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Posted in: Wrestling Rainbow
Our Two Cents ~ SkitZ & Spin Just Made His List (Ranking the Runs of Jericho)
By SkitZ & Spinmaster
Dec 31, 2017 - 7:57:00 AM

Steven Bell rocks!

SkitZ: Well here we are on the eve of New Year’s and Y2J wrestling his first non-WWE match in forever annnnd it’s finally happened. I’ve spent the past five months chasing Spinster down to do this collab with me and it’s proved as difficult as finding a potential spouse. But despite all his procrastinating and pussyfooting around the project, I stuck by said partner and eventually my unwavering patience paid off! Prepare yourselves though because Spinster’s gonna try and persuade you otherwise. Poor bastard’s in denial.

Spin: Oh good!! I love when we start off with a game of who can tell the best lie. My turn. SkitZ is the most dependable partner in the world and having him on my side means I’ll never feel rejected ever again. In fact, his ex told me he’s liable to propose in the amount of time it takes him to remove a bra (which is 4 hours, but dammit that’s still pretty fast for a proposal). Did I win SkitZ? Or, in the words of Elf, are you going to continue sitting on your throne of lies. Reality, dear readers, is that I’ve been riding SkitZ about this column like Vince rides Roman’s dick. Believe the rainbow weirdo if you wish, but me and his former fling know the truth.

SkitZ: Alright for starters, I’d appreciate if you stopped prying in my personal affairs... but realize that’s probably asking too much. Anyways, this concept came about back in August while the two of us were discussing Jericho’s multiple stints with the company. We decided to rank them countdown style and if you’re wondering why 2015 was left out entirely, it’s because live events don’t count. You have Hunter’s shield-wielding, kayfabe-slaying nonsense to thank for that. And while I can’t speak for Spinster’s lying ass, yours truly did entertain the idea of including Jericho’s infamous WCW run from 1996-99. After all, The Man of 1,004 Holds put together a laundry list of classic skits and Cruiserweight matches whilst trying to gain traction with Bischoff. If we were to go that route however, I’d feel inclined to cover Y2J’s entire career journey and that just sounds like a lot of unnecessary research.

Spin: Sounds like too much research? In other words, SkitZ’ lazy ass couldn’t be bothered to put any effort into this column. If it wasn’t for me calling him out on my wishlist this might not have gotten written until next Christmas. No point being sad about past disappointments; your ex's do that enough for the both of us. Moving along though, let’s count down the stints that SkitZ was able to concentrate on long enough to write about. Are you ready, old fart? Can you even read what I’m typing? Sweet lord, this is gonna be painful.

SkitZ: Jesus I’m not blind and hunchbacked, dude. As a matter of fact, I turn 31 years young this Wednesday so cool your jets and fly straight. We conduct ourselves with class up here on the Main Page, pal!

SkitZ & Spin Just Made His List
(Ranking the Runs of Jericho)


#6 ~ 2014

SkitZ: This rut run of Y2J’s was more like a short sprint and lasted about as long as my average Tinder relationship. I’ll give the guy some credit however as he spent the final leg of 2014 and a lengthy stretch in ‘15 on the road with WWE (albeit off television). Jericho’s level of commitment deserves kudos but what good did it do those of us who don’t trek from city to city with the company’s traveling circus? I couldn’t care less about his willingness to butter up the peanut gallery. Y2J’s three month stint did little to lift Bray Wyatt from his precarious position and the mini-feud with Orton only raised my suspicions that Jericho was becoming another pedestrian part-timer.

Spin: This is the stint that I can now lovingly call the SkitZ era. It’s the only era of Jericho’s career where he performed lazily, acted old and only appeared an average of twice a month. One comparison I can’t make to SkitZ is that this reign was utterly forgettable which, for good or bad, SkitZ never is. Jericho came in like a lamb and left like a neutered dog. Not really sure that’s the type of thing a future Hall of Famer wants to be remembered for. In my eyes, this stint will forever be a cash grab by both Jericho and WWE as a whole. Jericho got paid for appearances and WWE finally found a way to turn even the live events into a part-timer parade. Woo! So exciting. Let’s move on to something that doesn’t make House of Horrors look like a masterpiece.

SkitZ: Whoa now I’m not sure it warrants that type of cheap shot. Sure, House of Horrors was like an episode of The X-Files that offered nothing extraordinary whatsoever but at least the concept was ambitious. My biggest issue with the Wyatt/Y2J rivalry was the total lack of outside-the-box thinking from two of wrestling’s more methodical minds. Whether the blame falls on Creative’s shoulders or the veteran Jericho remains a mystery for the internet to bicker about but their entire feud failed to capture the imagination or suspend my disbelief. Hell, adolescent SkitZ conjured up better stories when faced with in-school suspension (and I sold people on them too).

