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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mightier - Live Raw Blog (Jan 13) aka: The Raw Daniel Bryan Proved He Wasn't Buried for Even a Second
By PEN15
Jan 13, 2014 - 11:29:02 PM

Jan 20 - Live Raw Blog

Not only is it the return of Batista, but it’s the return of the PEN15 Mightier Live Blog. Last week’s was a much bigger success, but I won’t take credit for it. The truth is that when Raw is solid, it’s a lot more interesting for fans to jump online and find a way to discuss it. Last week’s Raw was, in my opinion, one of the better editions in a long while, with one of the loudest endings I’ve ever heard. With the Royal Rumble this coming Sunday, I expect WWE to deliver another solid Raw as they continue to build the Road to WrestleMania.

What I am Looking Forward To

Return of Batista - I’ll never pretend to be the biggest fan of The Animal, but rarely is it a bad thing to add a major player into the mix around the Road. As interesting as the top of card seems to be, adding a name like Batista’s creates a giant mystery. Will he be face, or heel (after dispatching of Del Rio)? Will he be a henchman for his new boss and former ally HHH? Who will he be taking on at WrestleMania if HHH is to face CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan overcomes the concussion to win the right to face the WWE Champion?

Update on Daniel Bryan - The news of a concussion spread quickly last week after Raw, but not much word since. There have been more than a couple of rumors about this injury being a work. I think tonight’s Raw will be a true indication of his condition. Until the reports of his injury, he felt like the best bet to win the Rumble. I still feel that he’ll take on the champion at Wrestlemania, but if he’s in no condition to compete this week, I suspect he’ll earn his title opportunity at the Elimination Chamber somehow. If that is the case…

Who Will Win the Rumble - With the possibility of Daniel Bryan being out of action for about a month due to a head injury, the surefire pick to win the 30 Man Rumble is now in doubt. Will Punk take it? Or will HHH have a henchman win the Rumble to help protect the Authority’s assets? Or will they go through with the elevation of Roman Reigns with the biggest win of his career? While this is a question that will be answered on Sunday, we’ll find out all the possibilities to that question by the end of Raw tonight.

- Is there anyone that you believe will NOT be in the Royal Rumble match that isn't already on the card itself so far that has appeared on a WWE show within the last month or so?
Easy answers are Divas, Legends, GMs, managers...etc.
But I’m going to go with Xavier Woods. Too new. I know Rumbles used to be the perfect way to get these guys on PPV, but things have changed since 1995. Today’s Rumbles are pretty much reserved for only the top 30 contenders, with exceptions like legends and such such. Xavier won’t fit that mold, but R-Truth likely will.

- Will a match for the Divas Championship be announced tonight for the PPV, and if so, AJ Lee against who?

- How confident are you in thinking Alberto Del Rio will interrupt Batista tonight?
Is there any other reason for Del Rio to be on Raw lately. The only other option is Batista interrupting Alberto.

- Will Daniel Bryan appear on tonight's RAW despite reports of him suffering a concussion?
Most likely. Even if it’s only ala Rock, via Satellite.

- Who do you think will win the Royal Rumble, and what entrance number will he draw?
At this point? Batista, at #28. He will eventually be discovered to be a henchman for HHH, leading to a returned from injury Daniel Bryan to challenge for the title shot at Elimination Chamber.

Unless the concussion angle is a work, then Daniel Bryan will win from #2.

From IntenseDebate poster “JERITRON9000”:
Does anyone else think that that the Elimination Chamber should be replaced by something else? Maybe bring back No Way Out or even King of the Ring...

Yes and no. While I do think a simpler PPV would be better in general, Elimination Chamber can still suit a purpose in February. It just doesn’t feel that way because of the heel Authority angle and a heel champion, there’s no reason for anything to be contested in the Chamber. HHH won’t want to risk his personal pick as champion in a 6 man match, and whoever wins the title shot at the Rumble should keep it.

The problem is that with any other storyline, it’s not as bad. Plus, with the Daniel Bryan injury being possible, a title shot might be perfectly in place to be defended in the Chamber. Bryan needs and deserves a big win going into Mania if the point is for him to challenge for the WWE World Title. If he can’t compete this Sunday, it’s likely he earns his title shot next month in the Chamber.

As for King of the Ring, it’s a dead and useless PPV. It’s near impossible to book well in the modern WWE, especially on PPV. Even if the tournament is reduced to just 3 matches like the 2002 version was, it’s very difficult to book 1 hour around only 4 men. Not impossible, just difficult.

I’m not against a return of a King of the Ring tournament, but it should be a TV special where shortened matches can at least fit.

And on that note, Peace out

Feel free to email me a comment (Email PEN15). One of the best parts of writing is the discussions that come out of it. My hope is that your response could be used in a column to publicly discuss your comments.
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