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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mightier - Live Raw Blog (Jan 6)
By PEN15
Jan 6, 2014 - 11:13:02 PM

Jan 6 - Live Raw Blog

Let’s give this a shot. I’m set up with my computer HDMI hooked into the TV, while I am using my girlfriend’s Mac (ugh) to type this shit out. Again, feel free to use the Intense Debate or whatever that function is; I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it and bring it into the blog if it’s fitting.



Can't complain about Ric Flair showing up. With the Old School feeling, I can't help but wish Heenan and/or Perfect could walk out with him.

I can't help but side with Randy on Flair being overrated. The most? No, but he is certainly up there. In my opinion. I understand if that's not popular.

You can tell how little this was scripted. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

Weak stuff from all involved. Not off to a good start.

Daniel Bryan

I would like for everyone to read former Main Page writer Al Boo Boo's exquisite analysis of the Daniel Bryan angle that took place last Monday:

Al's Awesome Analysis

For the record, I feel that this angle is awesome for anyone who is a Daniel Bryan fan.

Wyatts vs Usos/Mysterio

I wish I hadn't seen the picture of Bryan from the live event this weekend. It would make this moment so much better as a surprise.

I agree with the consensus that Luke Harper has major potential. I just wonder what persona he can take after this Wyatt Family member gig wears off. Will there be a potential gimmick altering setup like Luke Gallows had after being Festus?

From Intense Debate poster "Dig_It"
Well....there you go. I give it 2 weeks before the audience stop chanting for Bryan altogether when they get bored of the angle. The most over guy on the roster to the first time people havn't chanted at the top of their voices for him. Vince must REALLY hate those indie guys

The audience is confused, but that doesn't mean it has or will kill off all his reactions. I really think the crowd will be aching to see him turn away from the Family much like Virgil did to the Million $ Man. I also think this storyline will be short lived, because if it went on too long it would kill off his heat. But I see this working like CM Punk joining the New Breed back before Wrestlemania 23.

From LOPforums poster "Cult Icon"
This is reminding me strongly of Sting when he nearly joined the nWo in early 97, only to turn on them a few weeks later. If they play this right, the pop Bryan gets when he shows his true colors will surpass that by a mile.

Exactly. Great reference.


I am glad SOMEONE is finally entering the Rumble in an effort to hype it up. I hope he is not alone to throw his name into the hat tonight.

Big E Langston

How can anyone not love how well used Langston has been since winning the IC title, as well as showing off that title in a tremendous regard? And I can get behind a Langston vs Ryback feud for the white midcard title. So far so good on the commentary for the Hungry Beast.

Piper's Pit

Before Hot Rod gets too into this segment, I am cringing. It's hard for these classic promo guys to be on top of their game when they don't follow the product regularly. Promos have changed, and he tends to have near-misses when he gets the microphone recently. Same as Dusty a few months back.

Thankfully, CM Punk will no doubt join this fracas and save it if it does go off the rails too much.

Well, it stayed decently on track, but you can see how it stayed scripted. Piper did his job quite well.

But Punk with the New Age Outlaws? I don't know about that. I guess no other team would fit, and I'm betting this leads to the Outlaws vs Ambrose/Rollins tonight, which is not a bad idea at all.

Sin Cara vs ADR

I am glad this Sin Cara change is working out. A luchador with great merch to sell is nothing but a great thing. I am sad that it means breaking up Hunico and Camacho, but it is for the greater good.

As for Del Rio... well, I don't hate him like I used to, but I still don't know what to do with the guy. Losing to a more interesting Mexican prospect is smart, even if it is a major step down for the former World and WWE Champion.

Or, he can win tonight. Yay!? Not really. Oh, awesome, he has a mic.

Hmm, Del Rio vs Batista down the line? Alright, I'm ok with Batista getting a big win over Alberto, perhaps at Elimination Chamber.

Real American vs RhodesDust

I don't think there is a better heel team right now than the Real Americans. I think I prefer them over the Shield and Harper/Rowan. It's such a perfect scenario for both Swagger and Cesaro.

Best match of the night, easily (so far). Makes me wonder who the next tag challengers may be.

Brock Lesnar

In Halifax, it is an hour later than the Eastern Time Zone, so I stay up until midnight to watch Raw, and that;s not including the overrun. So, sometimes these 3 hour Raws lead me to nod off, no matter how good they may be. You get comfortable on the couch, eat too well, and suddenly you're snoring during what sounds like was the best part of the show so far. Here's hoping WWE replays the Big Show, Mark Henry and Brock Lesnar segment for me so I can catch up.

Thankfully I woke up in time for the Divas Match. Weird, usually those are what put me out...

Too Cool/Rikishi vs 3MB

Seeing Grandmaster Sexay in those pants made me understand that Jerry must raid his closet still, especially blingy t-shirts. Crowns on Sexay's silly jeans.

I respect the value of this reunion, but this combo was something I was too old for in 2000, today is no different.

Bad News Barrett

He's getting heat. This silly gimmick is working because he is finally getting the time to talk. It is what has been lacking from everything he has done since the Nexus.

CM Punk vs Roman Reigns

Does anyone else have an issue with former DX members, HHH's old group, introducing and backing up CM Punk who seems to be gearing towards a match against Helmsley? Add the possibility of Ambrose possibly wanting to screw Reigns out of winning, and you have a lot of moving parts making up a tremendous main event tonight on Raw. This is Roman's major moment to showcase his potential in a singles match against a true main event star.

So far this match is proving that the Shield's breakout star is either Rollins or Ambrose. Reigns is just not showing me much.

I was glad to see Jake Roberts, but the timing was odd. And I do worry about repercussions from liberals/PETA for the snake. Shame.


I missed part of the show, sadly, but from what I did stay up enough for, it was a solid Old School Raw.

As for this Live Blog experiment, I think it went well. I expected a slow start, but I know things will pick up in due time. Thanks for reading, and tune in next week for more of the same.

And on that note, Peace out

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