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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mighter - Deep Thoughts (Renegade Nuns on Wheels)
By PEN15
Nov 19, 2011 - 7:47:53 PM

-Nov. 19th-

No, I'm not joining the daily column brigade. I'll gladly fill that spot if ever Chrisss or Hustle retire, but until then, that's their job. I merely plan on maybe 2-4 a week, depending on what I have on my mind. Again, another great freedom I had with the blog section, that I am hoping to bring into this main page gig.

I briefly mentioned DoubleMurderJosh as my favorite blogger from yesteryear, and he messaged me asking for me to plug his new album. He creates wrestling based concept albums, and he just uploaded his 4th one. I told him straight up that I will most likely not listen to it, but I’d plug it anyways. The reason I won’t listen to it is because I’m just not into music these days, way too into stuff I know and have a hard time appreciating the newer stuff. I’m technically a geezer I guess.
But here’s his 4th album, titled

4th Horseman

In the spirit of Larry King as performed by Norm MacDonald, I sometimes like to do a column/blog on just random thoughts and ideas. No main theme, just my insight on the current comings and going in the world of wrestling. Today, I’ll introduce this in my main page debut of

Deep Thoughts

I’m really not too into Survivor Series. I expressed this in a column in the Columns Forum :

What Survivor Series no longer means to me

The local theater is showing the PPV on the big screen, but I honestly don’t give enough of a shit for the show to spend money on it. I’ll plug the laptop into the TV instead.

But tonight! I’m ****ing excited for the UFC PPV tonight. I’ll be testing a few different sports bars over the next few shows to find the best one for watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Not a title fight on the card tonight, but easily a superior card than most recent ones. The momentum for the UFC debut on Fox may increase the buyrates. Time will tell. Either way, UFC is delivering these days more often than not, and it’s a great time to be a fan of both MMA and wrestling (though WWE needs to look towards their efforts from May until October to get back on track).

UFC, without predetermined results, have booked some amazing talents and feuds naturally in a way WWE would KILL to find success with. Jon Jones is a new star in the making, GSP vs Diaz is a huge blockbuster match up, the rematch of Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva will be huge money, and Brock vs Overreem will challenge for best selling event of 2011 with the draw of the huge beast. Even with the failed execution of the Fox debut, UFC have so much momentum, it’s sick. Ultimate time to be a fan of MMA.

TNA has been more interesting than WWE recently, though not by much, nor is it by strong booking/planning. Merely, it is interesting to see how they are working with a new and unproven champion, which is something TNA has rarely done. TNA’s short history has shown that the main eventers are almost always over-established, to the point of being stale. Roode and Storm bring something fresh, with any opponent at the top of the card. It’s not enough to make TNA the better show, but it’s definitely more interesting. As long as WWE continues to have better wrestling weekly, TNA won’t have a chance in that department.

Dolph Ziggler is pulling double duty again on PPV, second time in a row. If that’s not a sign that the WWE sees big things with him, nothing will convince you. There is no one in the WWE that is booking better than Dolph Ziggler at this point. He’s still fresh with any opponent, while still having worked with a variety of talent to establish him as much as they have. The slow-burn midcard approach is such a rare thing, and Dolph is proof that it could still work.

Is it only me that notices how terrible the booking on the fly style of Raw has been? Is there any logic in the HHH involvement on the show? How did the Kevin Nash destroying Punk morph into HHH vs Nash in any logical way? I’m usually the first to say that most fans don’t notice these negative trends, but it’s been going on way too long. This isn’t about giving Punk all the wins in the world, but I fail to make any sense of the Raw brand main event since SummerSlam.

Smackdown has been interesting with the recent Daniel Bryan push. Not sure where it’s leading, and that only helps build the intrigue.

Mark Henry is the best heel in the WWE today. After years of him being awful to average, he’s finally put it all together. Credit is due to both him, and the WWE for the patience and effort to get Henry this developed. Mark Henry is all the proof I need that no talent should be released, as any can catch on with the right creative and development.

When Cody Rhodes debuted the classic Intercontinental belt with the old WWF logo, I wondered where he found it, because it just felt odd for the WWE not to bring it back with the modern WWE logo. Then when I read Goldust’s recent tweets about challenging his brother, it all made sense. There’s no doubt Dustin lent Cody his own belt. The white strap certainly rings a bell on the Golden One’s waist.

While I’m a Mick Foley fan, I fail to see what he can bring to the table at this time without getting into the ring. The last thing WWE needs right now is another authority figure hogging the spotlight.

The recent HeadBangers internet videos have me thinking how genius it would be for WWE to hire a few teams from the past. Take it a step further, and offer 6 month contracts to certain superstars who wouldn’t need to learn the WWE style in FCW. They don’t need to be legends, but someone like Rene Dupree could come back and test the waters. If he catches on, sign him up. Or, bring in someone a bit over the hill, and use their name value. Not everyone needs to be signed and used for 7 years straight, nor does everyone have the drawing power to last that long. If these signees don’t pan out, don’t re-sign them. But start with the tag division first: Headbangers, Deuce/Domino, Bashams, WGTT, La Resistance, Dudleys, Outlaws…etc.

