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Posted in: The PEN15 Mightier
The PEN15 Mightier - Live Raw Blog (Jul 28 ) + Oh No, TNA!
By PEN15
Jul 28, 2014 - 11:11:48 PM

Table of Contents

Monday Morning Thoughts


Live Raw Blog

Monday Afternoon Pre Raw Thoughts

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No matter what you think of TNA, and no matter what I think of TNA, it should be major success for the company. Sadly, whenever it has happened, it's been bad news. This is no different.

I won't pretend to know enough about the cable TV industry to give any hope to TNA fans about anywhere they may end up. Honestly, even us so-called-wrestling-experts can't have much to add to the subject. Nobody knows what options they have, or how bad the situation is if they don't find a TV slot soon. Remember, the company started as a PPV only format, while WWE has shown the future in an internet on-demand network, and many indy feds have found success with iPPVs on same level. I'm not saying Dixie is going to be a millionaire or bankrupt, just that there are lots of options. If they are good or bad, no one knows outside of the industries of wrestling and broadcasting.

Currently, TNA is the #2 company in North America. There's name power there that can be used no matter what avenue they take. All the faults in TNA can be forgiven, if not forgotten, if they put the right foot forward. Time will tell how this moves for Impact Wrestling. I hope they end up on their feet, or that ROH can get an opportunity to pick up the slack. Or maybe Global Force Wrestling. Even if you're only a WWE fan, and don't care about anything outside of Vince McMahon ran promotions, it's in the best interest for companies like TNA to succeed. The hole we all felt in 2001 was astronomic once WCW and ECW shut down. WWE hasn't been the same, and it has almost nothing to do with their shift in presentation to PG programming. WWE ran out of people to choose from to work in their rings because there were less companies for workers to make enough of a name for themselves. As great as NXT is, there's no denying that outside of Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt, all the best workers who have graduated to WWE from developmental started in the indies first: Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Cesaro...etc. While the weaker ones who have moved up the ladder have had trouble catching on: Big E, Fandango, Bo Dallas. Rusev might be the next exception, but he hasn't been given much to work with in the ring to test his meddle.

I'm not saying WWE flunks without more independent promotions, just that it'll be come tougher. WWE is a great balance of characters and wrestling. The independent promotions tend to find the best in-ring workers, while struggling to get the stars who shine with microphones. If NXT is a training ground, it's better to take guys who have as much of the bases covered first, hence the excitement for KENTA, Prince Devitt, and possibly Kevin Steen.

Now, none of those names have ever been in TNA, so obviously there's still hope. But we could still be losing their 2nd best option, the one chosen by Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Nigel McGuinness, and many others. It might not be a tragedy the size of losing ECW and WCW, but it'll still shake the foundation of the industry.

TNA fan or not, all wrestling fans should be hoping they find a way to stay afloat.

Saving SummerSlam

It's so odd how excited I was just 2 weeks ago with my proposed card:

Cena vs Brock
Reigns vs Orton (maybe HHH)
Rollins vs Ambrose
Jericho vs Wyatt
Miz vs Sheamus vs Ziggler
Rusev vs Swagger (maybe a tag match with Lana and Zeb involved)
AJ vs Paige
Usos vs Wyatts vs Dust Bros vs RybAxel (maybe TLC match?)

Now? Not so much. The tragedy of WWE's main event scene is becoming glaringly obvious. We either have a stale champion, or a mainstream star who won't be around more than a handful of times over the next 7 months. Then we hear reports of Orton vs Reigns being a dud. I won't put a lot of credence into that, but if it happens to be true, I won't be surprised. Reigns is just not ready.

So what can save SummerSlam?

Save Us CM Punk.

WWE Horror Movies

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge horror movie fan. Now, Leprechaun and See No Evil aren't at the top of my list of awesome movies, but there's enough to work with that I'm interested in what they might deliver with these sequels and reboots. I'm certainly more interested in these than I was in anything they did with the Rock, Cena, or The Marine series.

It dawned on me earlier this year that the only WWE produced movies I've seen are See No Evil, and Oculus. Let's hope the direct to video releases work out in their favor.

Tuesday Night Titans

For July 29th edition of Tuesday Night Titans, Xanman and myself talked about some general frustrations with WWE's main event scene, similar to what I mentioned in the Saving SummerSlam section.

We also continued our coverage of ECW supercards, continuing on with 1995’s Three Way Dance

More Wrestling Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with LordsofPain on BlogTalkRadio


From WWE.com
He has returned. He, of course, being the conqueror himself, Brock Lesnar (or, if you’re Paul Heyman, BRRROOOOCKKK LESNARRRR). And he has eyes on the one prize that’s right up there with The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak: the WWE World Heavyweight Championship currently dangling around the bull-like neck of John Cena. With The Champ scheduled to be in-house on Raw, what will he have to say about his latest challenger to the throne? WWE.com has a few ideas on what to expect tonight.
Oh, and about that arrest … 

1. Miami Prison Blues
Good heavens, did Stephanie McMahon misread the situation last week. Thinking she had gotten the best of Brie Bella by slapping her across the face when the Bella Twin – having bought a ticket to watch sister Nikki in action – got into a verbal altercation with her, things turned sour when that same slap led to an arrest and charge of aggravated battery. Brie and Nikki made their feelings known on the matter, though The Authority has been instructed to keep quiet on the situation while legal issues are resolved.
Now, what's in store for Brie Bella when she comes to Houston this evening after being summoned by Stephanie herself?

