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Posted in: Wrestling Rainbow
Wrestling Rainbow ~ Has RAW's (Miz)leading Man Been Typecast in the Wrong Role?
By SkitZ
Sep 15, 2017 - 9:00:00 AM

Has RAW‘s (Miz)leading Man
Been Typecast in the Wrong Role?

Welcome back to the column that misses the mark more often than Shane’s punches - Wrestling Rainbow.

Once upon a time, I’d watch segments involving The Miz with a level of disdain on par with seeing Killian’s pale unshaven torso. But much like the former A-Train’s doing nowadays down at the PC, Miz is showing these rookies how it’s done on the main roster. You know damn well the Intercontinental Champion takes pride in publicly humiliating entitled shmucks like Enzo after all the hazing Miz endured 10-11 years ago. My how dramatically our perception of him has changed since then. It doesn’t seem that long ago when we viewed the reality TV star as the male equivalent of Eva Marie. Someone with limited potential who’d rather use pro wrestling as a stepping stone to Hollywood than build a foundation in WWE and work from the ground up. The Miz clawed his way out of the doghouse however and he’s now practically a household name (amongst casual viewers anyway).

Even if the self-proclaimed Chick Magnet was a hit with the ladies, the male demographic sure as hell didn’t gravitate towards him early on. MorriMiz are a forgotten gem of a tag team and he showed flashes during his initial feud with Cena but most were still blinded by Mizanin’s real world reputation. Some folks took to him while he reigned as Mr. MITB and WWE Champion but there were also others who accused The Miz of stealing the spotlight from more deserving stars. It often felt like Vince was the only one invested in the dude (lord knows I didn’t give Miz any credit). In fact, alot of us didn’t start seeing “it” in The Miz until his wife showed up the night after Mania last year.

You’d think Maryse would hold him back if anything but in actuality, having her valet propelled Miz into the fast lane. That’s not to say he had a shitty track record beforehand. The douchey heel helped kick start Bryan’s WWE run and kept Sandow employed for another year or two. From Awesome Truth to The Miz’s early undefeated streak at WrestleMania, he was always on the verge of getting over that hump but management routinely fucked him into a compromised position. The biggest favor the company did Miz was shipping him to SmackDown Live in the 2016 Draft. Verbally abusing D-Bry launched The Miz to the forefront of the blue brand and that’s when the IC Champ firmly flipped the switch. He’s no AJ between the ropes but Miz - unlike Styles - uses the microphone as a power tool; not just a mandatory skill that falls under the job description.

For better or worse, The Miz revitalized Ziggler’s career for a hot second when it had peaked years ago. He carried the upper midcard, put over Ambrose and let Renee Young in on the worst kept secret in WWE. He parodied John Cena and made a couples program far more entertaining than it had any right being. He then got sent back to RAW by popular demand which left a hole in SmackDown so deep, Jinder Mahal crawled out of it.

The depths in which Miz has dug to bury his opponents on the mic has made all the difference. With repetition, his promos and ensuing matches have actually become must-see. Miz has the girl, the groupies, the groomed polish of a World Champion… and yet he isn't one. Here in 2017, The Miz does it all which sadly includes being written off to accommodate bigger draws. Given what he‘s accomplished lately, you’d think Miz would be above getting squashed by Cena at Mania and wrestling in front of 50 people on the SummerSlam pre-show. Such treatment no doubt adds to the ever-growing chip on Miz’s shoulder but will he ever be able to cash in on it? His odds on RAW don’t look too promising.

More and more members of The Miztourage are wishing he never left SmackDown because it’s quickly become as apparent as fatherhood that Miz won’t be borrowing Brock’s belt at any point in the foreseeable future. The closest I can picture him near the Universal Championship is playing fodder to Roman next spring after Reigns regains the title at WM34. There’s something to be said however for what Miz has done with the Intercontinental Championship. And in many ways, he feels like the top titleholder on RAW with Lesnar only around during the busy seasons. Miz has been a key contributor to the product over the last 12-16 months and yet the company’s struggling to produce a worthy rival for the A-lister.

Perhaps it’s due to creative reshuffling storylines at a ridiculous rate but the No Mercy card is filling up fast and The Miz still doesn’t have an official opponent for the event. Quite the snub when you consider this critically acclaimed run he’s put together. There’s a good chance Kurt gives his illegitimate son a shot at the gold but despite some strong showings from Jason Jordan in recent weeks, granting Angle Lite Dark an Intercontinental Title match at No Mercy seems beneath The Miz (and keep in mind that’s usually where Maryse resides). Which begs the question: if they can’t find him suitable competition now, should Miz be moved up to the next weight class?

There’s a sea of fans clamoring for The Miz to become World Champion but is that plausible when the Universal Title scene’s constantly on pause? And with RAW appearing to be where the big boys play, would he look out of place standing alongside Reigns, Lesnar and Strowman? It’s certainly easier to envision Miz carrying the torch on SmackDown but KO’s been straight fire lately. The blue brand already has their top heel which is why I believe Miz belongs on RAW as it keeps everything balanced. Regardless of which show he wrestles on, the IWC’s pushing for The Miz to be elevated and the same argument rings true for Styles. To be honest though, I’d much rather watch them revitalize WWE’s midcard titles than be tasked with putting over lesser men at the main event level.

Management wouldn’t waste any time turning those two into paper champions and crumbling their credibility into tiny balls (which is where Stephanie cuts in). As rewarding as it was for The Miz to finally grow a pair last summer on SmackDown, I think his future is brighter on RAW. While the guy’s in-ring abilities have steadily progressed, he fits far better on WWE’s talk show than their wrestling one. Yeah Miz has a lower ceiling when working Monday nights but why not just keep enhancing his legacy as Intercontinental Champion? If he continues to deliver at this pace, the right opportunity will come along sooner or later.

Just don’t make the miztake of turning him face again because that shit was nearly a career killer. The sudden change of heart almost finished Miz off like the guy he stole the figure four from. As much as it appeals to the horror fan in me, I’m really not that interested in Braun targeting the It Couple and threatening to rip their baby from Maryse’s womb.


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