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Posted in: Oliver's Twist
The NXT Review: 26/06/2014 – Irish Rover
By Oliver
Jun 27, 2014 - 9:30:00 AM

It’s time! It’s time! It’s NXT time! Tonight – Becky Lynch debuts against the returning Summer Rae. Will friction among the Beautiful Fierce Females boil over? The Vaudevillains return. Can they keep their winning streak going? Rob Van Dam wrestles Adrian Neville. Has the former learnt anything new? And Colin Cassady is in action. Will we finally get to the Enzo Amore fireworks factory? All that, and a little bit more, in…

The NXT Review: 26/06/2014 – Irish Rover

The Vaudevillains vs Some Guys

The Vaudevillains get to continue their run of being one of the best things in wrestling by kicking off the show this week, Aiden English announcing the pair of them to be standing at a combined height of 12 feet and 7 inches. One thing I want to note on this entrance is how much I love Aiden reacting to Gotch entering – he’s full of smiles as Gotch marches his way around, and it’s nice to believe these two are true friends as well as partners. Their opponents are two guys, T. Perkins (I assume the T stands for ‘Travis’?) and Matt Sugarman. As you can probably guess, these names mean nothing within two minutes – English takes some punishment, but soon takes over on Perkins and he and Gotch combine to isolate him in one corner. Gotch locks in a headscissors at one point and then does those push ups where you press off into the air and clap whilst holding it in. Anyway, they hit the rolling senton/second rope senton, now known as ‘That’s A Wrap’, to give them the win and continue to be amazing. I gush, but by gum they sure are fabulous, even if there’s little to take away from this match with the exception of Gotch’s continues strongman antics.. Renee Young is getting down to their music at the announce booth, but as she’s been paired with Alex Riley I expect her to be horrible this week. It’s funny how Riley’s badness rubs off on Young, given that she’s a gem and normally talks like a sane person.

Cameras caught up with Sami Zayn backstage after last week’s main event – he’s grumpy. So grumpy! Also a little bit sad. He says Tyson Kidd is a special kind of cat and as a partner shouldn’t have walked out. This isn’t the last you’ve heard of Kidd and Zayn, Sami promises. I bet it isn’t!

Bull Dempsey vs Xavier Woods

Oh Christ, I’d thought we’d gotten rid of Xavier Woods. This is such a shame. He bops and rocks his way down to the ring and then does his dancey thing in the middle of the ring. Yes, he is still the worst. CJ Parker, who now hasn’t done anything except turn up with signs for about six weeks, rocks up with one that says ‘Every Day Is Earth Day’ and ‘Stop The Big Thaw’. Self-righteous prick. Bull Dempsey has music which just shouts ‘Bull!’ every two seconds and is ‘The Last of a Dying Breed’ according to Alex Riley, who has been reading Eddie Kingston’s Wikipedia page recently.

Woods circles Dempsey and flicks his afro water at him. That just riles up his opponent, who overpowers him in the opening lock ups, wrenching in a side headlock to keep his opponent under control. Woods pushes him off to the ropes, but Dempsey reverses an arm drag back into a side headlock. That was pretty tidy, it has to be said. The big man keeps Woods down on the mat, and while his opponent reaches his feet Dempsey cuts him off by grabbing his chin and nailing a headbutt. A series of elbows give him a two count, so he goes back to a neck wrench to wear him down some more. Riley says that Dempsey has been in the ring with, among other, George ‘The Animal’ Steele, which seems ridiculous. Anyway, he continues wearing Woods down as the crowd urge him to put some pants on, but Woods breaks the hold with a jawbreaker. And he connects with a kick to the head from the apron! Woods climbs the turnbuckles…but he just gets swatted out of the air when attempting the crossbody! More people should just bat Xavier Woods away like that because it is great. Bull urges Woods to get up in the corner then connects with a body avalanche. He pulls his opponent out of the corner by the afro and hoists him, connecting with a sit out sidewalk slam known as the Bulldoze (because ‘Bull’, I guess) for the win.

