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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mightier [Sep 25] Blog: Raw Main Event & Los Matadores
By PEN15
Sep 25, 2013 - 12:07:54 PM

Sep 25 - Raw Main Event & Los Matadores

WWE Thoughts

Raw Main Event

The final 30-40 minutes of Raw this week were so absolutely perfect.

I am not claiming it was a 5 star match, or a multi man match on the level of the Radicals from 2000.

But it was still perfect.

TV main events in general should not be the type of match that draws on name power alone. If the names involved in the match were impressive enough, they’d be worth putting on Pay Per View. But a TV match that intrigues like a bizarre never-before-seen 11 on 3 elimination match, and delivers amazing action? It can’t be beat. Consider how that 3 hour Raw was essentially its own 3 hour story. The announcement of the match was made in the first segment. Then, about half of the matches that took place before the main event were serving a purpose to the storyline that was capped off by the 11-on-3 contest. The beating Van Dam took earlier in the night had a direct impact on the main event. That’s quite incredible when you think about it.

On top of that, the match itself was the type that leaves viewers with absolutely nothing to complain about, including even the most jaded internet smart mark. I may be included in that label, but there is a group of fans that seemingly always have something to complain about. That match was almost like WWE was defying these fans to pinpoint a weakness. Even the common complaint of “this made someone look weak” can’t be said. No one looked bad on either side of the ring. The Shield looked to be just as dominant as always, while the 11 man team won the match in clean fashion. Dolph Ziggler and the Usos were given possibly the biggest spotlight of their careers during the main event in how they eliminated Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose using their finishing maneuvers. And the live Chicago audience ate it up, leaving an even bigger impression on the fans sitting at home. It was masterful.

As a result of this match, I’m a tad more excited for Smackdown when Dolph Ziggler challenges Dean Ambrose for the US Title. Whenever The Usos get their championship match against Rollins and Reigns, I’ll be a lot more excited than I was for the Money in the Bank kick-off.

Wonderful storytelling.

Los Matadores

It seems that many are quick to scoff at the potential of Primo and Epico’s newest personas. I find this odd to say the least, especially considering how strong the tag division is looking recently. Think of all the major debuts over the last year:
-The Shield
-The Wyatt Family
-Los Matadores

There’s been more attention to making the tag division matter than we’ve seen in almost a decade, if not more.

That being said, the strength of the tag division lies with the villains. The Usos are more than capable heroes to cheer for, as are the Prime Time Players. But none of these teams really have that sort of credibility to unseat champions on the level of Rollins and Reigns. While it would not take that much work to get them to that level (I dare say The Usos might just be there after Monday night), the former Colons would be a much easier option to work into that position. Let them debut on Monday, and work the obvious feud with the Real Americans, letting both teams get a few hot moments over a few weeks. Eventually, the masked bull fighters can get a solid victory, and move into title consideration vs The Shield. A month of promos/vignettes, added with their exciting in-ring style, and a strong angle with Cesaro/Swagger will work wonders for the team as they climb the tag ranks.

During almost every strong point in tag team wrestling, there was a team that performed a “cruiserweight” style. In the late 80s Golden Era, you had the Killer Bees and the Rockers for example. In the TLC era, the Hardys most certainly filled that role. While I won’t put today’s tag team resurgence on either of those era’s levels, it still wouldn’t hurt to include Los Matadores to wreck havok in a high flying way, and help them stand out from the rest of the teams.

Even if they never win the WWE Tag Team Championships, there’s still a major kudos owed to WWE for putting this much care into a tag team, and therefore the division altogether. This was a team that needed a creative boost to remove them from the possible Future Endeavored line, so anything is an improvement. Even if they look like a cross of El Matador Tito Santana and Also Montoya, it’s still exciting to see more layers being added to the tag team division.

And on that note, Peace out

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