2. Y2-Bray problem
Chris Jericho beat Bray Wyatt at WWE Battleground, but he ain’t out of the woods yet: The Eater of Worlds immediately got his comeuppance by battering Y2J into a pulp on the WWE App, and seemed to insinuate he wasn’t quite done with the former Undisputed Champion in his latest sermon last Monday. Does Wyatt wanna start another war? And will Jericho reply?

3. Business decisions
Bidding a fond adieu to Paul Heyman’s managerial services just around the time the mad scientist wrangled Brock Lesnar out of the wild, Cesaro seemingly threw out his name as a potential ally for The Authority. Although The King of Swing hasn’t been able to defeat the corporate power’s most consistent enemy of late, Dean Ambrose, he did give The Lunatic Fringe one hellacious beating on SmackDown, and even engaged in some post-match physicality alongside Mr. Money in the Bank himself, Seth Rollins. Not bad as far as a job application goes; will Triple H accept?

4. Give and take
Of all the things the WWE Universe expected to see on Monday, esteemed funk machine Xavier Woods showing up in a white suit and demanding Kofi Kingston and Big E “take” what was rightfully theirs had to skew toward the bottom of the list. Yet that’s exactly what happened, and “Kof-E” seemed to take Woods’ proclamations seriously. The budding tag team already showed an attitude change on WWE Main Event when they mauled "Slater Gator" into defeat; will the trend continue on Raw?

5. Man vs. Beast
The challenge is set, and The Champ may not be here for long. Staring in the face of Brock Lesnar as his No. 1 contender, WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is set to make his first address to the WWE Universe since retaining the ultimate title in a Fatal 4-Way at WWE Battleground, and his first since WWE COO Triple H accepted Lesnar as Cena’s opponent last week. What will the Cenation leader have to say?

Live Raw Discussion

Intro - John Cena

A serious Cena promo to start things off, nothing wrong with that.

Not the best promo from Cesaro, but enough that hit the right notes. Too bad it's to walk into a loss to Cena.

Also sad that this Cesaro separation from Heyman is seemingly more and more directionless. Obviously, I could be wrong and there's a master plan somewhere for the former Claudio Castagnoli, but it seems like he's just a pawn without a purpose.

At least it should be a good match.

And it was, and Cesaro lost. So yay and boo.

Orton/Reigns Feud

Are they using the same background for the Rollins/Ambrose angle for this storyline? Completely bizarre, though it does fit.

Heel Paige

I can't complain about the character change, though I do think there was more that could have been done as a babyface. Thankfully, there's ample opportunity for her to get another chance.

I was just watching New Year's Revolution 2005 last night, and it reminded me how many chapters the Trish vs Lita feud had. It'll be hard for this to replicate it, but it's still better than most Divas feuds over the last decade.

SummerSlam Promo

I have to say it again, but that promo if ****ing awful.

Stephanie vs Brie Angle

I received some flack last week for not liking the segment where Steph was arrested. I stand by the fact that it went too long, and was unclear for a large portion of the time used. By the time it came together, it worked, and then it went on too long again. Keep in mind that this is building up to a less than 10 minute match on an upcoming PPV while WWE are struggling to get Network subscriptions. This is an angle that doesn't need the amount of screen time it is getting due to the lack of payoff for the fans. It's along the lines of Al Wilson and Dawn Marie, where the angle isn't totally bad, but there's no real reason to find out what happens, with bad acting all around.

At least Chris Jericho's contributions are entertaining, about a thousand times more entertaining than anything involving the Bellas.

I was hoping for Jericho vs Harper.

The Miz/RybAxel vs Usos/Ziggler

I love 6 man tag matches booked like this, with a couple of feuds mixed together.

The Miz looks so much like Johnny Cage. Makes sense to me, he was always the lamest in Mortal Kombat.

Great action, and perfectly booked. Having the Xavier Woods trio on the outside looking on adds so much intrigue to everything. Tremendous segment and match. Well done.

R-Truth vs Bo Dallas

He's going to be a shitty heel. Glad the streak is over, even if to R-Truth. But he's just not bolievable as bad ass.


Now, this is bad ass. Rusev's angle might be classic, but that;'s why it works. Some older angles stand the test of time and can work over and over again.

Swagger is over. Awesome stuff. And I'm not American!

Reigns vs Kane

Interrupted by Orton? This doesn't help the rumors that the matches at live events aren't performing well. It does help keep Reigns over though, as there certainly is a growing chunk of the audience turning their backs on the green Roman.

Rollins vs Jericho

Kind of a crappy final hour, but this match should be decent, though Jericho looks like he's not in the best shape of his career. He looked a little blown up either on Raw or Battleground, very red in the chest. I'm sure this will be more than decent, but not any better than the opening bout between Cena and Cesaro.

And if this isn't the main event, then it means Brie gets that spot. ****.

Stephanie vs Brie

Didn't Daniel Bryan pull these same stunts to get his WrestleMania matches? Blackmailing the Authority to get what she wants in the ring?

Not a very satisfying Raw. I don't have much to say after those 3 hours.

And on that note, Peace out

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