Looks like NXT is pushing someone new, then. I’m all for it, in theory, but he doesn’t really offer a lot – he looks like a younger, flabbier Rhyno and to be honest I’m not completely sold. But it’s always good to have new guys, I suppose, and the crowd possibly warmed to him as the match went on – although I think the ‘Bull’ chants were largely as a result of his theme music, to be honest. Oh, he’s grabbed a microphone – NXT has let the children run the household for too long, and he is man who is going to bring in an era of the wrecking ball or whatever. That promo was…kind of boring, to be honest. Yeah, I’m not feeling it at all right now, but maybe he’s got something else to show in his later matches. I’ll take a wait and see approach – he at least looks fairly interesting, so there’s that going for him. I mean, I imagine if Bray Wyatt had a bit of hair on his chest (which he probably does) and shaved his beard off while sporting a black singlet he’d look pretty much the same, but in terms of presentation he looks different enough, especially in NXT. We’ll see.

Summer Rae vs Becky Lynch

Summer Rae comes out on her own…oh, no, the other BFFs are there, just a bit later and making constant side eyes at her. Summer does a little dance…oh, her comes Becky Lynch. She’s Irish so she’s a) wearing green, b) has fiddle music c) Riverdances and d) is ginger (I’m pretty sure she’s a legit ginger, though, not dyed or anything). She’s IRISH, guys, are you aware that this person is IRISH because WWE would like you to know that she is IRISH by making her as IRISH as possible. She’s just eaten POTATOES and is IRISH so probably likes GUINNESS. IRISH! Coming soon – Prince Devitt debuts as her dance partner and they Riverdance together.

The crowd are into Lynch, chanting her name, but she literally can’t stop doing the Riverdance stuff. Summer takes her own with a bit of ballroom, but it’s nothing on some Riverdance! Oh, Summer wipes her out with a clothesline and goes for a lateral press but Lynch slips out and bridges up at the same time to come running off the ropes. She dodges her opponent and then hits a series of arm drags into an armbar while Renee lets us know that she learnt to dance from Colin Farrell’s brother. Don’t lower yourself, Renee. You are literally so above that shit. Next you’ll be telling us she was the daughter that Liam Neeson had to save in Taken. Because IRISH. Summer breaks Jericho Armbar variant #312 and hits back with a roundhouse kick for a two count, so she locks in a half straightjacket. Guess which present and former WWE stars Becky Lynch is close with? Sheamus! And Finlay! IRISH! Charlotte and Sasha are doing some call and response with the crowd on the outside and that distracts Summer…who gets sunset flipped for a near three count! Lynch with a hard clothesline and European uppercut, followed by a calf kick and a series of three leg drops (Riverdance taunt present and correct) for a two count. Rae tries to escape, but Lynch pulls her back into the ring and blocks a kick, then connects with a fallaway exploder suplex to take the three count!

Well well well. Charlotte and Sasha look like they couldn’t give a toss about the defeat of their teammate as Becky Lynch celebrates with, you guessed it, more bloody Riverdancing. I didn’t think the match was all that and a packet of Kettle chips, but it was decent enough I suppose – Lynch certainly looked impressive and quick. My issue is that it was so over the top it almost became a parody. I mean, I’m pretty sure she did more Riverdancing than wrestling, and whilst I’m not against them using it as a character thing it needs toning down. The whole thing needs toning down, to be honest. I mean, being Irish is a thing for Sheamus or Finlay, but it wasn’t their only thing – they both moved past that in the ring. This made it look like Lynch’s only selling point is being Irish, which is probably not true. I…yeah, I didn’t like it. The match, as I said, was OK, and Lynch sure looked pretty good in the ring. Can’t they make her, like, a rough and tough Irish lady who loves to fight? That’s what Irish people really end up like in WWE, right? Can’t we have her literally become a female version of Sheamus who just smacks people about? I don’t know, just…tone it down.

