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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mightier [Nov 5] Blog - Reset Reactions
By PEN15
Nov 5, 2013 - 12:30:03 PM

Nov 5 - Reset Reaction

Reset Reaction

As is customary for wrestling, the Raw after Hell in a Cell was presented as a reset for many characters and storylines. Not a reset in the genre of how WCW removed all the titles when the Russo/Bischoff team took over, but more like how the post-Wrestlemania Raw tends to switch focuses from the Road to Mania from the previous 4-5 months. Almost every Superstar had their decks reshuffled. And, as always, the Internet Wrestling Community online had their own response to the various changes - some good, some bad.

I didn’t jump into the discussion because as with most resets, one show does not shape the future. I let the next week of WWE happenings take place, to see what was built on the foundation created by the “reset.”


It seemed like a minor note last week, but it turned into a major happening this week. Post-Cell, Kane demolished The Miz, and then took off his mask to make himself available to the Authority, as that is what was best for business. No word from the man for over a week, and with only minutes left on Raw this past week, the now maskless Kane came out through the curtain in a suit and tie.

It seemed logical that he’d be most useful to combat the Big Show in some form, though it’s not the most exciting option. Kane vs Big Show has never been a show stealing match, even with their invigorated characters of late 2013. Thankfully, I doubt this will end up in a PPV marquee bout, but rather merely a bridge for The Big Show to cross to get to HHH. I’d suggest the Show vs Orton angle is going to be a single PPV only, Show moving onto TLC vs suit & tie Kane, and then possibly the anticipated bout with HHH at the Royal Rumble. The timing could switch up, but it is hard to imagine Kane coming out last night and not be used to keep The Big Show at bay.

Will we see a major shift in Kane’s in-ring style? Perhaps. The one Kane vs Big Show match I truly enjoyed was from an episode of Raw when they worked a scientific contest.

Maybe we could see Kane work a “safer” style now that he’s corporate (and aging)?

John Cena

I truly am enjoying how Cena has been used on Raw the past 2 weeks. There’s little denying his star power, but WWE have been very reserved with the amount of TV time he’s given. He started out the previous Raw and had his win over Sandow in a blockbuster performance from both men, and then wasn’t heard from again. This week, he was announced for a match, did a promo before all 6 men entered the ring that helped hype up his partners, and then competed in a tag match where he didn’t get the pinfall. And again, was gone.

John Cena’s presence isn’t always necessary, but if he’s going to be on the show, this is the way to use him. Let him put over the advertisement for Susan G Koman, let him deliver his impressive matches, and that’s it. The 3 hours of Raw are being separated nicely among everyone who needs it.

And once again he is proving my theory to be correct in that the titles have no credibility on their own. After the amount of time we’ve been hearing people complaint about the lack of importance put into the World Title, all it takes is a true superstar to hold onto it, and the complaints cease. On top of that the WWE Title is still being presented as the #1 title in the company, meaning John Cena is not hogging away TV time from other deserving talents. In fact, including and since Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton, CM Punk, The Big Show, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena have all been presented rather equally. This is beautiful. I understand having a “face of the WWE,” but the company has always done their best business when there was more than just an Austin or Hogan to depend on. Cena might be the top star, but if Punk, Orton and Bryan are all on a level playing field with him, and featured just as prominently, I have no doubt you’ll see an increase in ratings, sales, and buyrates. Why depend on a single top star when you can have 3-5 top stars?

Daniel Bryan

This topic was the main portion I wanted to get to. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of flack towards WWE for not making Daniel Bryan THE MOTHER****ING man quick enough. I’m sorry, but if you believe this, you’re an asshole. It really feels like there’s a growing portion of the fanbase who believe that a single ending to the story is acceptible, and everything else is shit. Man, I wonder how these people can enjoy any media or form of entertainment. “What, Freddy/Chucky/Jason/Michael dies at the end? I’ll never watch a slasher movie again!”

Yeah, you do pretty much sound like this.

Daniel Bryan is a made man in a way CM Punk could only dream of. Yes, Punk had the historic title reign, but he was nowhere near the star that Daniel Bryan is currently. I do feel Punk has more of the attributes to be a top star than Bryan does, but WWE is striking while the iron is hot. Bryan is, as they say, OAF: Over As ****. The rest of the roster is working towards making that happen as well. Even while The Big Show has been the main man to confront the Authority, he does it with Bryan by his side at all times. Even with Daniel out of the title picture, how did Big Show celebrate getting his job back?


Every sign points to Daniel Bryan still working to get his revenge. And the smart booking is to have Big Show fail to overcome the Authority first, and making Daniel Bryan’s eventual victory over HHH all the more sweeter. HHH has a bad habit of shitting on his opponents without giving them any credit. The only time this works in someone’s favor is when he does eventually put them over. Hunter spent the build up to Wrestlemania 22 talking about how Cena wasn’t in his league, encouraging the “You Can’t Wrestle” chants.

And then he tapped out.

These moments are few and far between, which means too often do we have Booker T moments where he is insulted for months on end, and still loses. But Booker T was never OAF. I don’t have all that much faith in WWE creative in general, but it would be an entire new level of stupid for the endgame not to be Daniel Bryan pinning HHH, or making him tap out. And when it does happen, it’ll be huge. Especially since Big Show will fail to win over HHH first.

Will this all take place at Wrestlemania? Quite possibly. This would leave Bryan to chase the WWE Title again afterwards, which is the next time WWE will most like hit the reset button. Seems like perfect timing.

UPCOMINGI’m still working on a column (not a blog) concerning the WWE PPV Main Event content over the years, but I’m struggling with the formatting. Soon though, and I apologize for the delay. I’ll also be doing a piece soon concerning ranking the tag teams in WWE. Once again, the tag division stole the show on Raw, and last week on Smackdown.

And on that note, Peace out

Feel free to email me a comment (Email PEN15). One of the best parts of writing is the discussions that come out of it. My hope is that your response could be used in a column to publicly discuss your comments.
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