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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mightier (Sep 30) The Main Event
By pen15
Sep 29, 2012 - 6:16:19 PM

The Main Event

WWE has a huge opportunity with this new show on Ion. I’m doubting it will reach the caliber of programming the name would allow you to expect, but there’s a way to make it work. I’ll quickly go over some of the realistic possibilities.

Not True Main Event

So, we get CM Punk vs Sheamus for the debut episode. Don’t get used to it. We won’t be seeing too many blockbuster PPV headlining matches, no matter what the name of the show is. This match will not end clean, nor will it develop into a rematch. Most likely Punk will cheat to win, and Cena will make an appearance to chase the WWE Champion out. That’s it. And that will be the biggest moment in the history of the show. Just like Undertaker vs Matt Hardy was the biggest match in the modern era of Superstars. After that main event debut, the show trickled into the faux-NXT it is now on wwe.com.

No, I wouldn’t get used to the main event guys on Ion. The only way we can realistically expect that to happen is in matches similar to the first ever Superstars main event, where a main event guy will work a main event match against a midcard talent. Now, this is will be golden. We all knew Undertaker would beat Matt Hardy, but it was an amazing match. And it was probably the biggest opponent of Hardy’s singles career. The fact that the match wasn’t a squash was a great help for the younger Hardy. Matt had a great showcase of beating down the Deadman. He didn’t get the victory, but he held his own. And that was integral.

So, I wouldn’t be too shocked to see Sheamus, Cena and Punk appear often on the Main Event (especially on weeks where they didn’t wrestle on TV on Monday or Friday nights). Their opponents won’t be evenly matched though. Again, not a bad thing. I don’t think too many people would complain about seeing Cena vs Antonio Cesaro, or Punk vs Tyson Kidd. And it would benefit those stars in the long run. Imagine Kidd has an amazing match with Punk. The right WWE executive could see this and make some changes in Kidd’s booking going forward.

The main event guys won’t headline the show too often, but the show's name is important and relevant, because I think this show will showcase who will be the next to be a PPV Main Event player.

Title Main Events

I called for more Title defenses on TV in a main event position for Raw and Smackdown a few weeks back. This could be a successful alternative. Not for WWE or World Title defenses. But the spotlight on Antonio Cesaro to headline Ion’s The Main Event to defend his United States Championship would be more beneficial than anything he’s done so far on Smackdown. It’s not hard to imagine Michael Cole hyping up the Wednesday night show on Raw, saying “And the Main Event this week will have the US Champ Antonio Cesaro defending his title against former champion Kofi Kingston.” And the boost Cesaro would receive from even that TV mention would be enormous.

Therefore, the door is wide open for the US, Intercontinental, Divas and Tag Team Championships to be placed in a headlining match more often. And that is exactly what I’m looking for on TV. I really don’t mind seeing Punk vs Cena being reserved for PPV. Instead, give me a main event quality match between the next generation of Wrestlemania headliners on TV in their own 20 minute showcase. After the Divas action we’ve seen since Layla dropped the title, I don’t think there’d be any reason not to have a Divas Title match headline Ion’s new show. And, anyone who’s seen NXT lately knows how good of a spotlight that show has been for the Ascension. So this program would help the Tag Team division flourish even more.

I’m excited for Ion’s The Main Event.

But, then again, I was once excited for superstars too.

And on that note, peace out.

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