Sawyer Fulton vs Colin Cassady

The last time we saw Sawyer Fulton he was hinting that he might be gay backstage with Sylvester LeFort. Anyway, this is all about Big Cass, who gets the win easily with an S-A-W-F-T elbow drop, even after taking a small amount of punishment from Fulton. Got to say, for an 80 second match, this was terrific – Fulton looked great for a minut,e, but Cass being a certified G destroyed him with a big boot and his finis…uh oh. Here come the Legionnaires, Louis and LeFort coming out to the French National Anthem and circling Cassady in the ring…but here comes Enzo! ENZO FOR THE SAVE! He charges down to the ring, looking ready for a fight and very very bright. Pretty sure he’s singing his theme song now, too. Enzo has a mike – he’s a certified G and a bona fide stud and you can’t teach that! Big Cass is seven foot tall and you can’t teach that! And there’s only one word to describe these French Fugazi’s (I think he says ‘Fugazi’s’?). Does he have to spell it out for you? S-A-W-F-T SAAAAAAAAAAWFT! A bit of a reboot for the Realest Guys In The Room, as this pretty much echoed their debut promos. Enzo’s back! Hurrah! This is the best, I’m so happy right now – we get crazy good Enzo promos again, and he and Big Cass can run through some jobber teams before wrestling the belts away from The Ascension! YAY!

Adrian Nevill vs Rob Van Dam

Tyler Breeze has replaced Alex Riley on commentary, doing the World a favour and continuing his hot streak of making excellent decisions. He pretty much doesn’t care about Brennan or Young in the booth with them, showing no enthusiasm for them trying to converse with him or what the planned commentary is. Neville bursts through the steam jets and slaps some hands on his way to the ring as Breeze points out that he will choose when to have his title match. RVD is actually a little less over than Neville on first impact, but then he does the pointy thing and everyone joins in. Breeze is asked whether or not he’s a fan of RVD but he just begs for something interesting – he doesn’t know if these two follow him on Twitter or Instagram because he can’t keep up with his follower counts.

A big ‘RVD’ chant goes up so he does the pointy thing again before locking up with Neville and taking him down with a headlock. Neville headscissors out of it while Young and Breeze discuss the latters influences – unsurprisingly, they are himself and only himself. Neville comes back with a series of armdrags, before ducking a kick and connecting with a dropkick. Tyler Breeze is watching himself on his iPhone at the commentary booth – commitment to the gimmick, people. Commitment to the gimmick. RVD gets back in the ring eventually and hooks in a wristlock, but Neville flips through it…no, he gets creamed with a forearm actually…but hew reverses and Irish whip into a roll up…and RVD kicks out and then shoves his opponent! Some anger from RVD there, perhaps that will change the match up in some way. Van Dam comes back in with a single leg takedown, but the Jumping Geordie pushes out of it, leg sweep to RVD, one count, RVD goes for a leg sweep but Neville backflips over it, dropkick from Neville but RVD ducks it, somersault legdrop from Van Dam misses too and Neville comes off the ropes and creams RVD with a kick, but RVD rolls him up with a leg scissors for a two count. Phew! RVD drops Neville into the turnbuckles and slaps a springboard thrust kick across his jaw. He capitalises on his opponent being outside with a baseball slide, then slingshots to the apron…Neville moves and kicks him in the sternum when he leaps off the apron! And Neville lands a second rope moonsault to the outside! Crikey, this is some quick stuff here, undoubtedly the best RVD has looked on his recent return, and Neville looks brilliant when he gets to work at a ridiculous pace.