And on that note, peace out.

Feel free to email me a comment. One of the best parts of writing is the discussions that come out of it.
Follow me on Twitter if you wish, though I don't really do much with it.

-Nov. 18th-

Hello main page readers. I’m not going to waste your time with a history lesson. Feel free to contact me if you require some sort of explanation why I am here (other than the fact that I am the best writer on LOP today). Also, don’t complain about presentation, I’m learning the HTML as I go, plus I prefer a very simpler and shorter delivery than most long winded egomaniacal columnists online (not the LOP ones though, those guys are great!!!!!)

One thing I’d like to get out of the way first: PLUGS!

I came from the blog section before the wrestling content was removed, so I’d like to credit the other bloggers affected by this sudden and unfortunate change by giving them a main page plug like they rightfully deserve. Sadly, MachoKing and DoubleMurderJosh have been banned from complaining about their treatment in this issue, so they don’t have any blogs at this time (and time will tell if they return to writing as they may feel LOP is not the place for them after how they have been banned). If they do return, I’ll plaster my column with their praises and plugs. DMJ is my personal favorite with his “Kwang the Blog.” Another who still wanders the netherworld since losing his home in the blogs is Dark-Crusader. If any of these men ever post a post or column in the CF, you'll see the links in my personal adverstisement space.

One person who's earned a direct plug is Omega.

BLOG = Omega's -The Sound of Madness: Jets vs Patriots...winner take AFC-

I know nothing of football, care not for it, but if you love football discussion, apparently Omega knows his shit. He's a thin John Madden who doesn't sound like a bloated pregnant whale when he talks. How do I know this? I don't. But he praised my move to the main page, so by stroking my ego, he earned a plug.

As for me,
I’ve been enjoying covering different superstars and putting the spotlight on them and their careers, discussing their futures in the WWE. I recently covered Wade Barrett in the blog section:

BLOG = Wade Barrett

and would like to continue this style of coverage, but this time highlighting stars that need just a little more effort to keep them relevant.


Every year, WWE seems to do ‘spring cleaning’ of sorts, and routinely on LOP (main page and forums) we discuss who deserves to be let go. I rarely partake in such shitty topics, I just don’t enjoy the idea of someone losing a dream job (and let’s face it, for most WWE superstars, to achieve that level takes a strong passion to reach that dream). I much rather discuss the ways these superstars can be utilized without firing them.

Zack Ryder is a great example of someone who was on the “future endeavors” list for a while, but held on to his position by repackaging himself to something that caught on. To his credit, he seemed to have done it all his own, without any input from WWE Creative. It took a while, but he has caught on more than anyone expected, and all he did was create a character that the Universe can take notice of.

The WWE has a terrible modern history of debuting stars with no personality or character, and hoping they click. The results are most often tepid at best. The success stories are similar to Ryder, where they modified their original boring character into something interesting (Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler…etc). It seems the WWE refuses to learn from these processes though, and continues to debut stars without any catch to them, either on NXT or the main brands. On NXT, at least with the hour on just new stars, we can find little glimpses of greatness inside their bland characters, and figure out the best way to promote them, but looking at the NXT survivors, I don’t think we can call this a success.

The audience picks up on nicknames and catch phrases. Wade Barrett is a stand out future star who has stalled in his career for several reasons, but one that often gets ignored is presentation. What happened to the little touches like the colored rose in his breast pocket? I’m not saying he doesn’t do it anymore, but it’s not referenced. These days, there’s the “Barrett Barrage” that is becoming a nice touch for him to catch on (the phrase, along with the push), but it seems shameful that it took so long for the WWE to figure out something that works with him. They pushed him immensely for the first 8 months in PPV main event matches with John Cena and Randy Orton. But in those 8 months, and since then, what has the WWE done to present his character? He’s been “the British heel winner for NXT, who leads factions.”

Not much something you can market on your tights or a t-shirt.

See, while calling Randy Orton ‘the Viper’ isn’t a stroke of genius, it does add an element to his character. Marketing Randy Orton with snake like qualities has helped with creativity involving merchandise and commentary. The signs in the audience show that the nickname has caught on. The same went for Bret Hart (Hitman), Dave Batista (Animal), Randy Savage (Macho Man) and Jake Roberts (The Snake). Honestly, none of these men had characters other than being an athlete, but their nicknames helped develop their personas, shape their interviews, and sometimes even their actions (Roberts especially). These aspects seem to be lost on the WWE with their current talent, instead concentrating on Ted DiBiase’s “posse” as a way to have him grow his fanbase.

Which I’m sure will work.

