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Posted in: Wrestling Rainbow
By SkitZ
Dec 6, 2017 - 11:16:33 PM

The Day The Busick Died

Welcome back to the column that's branching out by playing limbo with Leaf's shtick - Wrestling Rainbow.

Okay so today's topic isn't tied to Lucha Underground but it does revolve around another indy-type promotion with impressive production value and alternative programming. They've both developed cult followings over the past few years but NXT's only tends to show up for special occasions (not like Full Sail tapings give crowds much to chant about). Despite the amount of filler we're fed on a weekly basis though, the yellow brand serves to satisfy the average WWE consumer who craves something different and boy do fans eat that shit up. Granted the term "TakeOver" doesn't sit quite right with me since every event's so warmly received but I digress digest it anyway. Perhaps Triple H's traveling territory is such a big hit because it indulges the diehards whereas Vince stingily clings to every slice (he sure as hell doesn't mind serving humble pie to NXT graduates though). Sadly, the old school mentality that Dusty brought to the table has taken a backseat to a more fast-tracked train of thought and I find myself struggling to keep pace with Hunter's progressive product.

Expansion drives up demand and thus I completely understand the need to restock WWE's developmental brand with fresh faces so frequently. Lately though the PC has become less a proving ground for aspiring grapplers and more a holding cell for wayward wrestlers. At least that's how it translates onto television. There's boatloads of bright-eyed n00bs who could benefit from those reps performing in front of the Full Sail faithful. Unfortunately, most of them can hardly secure a segment because those spots are reserved for Aleister Black, Roderick Strong, The Undisputed Era, etc. The current flow down in Florida reminds me of kids who go to college, put in the time and effort, graduate and then struggle to find steady work. But then you have all these other recruits who bounced around (for the sake of this argument let's call them) trade schools, suddenly show up, take an accelerated course and get promoted right into a comfy internship.

Now I'm not saying these indy darlings haven't earn their dues as the bulk of them have already been in the business for 10-15 years. Bringing in a veteran guy like Bobby Roode and putting him through the same rigors as the rookies would be insulting. There's a time and place for all these talent additions however and I believe more of the star signees should go straight to the main roster. Besides, alot of these poster boys from other promotions would be better off learning the WWE style on their feet rather than sitting in some class at the Performance Center. It'd prevent the place from getting overcrowded and afford students in training more opportunities to get casted on a taping. A guy like Kassius Ohno appears to be settling in for early retirement and an NXT coaching gig but mostly everyone else is just passing thru (not like Hero's chubby ass could keep stride with them anyway).

I will admit there's been a handful of high fliers who've benefitted tremendously from using NXT as a springboard. Sami Zayn and Johnny Gargano for instance have used it to launch their respective careers; the latter of which I believe will continue to elevate himself and capture plenty of titles along his climb. Those two committed to the process and rebuilt themselves from the foundation up with surging crowd support. Who's gonna be the next undersized star to follow in their footsteps? Probably not Lio Rush who's put-over of Asuka on Twitter at Emma's expense could end up costing the guy his literal job. Welcome to wrestling politics, pal. WWE's a place where your public image is everyone's chief concern which is where Oney Lorcan figures into all this. The former Biff Busick fits that Daniel Bryan mold where you scan across the NXT landscape and he doesn't really stand out from the field. No attention grabbing gimmick; just a plain presentation and personality. He seems totally skippable until you watch him work. That's where Oney wins you over (even when he's losing every night).

Aside from maybe being cut from the company, Lorcan isn't being groomed for anything. The dude's unkempt and rough around the edges which is why I'd take Oney over Finn in a heartthrob. Oh and for the record, this isn't SkitZ hating on the new kid on the block as if Balor Club's some kinda boy band. I'm just more attuned to the performances Lorcan's been delivering when called upon (seldom as it is). He deserves more spotlight moments in my mind and while I genuinely enjoyed their series of matches, the fact that Oney's been scripted to team with Danny Birch indefinitely bums me out. The only thing that currently comes close is having a less active sex life than my grandfather. Sometimes the truth hurts (wishing K-Kwik a speedy recovery from arm surgery btw) and Lorcan appears destined to dwell in developmental hell forever. A damn shame since he strikes me as someone who could grow into an organic underdog and carve out a nice niche if NXT wasn't so cluttered.