Breeze is still admiring himself in his phone in the announce booth as Neville has RVD down in a front facelock. RVD keeps trying to get up, but Neville just overpowers him each time until the crowd start to get behind him. Neville goes for a suplex, but RVD reverses it only to have him slip out behind and bounce off the ropes only to be nailed with an inverted atomic drop! RVD crotches The Man That Gravity Forgot on the top rope and then leaps off the top turnbuckle with a thrust kick to knock him off. Van Dam knows he needs to keep Neville down, so quickly hits a spinning leg drop and a rolling thunder for a two count, only to lose focus and jaw jack with the referee. But it doesn’t matter – he whips his opponent into the corner and then connects with a running roundhouse kick, then repeats the act. The pace has dropped a little bit, actually, but RVD is kicking the poops out of Neville right now and connects with a foot to the face that earns him a two count. Breeze is still not bothered about his co-commentators, basically there to scout as Neville goes for a sunset flip, RVD with a jacknife cuts him off but Neville turns it into a pin of his own for a two count. RVD ain’t standing for that and puts him in a tree of woe in the corner, shoulder thrusting into his midsection and then hitting a spinning kick, but his pinning combination only gets a two count. Adrian Neville is completely rocked here, but he starts to fight back with forearms and then comes off the rope with a flying one! A series of kicks from Neville now and he comes off the second rope with a dropkick for 1…2…no, RVD kicks out! Neville springboards in from the apron but RVD ducks him…no, Neville hits an enziguri and a standing shooting star press for another two count! The pace is quickening now, RVD connecting with a jawbreaker but Neville charging back with a dropkick – Van Dam with an Irish whip to the corner though and he hits a body slam when Neville bounces out. Split legged moonsault…no, Neville avoids it and small packages RVD for a two count! The two are going blow for blow in the middle of the ring, but Neville comes back with a flurry of kicks to the legs and bounces off the ropes…but RVD throws him into the air and kicks him in the chin! Something new from Rob Van Dam! And he’s going up top…five star frog splash? No, Neville rolls out of the way! The Jumping Geordie hauls himself up from the ropes and connects with a big tornado DDT! He lines up his opponent…Red Arrow! Red Arrow! Neville wins!

Now that is a hell of a win for the NXT Champion, putting RVD away clean as a whistle. He showed some gumption, as we’ve come to expect from the fightiest fighter in NXT, and had to battle for it. RVD shakes his hand at the end, the ECW Original raising his hand as Breeze looks on from the commentary booth. Have to say, Breeze was a gem on commentary, too, and stares down the champion to end the show. You know, I sort of hope they pull the trigger on Breeze vs Neville sooner than the next live event, but I can’t see it happening. They’re slowly working their way there, and that’s fine – in fact, if anything, it builds anticipation (plus is probably necessary given Breeze’s reported finger injury) – but I’m not sure how much longer I can take the two talking about each other without actually putting words into action. Breeze is kind of hinting that he could use the number one contendership like a money in the bank briefcase and set the match for any time he likes, which is a little odd – I don’t remember that ever being a condition of being the number one contender before – but does mean that you can reason it out by saying he’s waiting for the right opportunity. Oh, shout out to RVD as well – I’m pretty hard on the guy, but he looked like he had a ton of motivation in this match and put on easily his best showing since returning to WWE. I wish we saw this RVD every week, he actually looked pretty good again.

NXT MVP: Adrian Neville!

Bit of a tough one this week, but I think it’s been a while since Neville got given this and really he was the most impressive guy on display. Next time Enzo shows up he’ll probably win it, though.


– Adrian Neville
19/06/2014 – The Vaudevillains
12/06/2014 – Colin Cassady
05/06/2014 - Charlotte
22/05/2014 - Paige
15/05/2014 – Tyson Kidd
08/05/2014 – Kalisto

The bookend matches were very good and highly entertaining this week – The Vaudevillains showed they are absolute gems and Neville and RVD put on a pretty good show in the main event. Between the two, though, the matches fell a little flat. Fortunately, each had a strong purpose – establishing Bull Dempsey as a new character, adding more into the BFF break up and reintroducing Enzo Amore – so they at least served a purpose.

On to the next one then – Becky Lynch shows her face again as she teams with Bayley to take on the BFFsm Big Cass will show up again, but this time with his certified G cohort, and Sami Zayn will do battle with Justin Gabriel! That main event could be a cracker, actually, and on paper it looks like a decent show. Until next week, NXTians, stay safe when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate! TTFN!

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