Spin: Disbelief is actually the only thing I was left with by the end of this stint. Disbelief that Jericho would allow himself to be a Scrooge like miser looking for a quick payday. Disbelief that even when Bray was pushed the end result was mediocre at best. Disbelief that creative had somehow failed to ever produce a star (to this day) out of the best outside the box character since The Undertaker. Disbelief that Jericho couldn’t beat Fandango but could manage to beat a bigger and more dangerous competitor. Sometimes the WWE leaves me wanting to check myself into a nuthouse, or maybe just crawl into whatever hole SkitZ hides in for 3 weeks of every month.

#5 ~ 2013

SkitZ: To be fair, Jericho’s 2013 run isn’t nearly as shitty as everyone’s memory of it. People automatically point to Y2J’s flop of a performance against Fandango (who’s actually a half decent dance partner when he’s not being bludgeoned into mediocrity) and use that to summarize this run which just seems incredibly short sighted to me. How quickly those fans forget the awesome effort Jericho put in upon returning at the Royal Rumble that year; as well as him competing in the MOTN on nearly every RAW & SmackDown right up until the program with ‘Dango. And even afterwards, Y2J had a helluva match with CM Punk at the Payback in Chicago. The mini feud with Ryback was pretty rotten though. I refuse to defend that shit in the same breath so feel free to fill the silence while I exhale, Spinster.

Spin: I don’t know if I want to fill the silence. I’d much rather see you try to sprinkle your fairy dust over more of this crap. No matter what you argue, the fact remains that this stint was a trainwreck of terrible booking and meaningless matches. Sure Jericho had some good matches, maybe even some great ones, but did they really matter when we go back and examine his career? I mean I’ve had some pretty great performances of my own while in bad relationships. Doesn’t mean I’m going to go back and experience that shit show again. This entire stint could have been one of his best had it went the way it was intended to go. The Ryback feud was meant to happen in the lead-up to Mania which may have actually had a lasting impression on the Big Guy’s career, until something else happened to make people realize he sucked. Instead, by the time this feud happened, Ryback’s career had already started to flop and even Jericho couldn’t pull him out of the black hole. So what do ya say SkitZ? Are a bunch of meaningless good matches really that great? I for one would rather get great stories, incredible character development and memorable match performances... But that’s just me.

SkitZ: You’re wise beyond your years, my friend. Yes, 2013 was devoid of any classic encounters or catchphrases from The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla. I still feel though that - like Eminem’s new album - it’s gotten a bad rap. Would they have been able to revive Ryberg’s career had he wrestled Y2J at WM29? Doubtful. The damage had already been done and mixing Jericho’s technical style with Ryback’s clunky offense hardly smells like a winning recipe. Hell, I’d have rather watched Jericho work Mark Henry than the two matches we ended up seeing. Alright that’s a lie but seriously, fuck Ryback. His greatest strength was tweeting.

Spin: I’ve gotta disagree with you there bud. Ryback had some shred of talent; whether it was the art of bullshit, the ability to find blackmail material on Vince or another oral gift is anyone's guess. He did something though to keep himself around all those years without a lick of talent. Either way the match against Ryback would've at least made more sense than the thrown together pointlessness that was his Fandango encounter. Sure Fandango got the moves but he just doesn’t have the oomph. Funny enough the WWE pushed Fandango when no one cared, but when he became part of a fun act they buried him away in segments with no payoff. I just feel that by that time in Jericho’s career he deserved better than this ridiculous and random stint. Hopefully our next segment offers something that excites me more than the craptastic stuff we've reviewed thus far.

#4 ~ 2012

SkitZ: Considering how hot Y2J had been during his previous run, the man was bound to cool off several degrees when he returned in early January. Jericho’s 2012 run certainly kept me guessing (albeit in a head-scratching sort of way). A shoe-in to win the Rumble until Sheamus brogue kicked him into accepting runner-up. Then the Punk program happened and, while it delivered some solid matches, the storyline did squat to draw sympathy for the babyface. Trudging up the past proved pointless and felt like contrived Reality Era bullshit. The fact that Vince thought the word ‘bastard’ was such a burn just shows how soft he’s gotten. Perhaps if VKM didn’t gush over every good-looking Samoan who stepped in a wrestling ring but I digress.