I’d like to discuss two of those who have not caught on, who are hanging on to their NXT/Superstars spot by a thread, and need some sort of makeover to succeed in the WWE.

Drew McIntyre

Here is one guy, above all others, that actually should have never been demoted as bad as he has. I’m not a fan of the Scotsman in general, but his in-ring intensity is unmatched. There’s definitely an aspect to his heel demeanor that is not found in WWE wrestling often, and it should be capitalized on. It’s not an original trait, as the vicious killer is Randy Orton’s current mindframe, but he’s the smiling version. Drew McIntyre should be the heel Orton. Mold him into the Viper we saw in the build up to Wrestlemania 25.

That’s the simplest thing: the execution of this change is insanely easily. Pick a face, any face. Drew just attacks him post match. Vicious beatdown, with no explanation. If I had my way, he wouldn’t attack the same person twice. One week, he destroys Santino. 2 weeks later, Evan Bourne gets the pummeling. 3 weeks go by, no explanation, and suddenly he attacks someone on Smackdown like Justin Gabriel. No logic or reason, just brutality to get heat.

It would lead up to someone stepping up to him, and let it go out of hand easy. Natural feud, no waste of time on the microphones, and it feels like an old school thing to do. No “I wanted to get your attention, so I beat down everyone until I got it” (which I know is how the WWE would do it, sadly). Just simple heel activity, almost old school. I wouldn’t allow Drew to speak, just be a monster (without crossing into Mark Henry territory).

As you can tell, this isn’t a major makeover. This won’t shock anyone, but it doesn’t take a lot to get these guys interesting enough to be brought back to TV.

As for a nickname, I’m leaving that up to you. I’d love to hear your input.

Tyson Kidd (and Yoshi Tatsu)

Tyson Kidd is possibly the most talented wrestler on the WWE roster that is not being used. He’s been enhancement talent on Smackdown recently, showcasing his skills against Daniel Bryan more often than not, plus some competitive match ups on NXT and Superstars. Sadly, as we saw on WWECW (the greatest brand in WWE history) he can do so much more. As a tag wrestler in the Hart Dynasty, he had the most consistent airtime on TV, and it is in a tag team he would be best served at this point.

Looking at the rest of the card, I think he should team with Yoshi Tatsu. Call it the Jap-Can Connection, I don’t care. But it does seem that tag team wrestling is getting a slow burn increase on WWE TV these days, and a smaller face team would be the best way to go. There’s always a place, even in the land of the giants in the WWE, for the underdog team. Going back in history, the Hardy Boys, Rockers and Strike Force held those positions with great fan support. There have been several other instances, but those are the most famous within the confines of the McMahon empire.

Now, I know the current team of Air Boom is a similar tag product, but we also know the lack of depth in the WWE tag division, plus the lack of duration I expect Kofi and Bourne to have. This isn’t a team the WWE will keep together for long, no matter how useless they will be treated once they break up. Kofi is a useless talent in the first place, and should only have a career in tag wrestling with a sporadic midcard title run. Bourne could accomplish a bit more, but with the lack of size and mic skills, most likely won’t.

So, groom the next team to take their place now. I wouldn’t be against Tatsu turning heel, but I have a hard time imagining the WWE working a smaller team as heels with success. I’m not saying they couldn’t, but in general the WWE sticks to their cookie cutter methods from the 80s, and I don’t think they’d allow Tatsu/Kidd to be a modern “Rougeau Bros” in terms of being arrogant athletes in 2011 (though that would be ****ing amazing).

As for nicknames, I am reminded of my days as a hockey goalie, and Trevor Kidd of the Calgary Flames was simply “The Kidd”. This would fit very well with an underdog face character, much like it did for Sean Waltman as the 123 Kid in his initial WWF run. Hell, bring in Waltman for a short run to feud with Tyson over the name.

Now while Yoshi and Tyson as a team would benefit both, I think the best partner for Tyson at this point would be Daniel Bryan. Honestly, they are so similar in character at this point, it’s amazing how much more they could accomplish as a team/stable than as opponents with no real feud or angle. Now, I understand this would be a step down for Daniel Bryan, but I honestly don’t have too much faith in the WWE for sustaining his push in the main event. He’s going to have a run similar to Chris Benoit, where he’ll earn the “long hard road reign as champion” but drop down to the uppermidcard/midcard not too long after. I say teaming these 2 together would be great for all involved at that point in time.

I'm not one for goodbyes, but I would like to thank Hustle and Tito for their help with the HTML. I'm not completely satisfied with this layout, but I didn't have that much patience to deal with that. I write, and that's what I really want to do, and delaying my writing because of bolding certain words seems wasteful. I'm open to suggestions on layout and HTML advise, but I'm loving the cornflower blue and century gothic font.

And on that note, peace out.

Feel free to email me a comment. One of the best parts of writing is the discussions that come out of it.
Follow me on Twitter if you wish, though I don't really do much with it.

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