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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mightier - Live Raw Blog (Jun 24) aka "I'm Bored"
By PEN15
Jun 23, 2014 - 11:14:53 PM

Table of Contents

Monday Morning Thoughts


Live Raw Blog

Monday Afternoon Thoughts

PEN15 Facebook Page

I tried creating a Facebook page. Like, if you’re into that sort of thing.

PEN15 Facebook Page

Who Should be WWE Champion?

I wrote a recent column concerning who should be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. My answers may surprise you, so if you haven’t read it, here’s a link:

The PEN15 Mightier - Who Should Be WWE Champion?

Lack of Excitement

I didn’t blog last Monday. There were several reasons why: wanting to spend time with the GF, recovering from a tattoo appointment after a busy day, wanting to get to sleep early...etc. But the main reason was because I didn’t really feel like watching Raw. At least not live. Whether it’s the lack of CM Punk, the injury to and lack of Daniel Bryan, the lack of hot angle like Bray Wyatt vs John Cena was, the lack of continuous build up in the midcard and tag team title divisions… I just didn’t think it was worth my Monday evening.

So to anyone disappointed that I wasn’t around last week… stop lying to yourselves! I might be the best on LOP, but life still goes on. Plus, I felt guilty enough that I delivered a rather strong column later on in the week instead of just the live blog.

But is there any denying that WWE is just not captivating right now? TNA’s Slammiversary seemed worth my time more than Raw was. How sad is that?

Let’s rundown what’s been going on:
- Shield Broke Up, Roman doesn’t care, moves on, while Rollins and Ambrose feuds
- More poopy jokes to get Roman over in another match where his obvious flaws as a singles competitor are protected

The WWE.com Five Point Review, which I’ll include below, doesn’t help much. It covers the break up of the Funkadactyls, the Ambrose revenge, Reigns poop punishment, the Stardust debut and follow up, and the briefcase Money in the Bank ladder match. Yay…

The new ladder match is interesting, and I did get a kick out of Stardust. But neither of those aspects are really captivating enough to draw people in.

It’s another sign of how badly WWE have failed to create new stars. Ignoring the ones that catch on (Dolph Ziggler), sometimes to the point of them quitting out of feeling disrespected (CM Punk), WWE is stuck with their heads up their asses wondering why Sheamus isn’t the next megastar, or why Reigns isn’t ready to headline SummerSlam yet. It’s pretty sad. I know I received lots of thumbs down and critical comments for my column about who should be WWE Champion, but I think the point is being missed. The options would have never been so dismal if WWE took the proper care at the proper time. Now it’s too late to turn Cena heel and make it huge, because the fans who have been turned off by his stale schtick have turned off WWE. They won’t come back when they hear he turned heel, because there have been plenty of reasons for them to give WWE another chance (Brock and Rock, for example). At this point, what can they do to really create a stir in the product?

That’s why I chose a veteran and sure fire Hall of Famer to become a surprise WWE Champion. There’s no harming his career with a hot shot title reign, nor would it be so out of this world to have ratings drop (in my educated opinion). There would be an emotional bond there that hasn’t been matched in a long time, though Daniel Bryan’s Mania XXX moment is pretty damn close.

WWE needs to do something. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary like the NWO angle, but it needs to be captivating. There’s no way we can describe Raw with that word right now.

Tuesday Night Titans

Once again, XanMan and myself put together another show on Saturday afternoon. This time we tackled our predictions and hopes for who might win the Money in the Bank WWE Title Ladder Match. We also covered the most recent of our retro ECW supercard/PPV reviews, attacking Heatwave 94.

Tuesday Night Titans LordsofPain on BlogTalkRadio


From WWE.com
Money in the Bank is just days away, with the WWE Universe anxiously anticipating the crowning of a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a new “Mr. Money in the Bank,” both of which will be decided in hellacious Ladder Matches this Sunday night.
Before WWE’s ring warriors prepare to scale the heights and grasp at destiny, they’ll bring the fight to Washington, D.C., for Monday Night Raw, where the remaining participants in the Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match will be announced. As the WWE locker room waits to see who will join Seth Rollins in that high-flying, steel-bending battle, WWE.com has five thoughts on what we can expect from this week’s exciting edition of Raw.

1. Who’s in the ‘Money’?
As confirmed by WWE COO Triple H in last Wednesday’s exclusive interview on WWE.com, this Sunday we will witness a traditional Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match, offering Superstars an opportunity for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at the time and place of their choosing. Thus far, the sole participant confirmed for this bout is Authority ally Seth Rollins — a suspicious choice indeed.
Yet, The Game added that unlike the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Money in the Bank, Superstars will not need to compete in qualifying matches to earn a spot in this bout. As such, Rollins isn’t receiving any preferential treatment from The Authority. With virtually the entire roster eligible for this career-changing bout, who will join the Shield turncoat in this chaotic confrontation?

2. Repercussions for Reigns
It’s pretty safe to say that Vickie Guerrero won’t be doing any java runs for WWE management anytime soon. Last week on Raw, after Roman Reigns seemingly tampered with The Authority’s iced coffee, Stephanie McMahon became incredibly ill and blew venti-sized chunks all over the SmackDown General Manager. With Triple H and Stephanie being forced to leave the arena as a result, Reigns was able to convince a bile-soaked Vickie to place him in the night’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Battle Royal. The juggernaut entered, he dominated and he won.