Hmmm what else happened... Oh right. Jericho settled for the World Heavyweight Title when he couldn’t capture the WWE Championship, came up empty handed again, got suspended for booting the Brazilian flag, returned on RAW rockin’ his Bon Jovi best, competed in a MITB cluster he had zero chance of winning and then lost a Loser Leaves Town match to Ziggler. That about covers it, right?

Spin: Jericho did have a good career at some point right? Because after looking at these first three stints I’m beginning to question my own memories. This is another case of Jericho being an absolute non-factor in the ring and the storylines. The one thing that stands out to me is for negative reasons. The Punk feud was shock for shocks sake and not in a positive way. A feud about running down Punk’s family and saying that one day he'll be an alcoholic just like his daddy. What's the point of that and how is it supposed to entertain or help any person involved? I love how Jericho’s best feud during these years was probably with Ziggler and they weren't even given a prominent position on the card at any point. Oh well, can’t expect Vince to do anything positive with an athletic and talented person like Ziggler; there's a dozen other muscle heads in need of pushing. However, it's kinda hypocritical of you to call someone out for foreign fetishes, SkitZ. Just saying...

SkitZ: Touche. I do get my kicks watching Asuka drill other chicks in their moneymakers. And as much as it pains me to say, I sense you’re right about the Ziggler feud serving as the bright spot of this stint. When the highlights are a bedazzled jacket and Jericho smashing Punk over the head with a bottle of JD (clever play on words given his dad’s name is Jack), it’s no wonder Y2J’s 2012 landed in the bottom half of our countdown. Plus even if Vince had allowed Jericho to torture tattoo Punk on live television, I suspect that one would’ve found itself filed under WrestleCrap.

Spin: I actually may have enjoyed the live torture show more than the lame limp dick version of abuse that we ended up with. The entire feud was meant as a modern day Steamboat versus Savage, but the execution ran about as smoothly as Shockmaster breaking thru the fourth wall. Not exactly the show stealer we all hoped for now, was it? I’m surprised Jericho agreed to keep coming back after this string of so-so stints; less so about why he spent large amounts of the next few years hidden away on live events. I’d hide myself too if faced with the sort of identity crisis Jericho was experiencing. Oh well, let’s throw the trash out and dive into the goodies.

#3 ~ 2016-17

SkitZ: Our three readers may take issue with us two ranking this one so low and I’ll be the first to admit it deserves high praise. Jericho masterfully managed his way back to the top of the mountain in ‘16 despite seemingly becoming another over-the-hill star from yesteryear. Y2J’s extended feuds with Styles and Ambrose did little to alter that perception but then the impossible happened… Jericho got himself a best friend. How two complete sociopaths were able to coexist for eight months was something that had to be seen to be believed but they kept RAW watchable during a really rough stretch of television. Y2J reinvented himself once again but sadly without a time machine to channel Millennium Man Jericho. I’m afraid the first-ever Undisputed Champion couldn’t match his conditioning from the early-mid 2000s and thus had to rely more than ever on entertaining crowds in other capacities (i.e. tormenting Todd Phillips on a nightly basis). Seriously Spinster, when was the last time Jericho delivered a legitimate mat classic?

Spin: I believe the date was January 4th, 2018 when the Alpha faced the Omega and the world as we know it ended when each and every fanboy reached climax simultaneously; creating the biggest cum tidal wave since Woodstock. On second thought, that’ll probably be another letdown just like the Punk/Jericho program. When it comes to this run, and people being angry about its ranking, I simply ask them to point out the memorable matches instead of moments. When they realize they can’t then we will continue on as they crawl back into the man cave from whence they came. This was a fantastic reinvention for Jericho but putting a new coat of paint on a rotten bench doesn’t make it more sturdy. Jericho was hampered by his ability and did everything he could to make himself a star without it. He succeeded, but not enough to make this run better than his top two.

SkitZ: I’ll drink to that. The Jerichoholics have had nearly two months to digest his NJPW return and they’re still loopy from the after effects. Twitter’s created enough buzz around Jericho/Omega to stir even my interest and I’ve been sippin’ the WWE kool-aid for 20 years now. Kenny’s like a spinoff of late 90s Jericho that’s strung out on Japanese energy drinks. He’ll be walking a tightrope on Thursday but Y2J’s a puppet master at stringing matches together so I’m sure they’ll keep everyone roped in for the duration of the ride.

