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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mightier [Oct 11] Blog: Questions / The Happy Birthday edition)
By PEN15
Oct 11, 2013 - 3:45:47 PM

Oct 10 - Questions


I recently read how Jesse White, the former NXT star Jake Carter and son of Vader, is now being booked in a tag team with his former World Champion dad overseas. Why didn’t WWE do this? Why hasn’t WWE never done this with any of their 2nd/3rd/4th generation wrestlers? Vader as a World Title contender would be ludicrous in 2013, but as a mentor in a team with his son in today’s WWE Tag division? That’s not a bad idea. It certainly seems possible that the Rhodes brothers will soon be tag champions, and the age difference is almost the same as a father and son duo.
If not the Whites, what other possibilities are there? Not too often can the father and son still compete, as most fathers are retired due to injury (Steamboat, DiBiase...etc). Maybe Haku and Camacho?

Would a mixed tag team championship work in today’s WWE?

How much have WWE learned from their mistakes from the Summer of Punk? It seems that they have, judging by the amount of effort put into Daniel Bryan. Maybe not all of their errors, but a choice many of them have been corrected.

Speaking of, would CM Punk be as over as Daniel Bryan is now had WWE giving a proper push to the Voice of the Voiceless in 2011-2012? I say yes. Even with Cena’s return in an obvious undercard storyline to the main event platform Daniel Bryan Danielson is on, the spotlight is most certainly aimed on the bearded one in a way the Best in the World never received. It’ll be interesting to see how Punk fits into the WWE title picture once he’s done with Heyman. Cena, Bryan, and Punk as the top faces of WWE in 2013 is hopefully going to work out just as well as when Austin, Undertaker and Rock were on top in 2001. The Attitude Era had its flaws, but star power was not one of them. All their top talent were portrayed rather equally, and could have realistically walked out of any PPV as WWE champion without issue.

Would a Cesaro face turn work? I think there’s an opportunity there, but I hope they don’t center it around the popularity of the Big Swing. As entertaining as it is, it feels like they’ve reached a dead end with it now that he’s performed it on the Great Khali two nights in a row. Cesaro is an amazing wrestler, but obviously lacks in the entertainment portion of sports-entertainment, which is a bigger concern when trying to draw a positive reaction from the crowd than a negative one. So, how could this be worked around? I have an idea I’d like to share. The Real American angle is a bit goofy considering how he’s Swiss. I didn’t hate the idea, and still don’t, but the gimmick was harder to take seriously after Cesaro joined Swagger and Colter. In the possible revamped tag team division, there’s a great opportunity for the current Real Americans to be split into 2 teams. Colter and Swagger should catch Antonio chatting with Aksana, his former non-American diva associate, and Colter/Swagger slowly turn their backs on him. I would introduce a 3rd Real American to the stable around this time. Who? And NXT call up would suffice, or maybe Big E, David Otunga, or a heel Kofi Kingston. Honestly, it doesn’t matter too much, as long as it’s someone who would benefit from the change of scenary. This would lead to Cesaro needing to find a partner to take on the new Real Americans. Enter Wade Barrett. Cesaro and Barrett seems like a solid heel team, but I think both are ready to try out a face run. Imagine Cesaro/Barrett vs Swagger/Langston? That’s an awesome tag team match, in my opinion.

Then again, maybe Cesaro could just use a manager. Someone who was once had a theme song about being a Real American…


It’s almost a 2 part question: will there be 2 PPVs in October 2014 once again, and if so, will they stick with the Battleground name? I hope not, to both questions.

Which has been the most successful/popular of the new era of theme PPVs? I think Money in the Bank is a landslide winner in this category, with TLC and Elimination Chamber being pretty damn close. Has anyone really felt that Hell in a Cell has worked out though? I don’t. None of the events have really worked out well, with 2009 being the only somewhat success with the DX vs Legacy main event, and the underrated Cena vs Orton program running through the Cell. But overall? Blah.

Is there something wrong with the WWE travelling schedule? I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia now (for the last 3 years, after living 28 years in Montreal, Quebec) and I have only seen 1 live event here. Because there’s only been 1 live event here. I remember a Raw being taped in 1997 during the Hart Foundation era, and wikipedia shows they’ve been here in 2003 for a Raw/Smackdown taping, and Superstars back in 1993. I don’t know much about the details in touring, and I know coming to our distant province must be an extra effort for them. But with dwindling attendance being an apparent issue for all events, why aren’t they touring more to the areas they visit less often? I found they avoided Montreal too much when I lived there, despite selling out the Molson/Bell Centre several times. It just seems that they have the TV/PPV events at too many of the same venues, and that it might be a reason why live attendance is down. I have not facts or figures saying Atlantic Canada would be a sellout hotbed for a Smackdown taping, but I know Montreal sold out the live TV programs on a regular basis (and less often the taped or non-TV live events). Why not travel to the Metro Centre here for a minor PPV like Battleground?

Is everyone as happy with the tag division these days as I am? Not only are the Usos, Real Americans, the Prime Time Players, the Wyatt Family and Los Matadores getting solid attention, but the champions are in a tremendous position in a near-main event capacity. I am also betting on seeing the Rhodes family taking on the Shield for the championships in the near future. I know a common issue brought up was how would the Shield drop the titles after looking so dominant for almost a year. Cody and Dustin/Goldust have answered that with their new storyline. They would also be a solid team to drop the titles to one of the previously mentioned duos, be it the Wyatts or Colter’s Real Americans (or my conceived Swagger/Langston combo). I truly believe WWE could put out a DVD collection of tag team wrestling. I’m not sure the market would buy it, but I would.

Does anyone already miss AJ? I think something is to be learned about this absence, as without their star of the division, there’s nothing to work with. Yay for 6 Diva tag action!
Wait, no. Boo that. Yes, boo 6 Diva tag action. Boo.

Happy Birthday to Missouri Dragon, one of the all-time best LOPforums posters. If he’s still around and reading, cheers to you. And to suicide survivalist Artie Lange. And to the 32nd anniversary of my successful escape from my mother’s uterus. Cheers to me, still the best.

And on that note, Peace out

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