to the 6 writers who were involved in this series and I will see you all next time.

Special shout out to The Southern One for the wonderful banner he made for this series at the top. The previous three series went bannerless so it is gratefully appreciated.

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