As for Jericho’s rollercoaster of a 2016, I do think it killed some of the storyline momentum that Vince didn’t go full tilt with the JeriKO rivalry and make them the main attraction at WM33. Their Festival of Friendship segment highlighted the type of layered backstory that once defined the Road to WrestleMania. KO’s seven-month title reign screeching to a halt at Fastlane curbed my enthusiasm real quick. Perhaps the company felt obligated to compensate for Goldberg and Lesnar’s series of quickies by packaging the Universal Championship in with it? Either way, JeriKO should’ve been the marquee Mania match with the most at stake. Then you book Brock to pound Owens into chicken nuggets later on down the line, reclaim the belt and Roman’s precious redemption story is no worse for the wear.

Spin: Would the feud have been better overall if the Universal Title were involved? I can’t say for certain, but it damn sure couldn’t have hurt. Brock and Goldberg definitely didn’t need the title as fans of such limited oily encounters would have loved it either way. Poor Owens spent months proving he deserved the title with above average matches, the best segments of the year and the most entertaining feud. When the time came however, none of that mattered since Vince needed to prove once again that the 90s still reigned supreme. If that were truly the case, you’d think Jericho would be the face of the company every time he resurfaced. Nevermind, I forgot you had to be established in the 90s and sculpted out of steroids. Silly me. Next!!

#2 ~ 1999-2005

SkitZ: The notion that nothing’s ever as good as your first time is fuckin’ nonsense. Take me losing my virginity for instance. It was such a scarring experience, I’ve permanently removed the image from my mind. That’s right; no recollection of the attempted sex whatsoever. And likewise, a lot of Jericho’s rookie year with the company was completely forgettable. There were special moments such as his fluke WWE Title victory and verbal spats with Stephanie but it took Y2J awhile to flush WCW out of his system. Jericho became an important cog in the machine during 2001 and had a terrific run but, following his WrestleMania XIX program with HBK, management made him a permanent fixture in the midcard. No longer a top priority, it felt like Y2J spent a couple years there wrestling a repetitive playlist of Christian, RVD and Benjamin. Hell, his entire 2004 is a blur to me and ‘05 remains a bit foggy as well. Jericho’s involvement in the creation of MITB and ensuing feud with Cena reminded us of his worth but Y2J already had one foot out the door by that point. I can’t knock the dude at all for stepping away when he did. Vince clearly wasn’t gonna make him a household name judging from the glass ceiling he had repaired after Jericho punched through it.

Spin: If not for the period of time between 2001 and 2003, this run would have fallen below the List of Jericho in a heartbeat. For the beginning and end of this run Jericho was nothing but a fly on the wall of more important and interesting storylines. It bugged me how, despite Jericho's best efforts, Rock, Austin, Triple H and Cena were always treated as superiors. Y2J was left having to rely solely on his wrestling skills which - in the world of sports entertainment - will only get you as far as a first date with SkitZ (forgettable but with a lasting sense of shame). Jericho must've perfected his ass kissing abilities though because they treated him like a bonafide star for two years. He became the first Undisputed Champion, defeated poster boys Rock and Austin in the same night, had fantastic matches against HHH and stole the show against HBK at Wrestlemania XIX. But by mid 2003, he'd developed a bad case of cold sores and could no longer please Vince in the ways a McMahon prefers. Now all we have are memories.

SkitZ: Yeah like being dumped and emasculated by Chyna of all hermaphrodites. Jericho’s little love affair with Trish was pretty balls too. It also didn’t help that Y2J began to hit his stride amidst the Invasion angle which casted a dark cloud over some of Jericho’s brighter accomplishments. Shit, the lead-up to WM18 should’ve been a career-defining stretch for the King of the World. Instead he was kept on a short leash and designated to petsitting while Stephanie squabbled with Hunter. Despite the mounting pile of WrestleCrap though, there’s still plenty to appreciate about Jericho’s initial six years with the company. The stuff he did with Regal and Rocky for example was fire; as well as his short lived alliances with Benoit & Christian (I’m probably going to hell for mentioning those two words in the same breath). The less said about his hair feud with Nash the better but I can blab all day about the missed potential surrounding an Eddie/Jericho program.

Spin: Whatever do you mean? The Nash feud is the greatest single feud in Jericho’s illustrious career. He carried the old cripple to a match that stands the test of time and should’ve been awarded MATCH OF THE YEAR in 2003. Yeesh, I think my mind’s been fried from all the wrestlecrap I’ve been watching and reviewing. I do agree wholeheartedly about the build to Wrestlemania 18. It could have been the final piece to making Jericho a star for the ages. Instead Vince was too busy reinforcing HHH as a company pillar; to the point of sacrificing crowd response just so he could end the show as champ. Of course the one time an older competitor should have closed Mania (i.e. Hogan) is the time that Vince snoozes on it. Poor Jericho was a victim of circumstance and bad booking far too many times throughout his career.

