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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mightier - Live Raw Blog (Jun 30) + Money in the Bank Thoughts
By PEN15
Jun 30, 2014 - 10:59:13 PM

Table of Contents

Monday Morning Thoughts


Live Raw Blog

Monday Afternoon Post Money in the Bank Thoughts

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I tried creating a Facebook page. Like, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Seth Rollins and the MITB Case

Did it strike anyone else as odd that there seemed to be more energy from the crowd for the briefcase match than the main event title match? I know that the case match was better, but in most cases the main event has the big name talent people care about most, and still gets the stronger reaction despite it not being as good (I’m not complaining about this, it’s actually a long standing tradition that shouldn’t stop any time soon).

What I’m trying to bring up is that not only was the case match better, but the live fans were more into it as well, because they cared about the wrestlers more. Forget for a second how much you hate John Cena hogging the WWE main event – no matter how you felt, you understood that the WWE Universe were still going bonkers for him, so you accepted whatever route WWE took.

Last night, even the live crowd in his hometown stopped caring. I’m not saying they were booing, or hated him, but they had less energy for his match than a midcard match. No matter how you look at it, that’s messed up!

It also is a huge indicator that the fans want something fresh. I understand that the draw of Brock Lesnar is too huge to pass up, but so far he’s wrestled Cena once, HHH 3 times, Punk once, The Big Show once, and the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX Since returning to his part time role.

I hate to be a broken record, but there’s nothing fresh there. Other than HHH, those were all matches he had in his original run, and with the exception of Cena they are all talents who are part time. Someday, none of these guys are going to be able to compete, and you’ll be stuck without any new stars made.

But, you’ve heard it all before. Too bad WWE isn’t listening.

As for Seth Rollins, I don’t think it was a bad choice. In fact, the way it worked out was sublime. It made me crave more for everyone in that match, which is impressive when you think about it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Kofi push right now, you should all know how much I think Swagger has untapped potential as a top level heel, RVD still has a purpose in 2014 and should be involved more, and the breakup of The Shield is once again red hot thanks to how strong the booking was for both Rollins and Ambrose.

Did I leave anyone out?
Oh right, the true breakout star once again was Dolph Ziggler. That guy is doing fine right now. Don’t over push him, and let the crowd get behind him slowly. If the support continues to build, WWE will have no choice but to do something substantial with the guy, similar to what Daniel Bryan benefitted from.

Match of the Night. Easily.

Tag Team Wrestling

The RhodesDust brothers are on a roll, while the Usos and the Wyatts nearly stole the show. Kudos WWE for rejuvenating the WWE Tag Team Division, and letting it fill out the show on a regular basis.

Plus, the Ascension are rumored to be getting their main roster start soon. Perfect.

With the recent cuts, it’ll be interesting to see how the division goes from here. There were a lot of potential tag wrestlers who were let go. Thankfully, NXT seems to be doing a decent job creating some teams, and using them regularly. The Ascension I’ve already mentioned, plus there’s the Vaudevillains, Tye and Jason, the Realest Guys in the Room, and apparently the Mechanics. Let them work in NXT long enough to get their chemistry going, and then bring them up to the main roster. Even if they feud with the same teams that they did in NXT, it’ll be fresh for a majority of the audience.

Looking like a good time to find a tag partner if you’re not getting TV Time on a regular basis.

Tuesday Night Titans

Once again, XanMan and myself put together another show on Saturday afternoon. This time we tackled our growing issues with watching so much WWE product on a weekly basis. We also covered the most recent of our retro ECW supercard/PPV reviews, attacking Hardcore Heaven 1994.

Here are the dailymotion videos of the ECW show, followed by a link to the podcast.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994 CD1 by bombsbpimp

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994 CD2 by bombsbpimp

New Wrestling Internet Radio with LordsofPain on BlogTalkRadio


From WWE.com
The cash has been counted, the dust has settled, and John Cena is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Cenation leader’s grueling trek to the top of the ladder at Money in the Bank may have placed him in the throne for the 15th time, but the target on his back has become bigger than ever thanks to freshly crowned Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins and his backers in The Authority. What will happen to kick off The Champ’s 15th World Title reign on Raw? WWE.com has a few ideas.

1. Champ vs. Authority
John Cena is World Champion again, and that means, for the first time, he finds himself square in the crosshairs of WWE COO Triple H. Cena was otherwise occupied for much of The Game’s pursuit of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and rivalry with Daniel Bryan, but now that he’s got the crown jewel The King of Kings covets, what will the corporate power throw at him to reclaim what they believe is theirs? Using Seth Rollins seems like the obvious answer, though before Rollins can make his move for the title, he’ll have to deal with …

2. Enemy for life
… Dean Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe may not have succeeded in capturing the Money in the Bank contract, but the former United States Champion is likely not done with Rollins, or The Authority, by a long shot. Ambrose will likely have an opportunity to speak his mind at some point on Raw, though it’s equally likely he lets his fists do the talking instead.

