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Posted in: Wrestling Rainbow
Wrestling Rainbow ~ The Monster Among Meh (Braun Rules Your Universe)
By SkitZ
Aug 24, 2017 - 9:20:01 AM

The Monster Among Meh
(Braun Rules Your Universe)

Welcome back to the column that’s still too childish to adopt an age appropriate title - Wrestling Rainbow.

When it comes to shock value, Braun is lightning in a barrel. Ever since splitting from The Wyatt Family last summer, he’s ripped the RAW roster to shreds and tore the house down with his bare hands on a number of occasions. I’m among those counting down the days until Strowman challenges Brock for the Universal Title at No Mercy while also wishing WWE had reserved it for WrestleMania 34 instead. You know how stubborn Vince is though. Old men are meticulous about sticking to the schedule and aside from an untimely Roman injury, Reigns/Lesnar will remain penciled in for the Show of Shows next April. And as per usual, the company’s long-term booking prompts more headshaking than whatever Paige’s been up to lately.

Mainly because the outcome writes itself and yet management refuses to listen. If popular demand mattered as much as Vince lets on, Braun would be the one to conclude Brock’s title reign; not just fill the next chapter in it. Strowman’s had a superb 2017 and given us the best story this year in my view (even with the Roderick Strong documentary and Shield drama taken into account). And aside from The Miz’s general awesomeness nowadays, Braun has offered the only must-see TV for me over these last several months. So when Strowman was sidelined with that elbow injury in May, it curbed my enthusiasm for watching RAW and I stopped tuning in altogether. At least until Braun returned six weeks later and reminded us that he wasn’t finished with Reigns.

I remember fearing that Strowman’s push had completely halted given the estimated recovery time following his surgery but he proved us wrong (or rather WWE provided us with some false information). Not only did the Monster Among Men continue his dominance of Roman but he survived a goddamn murder attempt at Great Balls of Fire! Then Braun’s superhuman ability carried right into SummerSlam where he was every bit the main focus despite not winning the Fatal 4-Way. While it still feels somewhat inevitable that the Creative Team will fail Strowman, he’s been scripted to near perfection if you’re willing to look past that clean loss at Fastlane. A pretty incredible feat considering Vince’s track record with pushing monster heels and letting them veer haphazardly off the runway.

It’s a persistent problem that plagues the product now more than ever. The evidence of which speaks for itself:






Then of course there’s the outlier who deservers a bulk of the praise for discrediting Tito’s PERMANENTLY UNDER 3 MILLION theory.


If you had asked me at the peak of the YES Movement, I would’ve confidently remarked that giants were nearing extinction in pro wrestling. And although WWE no longer has reservations about recruiting indy stars of smaller stature, Braun’s shown that larger than life athletes are still a hot commodity. Strowman’s like Trump in the sense that he’s all the rage (but boasts a much higher approval rating). It’s been refreshing to watch this beast of a man thrive under the spotlight and evolve before our very eyes after enduring so many of Vince’s disastrous experiments in past years. Take the Khali’s and Kozlov’s of the world for example. They may have looked and acted the part but nobody believed in them. Hence why the company had no choice but to turn those jokes into comedy characters. Fans take Braun seriously however because he’s proven to be the real deal.

Strowman’s reinforced the aging notion that giants are still a draw if they’re promoted properly. Furthermore, Braun generates interest and cash flow in ways that guys like Balor and Nakamura aren’t capable of with his freakish displays of strength. Strowman is neither physically nor creatively limited by the ceiling that hangs above much of the roster. It literally feels like the sky is the limit with Braun because WWE hasn’t placed any restrictions upon him (yet). With Strowman’s recklessness comes unpredictability as there’s no telling who he’s going to Ryder off the stage and handicap next. When Brock was being stretchered off Sunday night after crashing through a pair of announce tables and having a third turned over on him, I fully expected Braun to whip Lesnar into the ring post ala Big Show/Mysterio. Strowman makes even his most formidable foes look like cruiserweights which probably explains why Enzo beat feet to 205 Live. Eh at his current pace, Amore was bound to get booted off RAW soon anyway.

Just be glad Braun performs on the red brand and not in the land of jobbertunity. Otherwise, he would’ve had to sell Jinder’s shitty finisher at SummerSlam and let Road Dogg crap all over his credibility. Speaking of which, Samoa Joe in many ways is every bit the monster that Strowman’s become. But as well as The Destroyer’s been handled thus far, doesn’t it feel like management’s about to pass that up by feeding him to Cena and Reigns this fall? Better Joe than Braun I say. Strowman just continues to wow me whenever another obstacle is placed in front of him. It sucks that SmackDown were given Hell in a Cell this year as I would’ve loved to see Lesnar and Braun locked inside it (certainly more than whoever‘s burdened with putting over Mahal). At this rate, don’t be surprised when Jinder beats Styles at Clash of Champions and wins the U.S. Title as well.

While the rant-inducing reign of the Modern Day Majablahblah has been forced upon us as a marketing ploy, Strowman feels very much like our World Champion despite not actually holding the Universal Title. During Brock’s lengthy absences, Braun often receives top billing and gets booked like the company’s premier athlete. But what are the chances that trend continues into 2018? Is the bearded behemoth part of Vince’s master plan for the next Mania or will Strowman become an afterthought once again like he did at this year’s event? More importantly, why is Braun not already wearing gold? It sure as shit would look better on him than Lesnar’s pasty ass or Big Cass who needs to stay away from his girlfriend’s bronzer.

Unfortunately, this upcoming battle between Braun and Brock seems to be a case of WWE cashing in on Strowman’s momentum by having him job to the champ. Hopefully I’m wrong but all signs point to the Universal Title residing in Suplex City for the time being. No matter the planned finish for No Mercy, Braun has made me a fan of the monster heel after years of finding them boring and immobile. With the manner in which the wrestling landscape’s changed, I assumed giants had outlived their usefulness but Strowman’s laid that tall tale to rest (just as he should’ve done The Deadman’s career at WM33 instead of you-know-who). Braun’s every bit the emerging star that Apollo Crews is the flop.

It’s gonna take a bigger screw up than insulting Karen Jarrett at a bar to derail Braun at this stage. If anything, that story seems backwards as it should’ve been Angle’s ex on her knees pleading with Strowman. Imagine what the Monster Among Men could do for a promotion like GFW… Then again, I’m sure a large chunk of Braun’s success can be attributed to the company he keeps in WWE. Being buddies with Roman certainly doesn’t hurt; unless this kayfabe stuff is still real to you. Either way, Strowman has eclipsed every other focal point on the show and I’m fully absorbed in what happens next. This bandwagon is getting a bit crowded but if anyone can shoulder the load, it’s Braun.


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