Even though The Authority wanted Reigns nowhere near the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the powerhouse now joins United States Champion Sheamus, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and John Cena in the historic Ladder Match. With Triple H saying this issue will be “dealt with” on Raw, will Reigns be punished for maneuvering his way into the WWE World Heavyweight Title picture? Also, will Vickie face consequences for the unfortunate coffee incident that started it all?

3. Paint and gain
There’s giving yourself a “new coat of paint” and then there’s the utter transformation Cody Rhodes underwent to become Stardust, the intergalactic Superstar who shares Goldust’s flair for the dramatic. Stardust debuted alongside The Bizarre One last week on Raw, earning the bewildering tandem a decisive victory over Ryback & Curtis Axel.

Rhodes had been determined to seek out the ideal partner for Goldust, and it seems as though he succeeded in his own unusual way by introducing Stardust to the world. How will this face-painted pair continue to turn heads this week?

4. Girls, bye
What the funk? Displaying a new attitude as of late, Cameron has made clear her intentions to ensnare Paige’s Divas Championship, blatantly disrespecting The Diva of Tomorrow in an effort to get herself on the titleholder’s radar.
After slapping Paige across the face during an exclusive interview on the WWE App, Cameron lost to the British technician on last week’s Raw — a defeat that sparked a heated discussion between The Funkadactyls after the match. The following night on WWE Main Event, exclusively on WWE Network, Naomi scored a huge non-title victory over Paige, and when Cameron decided to put her hands on the Divas Champion yet again after the match, Paige retaliated and brawled with the “Total Divas” star.
As Paige laid into Cameron — who was arguably getting what she had coming — Naomi simply looked on and refused to assist her longtime friend and tag team partner. With tensions continuing to mount between Naomi & Cameron as they both pursue the Divas Championship, are we witnessing the gradual extinction of The Funkadactyls?

5. Will Ambrose make Rollins pay?
If Dean Ambrose won’t rest until he’s gotten even with Seth Rollins, The Lunatic Fringe has had plenty of sleepless nights lately. On SmackDown, Rollins’ provocation from ringside cost Ambrose a match against Kane, and a brutal Curb Stomp from the Shield turncoat left the scorned Superstar dazed after the match.

Ambrose has had a weekend to mull over all of the ways he’s going to make Rollins suffer, and we don’t even want to imagine the horrors that are running through Ambrose’s mind right now. Whatever happens between these former “brothers” this week on Raw, it won’t be pretty.

Live Raw Discussion

Intro - Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie seems to know how to show off her curves tonight… wow. Xanman will be happy man tonight.

I’m confused. Is there really a portion of the wrestling audience that is interested in seeing Vickie vs Stephanie as the major angle on Raw this week? I’m not saying it won’t be an interesting piece of plot advancement, but making it your focus on the last Raw before a PPV? Especially after I covered how little there is in WWE these days that is “captivating”?

Jimmy Uso vs Luke Harper

Wow, that is fitting. It’s so odd and terrible, but perfect for these monsters.

Jey Uso vs Erick Rowan

This is simple tag feud booking at its best. You want to make the tag match on PPV the draw and focal point? Then give the audience single matches that make the result impossible (for the less observant smart fans) to predict.

Naomi vs Alicia Fox

An example of everything that is wrong with the WWE announce team. I don’t have any respect for Cameron, but when the booth is ripping into her non-stop, no one will take her seriously. Awful stuff.

HHH Announcement

I wonder if we’ll get a surprise entrant. Not just someone like RVD, but someone like Jericho, or maybe even another Best in the World?

No, I won’t stop believing. Believing, not Bolieving.

Not much of a shocking array of performers, but it’s more shocking because of who’s been left out: Dean Ambrose. My early guess is that Ambrose shows up and costs Rollins the brief case, leading to someone else getting the case. After the way the announcement took place, I sense it’ll be Barrett or Ziggler. The way HHH hyped them up in their respective ways has me leaning in their direction.

A HHH announcement, and Seth Rollins vs RVD are the top of the hour segments. Anyone want to argue that WWE is firing on all cylinders.

Ziggler vs Barrett

These two had a great match during the tournament that crowned Barrett the #1 contender to the IC belt, so I’m sure this will be solid. I really expected this to be turned into a singles bout for the PPV, but if they are included, my guess is one of them is winning the briefcase while Ambrose takes Seth out of commission.

That should have been on PPV, and I’m sure everyone in Gorilla knows it. Dolph’s walking away Mr. Money in the Bank.

Handicap Main Event

Another weak Raw. I really can’t be bothered to comment on what’s taken place between the IC title match, and this one. It’s a real shame, because I was looking forward to tag action with the Rhodes Dust Brothers, and not a segment that didn’t seem to really work.

Reigns doing the same 3-4 moves/spots that connect, while adding nothing else at all. I really hope WWE gives the guy more time to develop, because I see why he’s a top prospect, but he’s just nowhere close to the point WWE wants us to believe he’s at.

Oh, Kane is now in the World Title Ladder Match? How exciting!

Bray Wyatt
Dolph Ziggler
Wyatt Family
And Rhodes Brothers get a last minute match and victory.

And on that note, Peace out

Feel free to email me a comment (Email PEN15). One of the best parts of writing is the discussions that come out of it. My hope is that your response could be used in a column to publicly discuss your comments.
Follow me on Twitter if you wish, though I don't really do much with it.

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