3. Shoot for the stars
The events of Money in the Bank certainly proved that the ethereal tandem of Goldust & Stardust didn’t simply notch a fluke win over RybAxel in their debut two weeks ago: The duo repeated the victory in what was only Stardust’s second televised contest, defeating RybAxel in a rematch and instantly establishing themselves, once again, as the pair to watch within the Tag Team division. Can a run at The Usos, who defeated The Wyatts to retain their Tag Team Championships, be far off?

4. Resistance is futile
Look on the bright side, America: At least Team USA is still in the World Cup. There’s little else for Old Glory to crow about in the way of international competition, thanks to the continuing dominance of Rusev. Big E gave The Super Athlete his toughest test yet in their second consecutive pay-per-view clash, but the raw power of the former Intercontinental Champion was not enough to hand the WWE NXT veteran his first defeat. Has E had enough? Or will he make another attempt to defeat The Bulgarian Brute?

5. Return of the dragon
There is, in fact, one final piece to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship puzzle: At Money in the Bank Kickoff, Daniel Bryan made his first public appearance since being stripped of the ultimate prize, taking fan questions through Twitter and speaking on the subject of his recovery. While there is still no timetable for the “Yes!” Man’s return, Bryan did end his Q-and-A with the promise that whoever won the title was on “borrowed time” until he reclaimed what was his. Now that Cena has been crowned, will he last long enough as champion to deliver on his longstanding promise to give Bryan a no-questions-asked opportunity at the title?

From LOPforums poster StormDragonz

The Monday Night RAW Episode for the 30th of June, 2014: Stitches For Bitches

No, GAB isn't coming back. Next up is Battleground, but only one has existed...

- Happy Birthday Today to current WWE Diva "Crazy Like A" Alicia Fox, turning 28.
- Happy Birthday Today as well to Stardust AKA Cody Rhodes, turning 29.
- Happy Early Birthday to Bret "The Hitman" Hart, who turns 57 on Wednesday.
- Happy Early Birthday to former WWE wrestler Sycho Sid, who turns 54 on Friday.

--- The Richest One In All The Land ---

In case you got a free preview from Dish Network and watched endless re-runs of the movie R.I.P.D., or perhaps were in Brazil still watching the World Cup shenanigans going about, you probably didn't watch the WWE's latest $10 PPV called Money In The Bank. Don't be ashamed, catch up what happened:

- Luke Harper & Eric Rowan secured a victory over The Usos, giving them an opportunity for a match with the Tag Team Championship on the line. However, a miracle was pulled out of someone's ass and The Usos got their revenge, retaining their titles.
- In a love triangle that seemed more confusing than Damien Sandow's gimmick, Layla defeated Summer Rae to cement her sexual desire for Fandango. The crowd deemed this match so well, you'd think you were in Japan.
- Speaking of Damien Sandow, he had an impromptu match with Anti-Lemon Adam "Who's In The Bunny Suit" Rose. The crowd quickly reminded the 4th Wall that Sandow takes anything thrown at him and makes it work. Rose got the win, but Sandow stole our hearts.
- Bad News Barrett had bad news for himself that he would be unable to compete in the Contract Ladder Match for the infamous briefcase. In what was considered the match of the night, it came down to Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vying for the briefcase. However, the demonic monster Kane assisted Rollins, thus Seth Rollins now has an entire year for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity.
- Shattered Memories AKA Goldust & Stardust were starting to finally click together and challenged Ryback and Curtis Axel once again to prove a fluke victory in the past wasn't just a fluke. As expected, the Dust Brothers claimed victory over Rybaxel.
- In the shock of the night, people actually watched Paige defend her Divas Championship against Naomi. With Cameron at ring side, it became aware that Cameron actually hoped Naomi failed miserably, but the match was something to behold. Naomi proved herself despite a loss. Paige retains.
- Big E. Langston said he knew how to stop Rusev. In their match of international proportions, it seemed like Biggie finally could escape the Master Lock applied by Rusev, but the Moscow Juggernaut applied an inhuman strength from who knows where, claiming victory over Black Dynamite.
- John Cena won. He is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That's not a prediction. That's a spoiler. In a match that claimed more potential concussions than Dolph Ziggler can count with his whole body, in a match that saw Randy Orton's head explode, and in a match that saw Roman Reigns try to murder more people than Jack Swagger could, The Champ... is back.