Oney's hard hitting to the point where you feel every uppercut (unlike Orton who's every movement I'm numb to). He's the type of tough bastard that blue collar cities like Boston and Chicago love to rally behind because of his tenacity. Lorcan's such a scrappy resilient fighter that I can conceivably picture him pulling off a major upset on any given night. Ah if only ol' Biff could go back to the future and change the course of history. Had Busick arrived 2-3 years earlier, I don't think he'd blend into the background so seamlessly nowadays. If SkitZ could communicate with Oney directly, he'd say "Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play" and no those aren't song lyrics... I'm just a believer of his smashmouth style. Lorcan's like a mix between Steve Blackman and Gollum from Lord of the Rings. You can't tell if the dude's about to unleash some Street Fighter shit or gouge your fucking eyes out.

Lorcan's hardly the kind of character you build a franchise around though. I mean has he even worked a TakeOver yet? It would've been a nice early Christmas gift for Oney to land a spot on the WarGames card but they scrooged him right off the show! No wonder he's been bulking up as of late. Buff Busick's hoping to pop up on management's gaydar in Patrick Clark-esque fashion. Velveteen Dream is the Orlando Jordan of NXT; only he's proven more flamboyant than Darren Young and Rico combined. Clark being a physical specimen doesn't hurt his cause either (hence why Lorcan's recently resorted to some pain and gain in the weight room). A dramatic increase in muscle mass skyrockets your chances of being strapped for success in WWE. How else do you explain two-turds of 3MB becoming World Champions this year? I just wish we lived in a world where Oney's workrate alone was enough to get him over the hump. Damn Wednesdays.

Whether he's wrestling Roode, Almas or Itami, I always find myself engaged in Lorcan's matches. What's not to like about a gritty competitor who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty? I'd totally cheerlead in Oney's corner if they ever gave him a ball to run with. It sucks seeing him sit on the sidelines while a slew of indy stars nonchalantly use Full Sail as a warm-up routine. I miss watching relative unknowns evolve into household names after being assigned new ones at the PC. While it's great that NXT continues cultivating young talent like AoP and the Street Profits, those opportunities are becoming fewer and farther between as evidenced by the furious case of Biff Busick (yeah I'm mad, bro). Lorcan still succumbing to squashes is similar to Tye Dillinger being doomed as the next Zack Ryder in that I should've seen it coming. Doesn't make it any less aggravating though.

I realize Oney isn't polished enough to appeal to the right people but who knows. He could be the diamond in the rough that slips through the company's clutches because they're goddamn gold diggers. Or perhaps he's worthless. Either way, it's impossible to invest in someone you don't promote. And if Lorcan can't even retain a regular gig in developmental, what reason is there to believe he'll ever become a future champion on any brand? Or even reach the main roster for that matter? If NXT really wanted to shock the system, they'd give it a rest with the Lars Sullivans of the world and stop snoozing on the Oney Lorcans. Give the underdog something to sink his teeth into, Triple H. Given how many eggs you've piled into one basket, I wouldn't be surprised if he left the nest due to neglect. Between the Performance Center being crammed to capacity, the Cruiserweights and the UK crew, Oney is but a speck on the ass of sports entertainment. Here's hoping his partner gets injured soon so Lorcan can go into business for himself, start acting broken and channel some Biff Busick.

...What? It worked for Matt Hardy.

SkittleZ Riddles

Ahhh I nearly pitched a shutout with my last riddle but one reader managed to connect the clues correctly (nice work, Ghrim0016). Daniel Bryan was the mystery man in question and here's how it breaks down. The "Million dollar question" line pertains to the frequent chatter regarding Danielson's in-ring return, whether WWE's doctors will clear him and the drop in salary that would come with returning to the indies. Second line is self-explanatory and the third refers to Bryan's flying headbutt, winning both World Titles at WMXXX and his 2016 retirement speech. Lastly, I used the term "reverse Sandow" to describe D-Bry because he successfully cashed in his MITB briefcase, stuck with the company and ditched his entrance robe. My little brain teaser resulted in a 7% Correct Guess Ratio which means I'm surrounded by stupid idiots. Redeem yourselves!


I'm the one thing that's not like the others,

In an earlier stable too / Although there's two others who still hover,

I've battled lots of legends but never that one, brother...

You've seen my wife before but I don't really love her.


Are you hip to my lingo or do I have ya shooting blanks? Send me your guess via email (skitztmrlop@gmail.com) or post it in the comments section below. I’ll reveal the mystery wrestler in my next column which should materialize on the Main Page before Monday. Yours truly plans on keeping this pitiful parody parade rolling along until the Rumble so if it's already making you seasick, I'd abandon ship now.


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