#1 ~ 2007-2010

SkitZ: Half as long as Jericho’s first run but twice as impactful (thank goodness he didn’t sign with TNA inbetween). Quality over quantity they say which is why we’ve circled this one as the defining era of Y2J’s career. Upon his return in ‘07, it felt very much like the reunion tour of a faded rock star who was perfectly content with his midcard status so long as it meant collecting a nice paycheck. Jericho spent much of those first six months working the likes of JBL and Jeff Hardy but went through quite the transformation after WM24. Slow-speaking, suit-wearing Jericho took center stage and stole the show for a significant stretch (with Shawn’s assistance of course). And despite WWE’s insistence on pushing Cena, Batista, etc., Y2J continued to carry on as if the wrestling world revolved solely around him. Jericho’s 2009 campaign was just as critically acclaimed and even more decorated; capturing the Intercontinental Title, becoming Unified Tag Team Champions with Big Show and elevating both divisions whilst doing so.

Y2J’s initial tenure might offer a wider range of work but this dramatic shift in personality and appearance speaks for itself. Just listen to a couple of his promos from that timeframe. ‘08 Jericho had the aura of a Starrcade headliner (too bad his apprentice hit the exits early). And for every tale of him owning Goldberg in the locker room, there’s one of Jericho popping a fan in the parking lot to trump it. Or even better...

Spin: Finally a stint with more positives than negatives. Sure it started slow and a bit boring but that was just Jericho’s attempt at foreplay with the audience (it had obviously been awhile since he needed a rub from the fans). Thankfully Jericho’s massive ego took over and he told everyone what he already believed: That he was the best in the world at what he did. Jericho had such an amazing run of matches during these two years that many people actually began to believe his claims. So much that for the first time Chris Jericho was being placed in the conversation for greatest of all time. A claim that some people still make to this day and one that's influence has spread to other promotions, such as NJPW. Whether it was against Shawn in the World Title division, Rey in the Intercontinental division or DX in the Tag Title division, Jericho was a star and a show stealer. This reign is undoubtedly number one since, without it, a column like this wouldn't exist.

SkitZ: I find it fitting too that Orton - the guy who kick started Y2J’s comeback three years prior - would be the same one to punt Jericho back into inactivity come 2010. In hindsight, I’d rather Randy have stepped away and Y2J stayed but them’s the brakes. There were a few bumpy moments for Jericho heading into WrestleMania 25 & 26 that suffered from plot holes (granted he approached both firing on all cylinders and with fantastic heel work to boot). I just wish things had run smoother because, with all due respect to Piper, Snuka and Steamboat, Y2J was above sharing the ring with those bums. Same goes for his spear-saturated feud with Edge which did little to make the World Heavyweight Title seem like a big deal at The Show of Shows. Had Jericho wrestled Mickey Rourke like originally scheduled and then challenged Taker’s streak a year later, this run of Y2J’s would belong in another category altogether.

Spin: I do agree with the Mickey Rourke statement but I doubt Jericho versus Taker could have possibly been as great as Taker/HBK II. I think the problem that year was not with the match competitors, but with the booking as a whole. Edge was awkwardly pushed as a white meat babyface instead of being allowed to keep the “edge” that made him engaging in the first case. If Edge and Jericho could have went at each other in a who’s-the-sneakiest type of battle, I think we’d be talking about that match in a whole different way today. The two of them were crazy creative which should have produced a potential show-stealer. Despite those issues though, there’s no denying that Jericho was the Best in the World (or at least WWE) at what he did during this period. Y2J solidified himself as one of wrestling's all-time greats but is this run really his greatest to date? That’s for our three devoted readers to decide.


SkitZ: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED - I’ve successfully hacked into Super Chrisss’ main server. That’s what he gets for being “too busy” to collab with his colorful colleague. Eh I suppose you weren’t too shabby of a substitute, Spinster. Any last words?

Spin: I regret every second I spent pestering you to do this. You’re a dirty little rainbow loving, column idea stealing, bold faced liar. So with that being said, when will you be ready to begin our next collab?

SkitZ: Soon. I like bringing in bottom feeders to fill the void left by my lack of comments below. It beats talking to a blank box.


Your Few Cents: Is Chris Jericho the greatest gift of our generation?

(that’s a rhetorical question you stupid idiots)

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