Fun Fact: If you pick any random day between John Cena's RAW debut on June 27th, 2002, or ~4386 days ago, and today, there is a 27% chance he was WWE Champion on that day. If you pick a date between now and his first title win on April 3rd 2005, or ~3375 days ago, there is a 35% chance he was WWE Champion that day.

--- Enjoy the show, everyone. That battle spoke volumes, but all that was written was the past... ---

StormDragonz Questions to Ponder

1 - With Bad News Barrett injured, will he be forced to vacate the Intercontinental Championship?

I don’t think so, or else it would have been announced already. I guess it depends on how bad the injury is, and it doesn’t seem bad enough to remove the title from his possession just yet.

2 - What's next for Bray Wyatt?

Tough call. Sheamus seems like the most logical place to go, which is a shame since they’ve worked so much with each other recently, so it’s not entirely fresh. But it could be anything, honestly.

3 - Will Daniel Bryan appear on any episodes of RAW or Smackdown between now and Summerslam?


4 - How long do you expect Sheamus to reign as United States Champion?

It’ll depend on what’s going on with Wade. My guess is not too long, because there are too many heels on their way up the card who need some attention.

Live Raw Discussion

Before we get started

Raw is Jericho? I have no problem with that, but to do what?

Either way, I’m interested.

Intro - The Authority

CM Punk chants still live strong. Shame WWE doesn’t know how to fix that issue, because that’s easily a failsafe in today’s tumultuous times.

Polarizing? That’s really not the way to put it anymore. He was polarizing a decade ago. Today, he’s flatlined. It’s such a shame too, because he’s such an amazing talent. None of this is his fault.

I could watch Steph singing and dancing to Cena’s theme all night. That was hot. I can’t deny that.

And once again, Roman Reigns is protected in a tag match tonight, and a 4 way match on PPV.

RVD vs Rollins

Solid hot opener. I kept waiting for the Ambrose interference, but I liked how it went down much better with the calm backstage promo interruption instead. Great promo work by both men too. Just a great segment overall.

Rusev interrupted by Swagger?

I heard about this idea for a few weeks, and I scoffed at it. Now that it seems to be happening, I am loving it.

Well done segment. I like the idea of Jack Swagger as a face, though I hope WWE has something in mind because he’s obviously limited on the mic. Colter can only take him so far in today’s WWE where managers aren’t kept around for long.

Wyatt Family vs Sheamus/Usos

Sheamus is a bland face, and needs a heel turn?

No, I don’t think so.

Intercontinental Championship

Too bad for Barrett. Hard to get excited for this relaunch of the title due to the fact that we’ve seen titles won from battle royals often recently and stripping of titles due to injury. All the titles have been given more juice over the last year, but there’s also been some backing off from time to time. Hopefully someone fresh gets the white strap.

Return of the Miz

It’s nice to see him back. Hopefully he does something meaningful.

Letting Jericho make an even bigger impact works for me, but even better was the 3rd shock of the Wyatts attacking Jericho. Loved it.

But, once again, it’s Jericho returning to put someone over because they don’t have enough credible roster members to do it without him. Sad. And shameful.

RhodesDust Bros

I just want to get Star Dust’s music. I don’t know why it works so well, but I love it.

Paige vs AJ

Is it the night after WrestleMania or Royal Rumble? That’s usually when all these returns take place.

AJ looks too tanned next to Paige.

And of course you get more Punk chants. It’s been 6 months, and still the fans want more of the Straight Edge Superstar. WWE fucked up so bad.

Anyways, I don’t expect this to be a major turning point for the Divas, but here’s hoping.

Roman Reigns

This push proves WWE is completely out of touch with reality. I am not disputing how over he is, and how strong his look is. My problem is that he’s going to sink as soon as he’s out there alone. Every single special appearance of Reigns has been with the ring filled with guys that can protect him from looking green. This trend is apparently going to continue until he’s ready to compete on his own. In theory, that’s great, but the problem is that he’s too high on the card to have a lot of room to improve. He’s already in the ring with the elite, so his time to find his stride is very very short.

And this push is thankfully partially natural. The problem is how many guys are being ignored who are getting over even more organically, and being held aside so that Reigns can flounder.

I hope he proves me wrong, but the facts are clear: he can’t wrestle. This isn’t a Great Khali push where he only needs to do the 3 things he can do and look powerful doing it. This is a push to being the new face of the company; he needs to back up his actions.

The Universe will turn on him if he can’t bring it in the ring. Look what happened to Cena in 2005. Reigns also can’t back it up on the mic.

This is going to be very tricky.

And on that note, Peace out

Feel free to email me a comment (Email PEN15). One of the best parts of writing is the discussions that come out of it. My hope is that your response could be used in a column to publicly discuss your comments.
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